Cinderella’s Sister

Ratings don’t lie >_____< people!!

I love it. It just me or KBS is doing a great job making 3 of their drama such as IRIS, Chuno and now– Cinderella’s Sister? Because all fit-in from the good directing, scripting and of course the casting.

I know I’m a little bit out with IRIS (not one of my favorites, but I have to agree because the 3 aspect that I’ve utter above is great — only the espionage is not my things). In Chuno, they made something different on the screen not like any sageuk drama I watched before, and now this melodrama Cinderella Sister caught me off guard when I think it’s boring like many other melodrama, that’s why I tend to skip watching melodrama — but with this I’m ready too deal with all the tears, hurts, angst’s…what ever the jargon is.

Unforgettable scene above is from episode 1…

And above is from episode 2…

At least every week I wouldn’t be boring anymore with Wed-Thurst ‘Personal Taste’ + ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ = Good.


15 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Sister

  1. mulai epi 11 dst lambat bener deh alur ceritanya bikin gw frustasi, smg ending nya ga mengecewakan, but I’m going to review this drama on my blog for sure [cuma ga tau kpn gw sempet ngeblog lagi hehehe.. loh gw malah curhat]

    • emg rada lambat Jo, gw aja sampe pusing mo dibikin kyk gimana nih setelah DS meninggal critanya. br mulai pick up pace di epi 13-14 gw rasa…soalnya udah mulai intense, roda berputar Jo…syg cliffhanger 😦

  2. Im a kinda random visitor,
    just wanna say sth about the intro comment of your blog.
    You said 조금은 힘들더라도, 오주 재미있게… right?
    but it isn’t 오주 재미있게 but 아주 재미있게
    i wonder if you are confused with 아 and 오
    Sorry for saying this regardless of this post, cinderella’s sister.

    • really?well,i’m still learning korean.thanks for leting me know ‘아 and 오’…youprobabllyright…i’m still confused withsome of the word.

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