Jagalchi Market in Busan

Today is a horrible day…so stressful and if someone hit me up for a drink ~ I mean non-alcohol! I’ll be running in joy ~ oh, wait for me Valhalla!

So I just want to posted up some pic I stolen [from this blog] . When you guys heard Busan, the answer that popped in your head was the beautiful beaches, yes that’s true! But don’t forget about the famous market in town which is known as the Jagalchi Market.

Wow, it still fresh from the sea…*searching Na PD to conduct a bokbulbok ~ I’m betting fish here Na PD..wat cha thingking?CALL?* Hahahaha….

My mom would love it if I bring her into a fish market like this…she’ll lose her mind ~ she’s a fish-eat-a-holic!! No wonder her skin are so smooth.

Looked delicious right? If I’m there, I’ll ask for sweet soy sauce blend it with red hot pepper paste ~ nyom,nyom…

SNAILS~ actually its a delicacy…my belated nanny once makes a delicious satay from it!

You can eat it right there as soon as you picked what kind of fish do you want to eat ~ quite handy I guess…

What the heck is that? Well ~ Karjooo…I’ll give that strange food for you girl!………

still stressed out ~ should I posted up something else after this?

Right on buddy !!


2 thoughts on “Jagalchi Market in Busan

  1. KURANG ASEMMMMM!!! Giliran makanan aneh aja dikasi gw, OGAH!! kkkkk~ Btw pls forgive me for not replying your SMS (blm sempet bls, eh akhirnya jd lupa hehe..pikun) ^^ I know it’s kinda late but HAPPY NEW YEAR hope everything in this year turns out well for you

    • late tooo katja…gosh! workworkwork…gw tau gimana capeknya kerja setelah kluar jd OP Warnet……Reality Bites
      hahaha…kan ntu makanan khusus lo ma adek gw…hehehe

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