Invincible Baseball VS ‘Like The Moon Escaping The Cloud’ Team

The clock doesn’t matter in baseball. Time stands still or moves backwards. Theoretically, one game could go on forever. Some seem too. – Herb Caen –

cred pic to bulgogi@sompi.

I’m too lazy to make print screens. Hehehe…

So when I thought I will cheering my heart out to the movie ‘Like The Moon Escaping The Cloud’~pheewwww~ team… But the reality is that I keep rooting for my hommies the IBT’s ~ even…well….sigh…

Well at least I saw my favorite Korean Baseball Team SK Wyverns. It start that IBT’s and Korean silver medalist speed skater Lee Sung-hoon is promoting ‘Green Day’ for the opening match SK Wyverns. I heard that some of the pro-team now using a recycle cotton uniform from plastic or something so it will good for the environtment– maybe this is the message of the Green Day Campaign riding bike with other citizens and ended inside the stadium.

Before they played, Hwang Jung Min show his capability playing sword like his character on the movie ‘LTMETC’…Even though he’s cheating by having a sneak peak where the apples is on the table, he failed to slash it out with his sword. And then ex-bravery slave Song Tae-ha/Oh Ji-ho beat him up by slashing the apple correctly… poor Hwang Jung-min.

And they make bet, if I’m not mistaken one of their bet from the movie team is that they will hands-out their movie tickets, there’s a lot actually but this isn’t the important stuff right? And one of the bets from IBT is Cha Seung Won would be their 1 day coach.

I love when Baek Seung Hyun playing around with Taekong when exchanging their promises.Seung-hyun is cuteeee.

The FD, Lee Hyun-bae and coach Pill sitting outdoor selling merchandiser to raise money building the stadium. And they smart enough to build booth for fans to send their cheers via camera for the team.

Both mother and daughter is Oh Ji-ho fans…I would love to be in that booth to tell Kim-joon & our maknae Dong-ho ‘hwaiting!’ and of course the newest player Kim Dong-hee to play his best too because on my judgment on last try-out he can deliver a fast ball and a good strikes. Kim Dong-hee is an actor who played one of the Hwarang in sageuk series Queen Seondeok and known by the public as actress Kim Hye-soo’s[Style] little brother

Apparently Heo-jun was absent because he was ill and hospitalized while Baek Ji-young is attending her friends father funeral. The guess announcer for this game is Lee Byung-jin.

Just like the coach said, that this game was their last friendly match and player will be graded by high school baseball player accordingly with BEST & WORST performance…that’s bad right? Because I saw the HS player faces when they graded each players*shakes head*

I thought its only me who think that this game was a total embarrassment for IBT. Every time I wrote about them here is about the disappointment because the errors and child-like play~ but I guess this is the meaning of a fan… I never feel a true bonding like this before with another variety show, like I am a part of the team. Maybe because I watched it from the beginning so I’m adapted with their good or worst scenarios on the field. I never saw each of them as a brilliant singer/actors/comedian — but I see them as a rookie baseball players. That’s why I never gaga over them…they’re just like a friendly baseball neighborhood team.

Now for my comment about the game:

I’m weary between fast forwarding this game or not? But because curiosity, I watch it until the game ended. The 1st until 3rd inning makes me frustrated and even not care about shouting ‘fools!’, ‘wth is Lee Haneul doing being confused to locate the ball?!’ while I’m getting better from laryngitis.

Even they made a comeback nearing the end of the game. This is too much for me to handle… I just hope because the friendly match is over and the real baseball season start kicking off will make them played harder. From 20 games, 10 wins is a good start right?

Last game just like the quotations above…seems so long

Ilta -Ilsaeng!


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