My New Gigs!! Yihaaaaaaaaaaaa…

It’s been more than week that I’ve being jobless. From having a job then jobless its kinda hard to cope and I almost going crazy looking for another job. But when you believe that miracle does happen to the person who ask one, and in some bizzard ways it eventually comes to you…those miracle came. And on tomorrow I’ll have an interview and if the boss like me, on the next day he’ll gonna hired me ASAP.

I almost surrender because nowadays if you don’t have any close connections with the insiders in some company, even you throw up blood looking for a job, you can’t have one in these crazy world who applied rules of the jungle’s like man eat man or survival of the fittest. Thanks to God and my mom who help me looking for work, she managed to talk with my neighbour who works at a company that produced sock and finally that uncle talk to his boss and tell me to meet his boss tomorrow morning…hahaha!! I’m happy and the payment is BIG.

Start over from the bottom, it scares me ya’know. But I think I can managed if  I put 100% effort into my next big thing. And for my mom…She’s an angel…I love you mom, you cope with and keep your faith in me. I’m not gonna let you down, I promise. And this is mean that you will not force me to do that ‘meeting’ right? Hehehe…mom, I still like money and Idon’t want to get married if I haven’t reach my goals in life. There’s so many absurd things that I want to do, some of it its totally embarrasing and I don’t want my future-husband ROFL-ing at ME with my stupidity.

Having a job back it means alot for me, because I’m gonna use internet connection at home[even though my mom would mad at me because it means I have to cut my moms dream having a cabel TV], and have a saving for my NEEDS [most of all for my dvd collections and of course my dream for setting up my own bussiness on food stall in a few more years…I want to make a Korean food stall]…well, my time in this PC bang is almost finish…so, for some people who ask me why I havent put any updates on this blog? The reason is up here…haha!

C ya!!

Mei signing out!!!


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