2nd Round for Invincible Baseball Team[epi 46 recap part 2]

(It turns out making a summary like this is quite difficult~ Hails for someone who works on recapping tv dramas or show’s… )

Who hit the ball for the first time the team is Mario from Invincible Team. I really salute him, which for someone who initially did not know nothing about baseball but within a period of 9 months airing ~ he’s on fire right now! He’s really progressing in playing baseball. For real or temporary ~ he deserves to be the team MVP’s.

Kim C had once said that Dong Ho had the sensitivity while playing, now (although I do not really know about baseball) I think Mario has entered the stage of that kind of sensitivity on the field when he played too. He ~ I guess now owned the basic instinct and already know how to control his swing.

His team mates cheered on him to give some spirit , especially Marco who looked shouted excitedly. But his joy is only temporary because suddenly Taek Jae Hoon, asked him when Mario managed to steal second base, “Why did I not see the signal?” — something a long the line. In unison Marco, Dong Ho,and  Kim Joon pointed to coach Pill. Even Marco showed him the signal with some balking hehe…

When Mario made it to third base, and Lee Ha Neul running at second base. Taek Jae Hoon was still on the plate.

Seeing Mario Sliding to the 3rd base Im Hyeong Jun look worried because he never learn how to slide like it. Marco soothingly gives him a words, “We also don’t know how to slide at the beginning”. I thought it all  because of Dong Ho’s. Seeing that kid making slides makes his hyung’s feel envy and want to do it also~ puahaha.

I know I’m still rookie just like the team, but as a fan there’s so much things I want to speak about their performance.

They throw too many fly ball, which can obviously be easily captured by the Busan team right away. Only a few men are making ground balls and can deliver them safely to the base ~ They don’t learn something from their mistake, ey? They against the same older players who beats them last year, on the last game Dong ho bunt is a gems. It would be good if they makes a lot of ground balls or bunt like that, or be patient to wait a  good ball to serves them right, so the hit would be accurate enough to do a Triple ~ makes them running like hell with your hit guys, makes them exhausted.

Kim Chang Ryul pointless pitch several time hitting the Busan team body~ I don’t trust him on the mound, just like my friend said ‘He’s too wild’!

Although Han Min Gwan considered Kim Joon as his ‘deathly rival’, he never quit cheered on Kim Joon. Not only Kim Joon, after the production staff cut-off the cheers squad girls…Han Min Gwan has been officially their cheering squad ~ poor Min Gwan, hope he’s not always on the slump or get any injuries, he desperately wants to play .

About Kim Song Soo, for all can say…he’s the only one who put trust to his team members while the rest were still on the grey area. On this game, I like how he give passing ball to Kim Joon [1st base] on crusial time. The reason why I said that the rest is still in the grey area, take example on Lee Haneul.

Lee Haneul makes a bad decision to go after the Busan Team player from 2nd base to 3rd base ALONE, while Kim Song Soo is running along side the man with his hand hintsight to give him the ball so he can touch the guy and make him out — Lee Haneul just ignores it and makes him runing saves to the 3rd base.

Mario scored 1 point thanks to Kim Song Soo hit and Kim Song Soo too for stealing the base from 2nd base to 3rd base, but luckly 3rd base guard loses his grip on the ball so he run home. He score’s! What a relief….fiuuhh

But poor Kim Song Soo, he’s having a hard time. It’s good to having him as the pitcher replacing Kim Chang Ryul because his throw is more accurate, but he’s in a break down after his pitching gift the Busan team A Home run. I never saw him angry before so ~ it suprised me when he throw his cap with anger and got some argument with Lee Haneul in the back, I thought they would have a fight ~fiuhhh…don’t do that again ajussi. You almost gives me a heart attacked in front of my computer !

Well I’m having a Busan dejavu again, Kim Song Soo’s waiting for the ball but been hacked by Lee Haneul, it happen before twice if i’m not mistaken at the same game with Busan. Kim Song Soo – Kim Chang Ryul ~ thanked god both [Kim Chang Ryul – Lee Haneul]catched the ball. And my sweet maknae gaging ~ maybe he accidentally swallowed his gum or something poor Dong Ho.

Jo Bin being replace by Jo Dong Hyuk as a catcher, he’s a valuable item. His stance is better than Jo Bin as a replacement catcher ~ Hyun Bae got him a rival now haha! Speaking of replacement, the team should took Jo Dong Hyuk, he can play any position required, and for Im Hyeong Jun I still guessing his good points, but for Taek Jae Hoon — He’s gotta go!

Kim Song Soo thigh’s been hit by a ball, but he keep cheering because Jo Dong Hyuk make a save way into 2nd base. He and Dong Ho’s put a nother score on the board 4-9. Atta boy!

It’s funny when coach Kim Sung Han wants to drink, Heo jun  and Hyun Bae also followed after such an intense cheering.

And yes…they lost the game for the second time from Busan. But now they played with full defensive mode — I can’t lied, Invincible Team still having a lot of mistakes, but I hope when the tournament season is on they will learn to figured it out to make it better. The bigger problem is, they neeeeed toooo fiiiiiiiind reliable coach/manager who can dedicate and blend with this team permanently or bring back some Kim C!!

Episode 46 is good — hope they’ll win on the next game against KBS Baseball Team, their age average is 25 years old and still new…huh! I hope their ability are not far different from Invincible Team — I can dream right? With Oh Ji-ho returning from Chuno and maybe he brought Lee Dae-hae as well as a lucky charms , she promise to come thou. Pingky promise! Hehehe…

cred YT@425ohmm

Mei signing out – ILTA ~ ILSAENG!

especially Marco who looked shouted excitedly.

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