Kim Dong-hee, this guy isn’t a joke…

After Marco decide to jump off the IBT bandwagon to reclaim his title back as an actor. This 32 years old actor replace Marco as the new member of the team, and I’m sad that Marco is leaving amidst the bad play because he’s becoming good at Baseball and improved much better than the first he swing the bat! But thank goodness that the PD brought Kim Dong-hee into the team.

At first I don’t know why the PD cast him and  ‘drop’ beside Marco, Jo Dong-hyuk as reliable catcher, good at the plate to hit the ball and all can I say about Jo Dong-hyuk that he’s a round-able players …

After watching him helping the guys out in the game, testing him to pitch…unbelievable! His pitch are 97% accurate making strikes out…like last week games, despise all the players playing so damned good! Man, it’s been a long time I saw a great defense and offense on the ball park from IBT. But on last week game is heluvah good. That’s what I call a game…it’s so intense because they close tied to their opponent…and win 7-6 from Cheonan. Kim Dong-hee have the biggest part on the end of the game by his pitch by pitch strikes out.

To bad in the middle of the game he hurt his ankle, even so he keep playing until the game was end.  I’m forecasting that next week he’s on the bench with the worst player, because I saw some footage that they will come up against Daegu team and Oh Ji-ho is on the pitching mound.

A note for the PD : PD-nim…the team now had a good pitcher like Im Hyun-joong, Kim Dong-hee, Oh Ji-ho and Kim Sung-soo. But the team lack off catcher…I know Lee Haneul now is on fire and not letting one ball slips through his gloves, but looking how he often get hurt while blocking…he need a substitutes too. Put back Mario on training or call JO DONG HYUK again as substitute catcher before Lee Hyun-bae back into the game after he recover from his injury !!

Lord, am I dreaming? Now he’s officially on my radar after Oh Ji-ho, Dong-ho and ‘Bubble’ Kim Joon ~ Hahaha…Hye-soo onnie, can you give your blessing for me to stalk your little brother? 😆

Get well soon macho guy!!


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