Allergic > . . <!!

It’s weird…I guess that if you now a grown up, childhood allergic to food or dust is gone forever. But today, I know I’m allergic to shrimps and anchovies…but since I’m in the 5th grade the symptoms are gone and now I like eating shrimps and anchovies since then.

Today lunch I brought chicken meat and fried anchovies from home. I’m okay eating the chicken, I finish my half rice with the chicken meat–and I continue eating the rice with the anchovies. And then the strange things happen…

My lips getting redder, and feels like burning from insect bite. My mouth when I’m swallowing water that I drink its hurt like there’s a several cut on my upper mouth, and feels like something stuck on my esophagus. I drink water to make it go down but it’s no good, I think there’s something swollen in there…This is the first time that something like this happen to me?!

I know the allergic  symptoms from my childhood day — It only rashes in some part of my body, to make it specific. My hand palms itches and hurt so much — that occurred if   I eat something with the ingredient using shrimps or small fish like anchovies and crabs. If the weather is too dry and there’s so many dust I inhaled — I catch a flu or asthma-like symptoms…at that time our family doctor gives me antibiotics and I feel fine.

I wrote this entries while struggling with this, it’s hurt and annoying because I can’t drink well, speak well, and even breath well…something clogged on my esophagus… x_x

I can’t drink more water…eishhh!!I wanna go home and let my mom check it…

I hope its gone soon and I’m okay, so there’s no need to go to the MD…


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