Looks who we have here?


Because Korea still mourning about the sunken ship accident, so every variety shows in each TV stations are canceled.

Looks like I’m gonna wai~iiiiit until next Saturday for Invincible Baseball Team!!! Why~why~why?

Because of this…[pictures taken from here]

See the printed name on their shirt????

I spelled it out for you…




I’m in luvvvvvvvv…kekeke….yes–yes–L.O.V.E!!

I know Invincible Team also match against another celebrity team such as Albatross [Kim Song Soo and Oh Ji-ho team]and Zuma Zuma[I only know the guy who play Jang Geun Seok bodyguard in ‘Hong Gil Dong’ actor Inseong on this team]…but I never get excited as this. Maybe because I love the 3 actors…

I thought this is Danny Ahn smilling…but it’s Baek Seung Hyun.

but this is the team from a new movie from renowned filmmakers Lee Jun-ik will present on April. ‘Like The Moon Escaping From Clouds’ expected to be a successful film same as Lee’s project previously, ‘King and The Clown’.

The plot brings us to the Japanese invasion in Joseon Era in 16th Century (1592) which tells about men from the lower classes of the society who fight for social equality.The film stars Cha Seung-won and Hwang Jung-min who will face off against each other. Lee Mong-hwak (played by Cha Seung-won) is a leader of revolution forces who fights with his sword becoming the king to change Joseon order. Whereas Hwang Jeong-hak (Hwang Jung-min) is a blind swordsman who very skillful to cut any man down.

Appearing in this movie are young actor Baek Sung-hyun and Han Ji-hye. Sung-hyun plays role as Kyeon-ja who was dumped by his family and the world. And Ji-hye’s role is a woman who risk her life to have the only man she loves.

The one who’s ready to swing batt is the movie director Mr. Lee Jun-ik. Sir~ I’m going to watch your new movie!! I had goosebump when I watch ‘King and The Clown’ — you make Lee Jun-ki superb!

So…which side should I picked?Hmmm…more pictures eyy~haha!

Bubble Kim-joon & maknae has a kkotminam rival~pheww…sorry both of you, this time I’m rooting for him since I don’t know when I’m gonna have the chances to saw him play baseball again! Please understand your nuna

I’m glad Chuno is already end airing, if not Oh Ji-ho beard has a pretty strong rival–hehe…

Too bad Lim Chang-jun still busy with his promo works, so he doesn’t have the chance to went up against Hwang Jung-min.


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