Goodbye My Star…

I’m gonna miss them forever…

As today the drama is making way for finale. I’m gonna miss the smart-ass lawyer, Jin Palkang, and the rest of the kids especially nami.

I told you not talking to yourself, Won Kang-ha!

I Love this pairing :

“That doesn’t make sense, right? Saying not to think of something that you keep thinking about.” – Jin Parang.

“Maybe… yes, it might even be that I love your sister. It’s the first time with such a strange woman as your sister. But you know, I love my brother as much as your sister. I’ve given Jun-ha ajusshi a lot of pain, so I couldn’t hurt him even more. That’s why I can’t tell your sister that I love her.” – Won Kangha

-credit quote = javabean-

Who doesn’t love the baby <3…Nam-aaaaa

Nami poo-poo brings luv ❤ puahaha…….

Need 1 girl and 6 kids just to make a poor guy shedding tears in the name of love…

Need more Mr. Sexy lawyer bare chest…

that slyly smiles…kekeke…



Great, now I’m totally need a new drama to make me craving each week!! Hope Oh! My Lady suit my taste of drama…and of course Lee Min-ho new Drama Personal Taste.

Mei singing off!!


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