Caption of Invincible Baseball Team ft. Go Hye Sun

It looks soooo much fun <3<3<3<3<3…looking at them playing around on the train and shoving Kim Jun dosirak.

I hate the internet connection T___T!! So lowwww….how can I make it on time downloading just 1 freakin show!! Oh, well…


Gu Hye Sun spotted in Suwon gives cheers to Invincible Team

credit on pic.

Woah…this is a good news!

Well, we know that Gu Hye Sun is close to one of the member of  Invincible Team Kim Joon because the two of them work on their previous drama Boys Over Flower. The pictures taken on June 4, 2010 when IBT are up against the Suwon Team. She looks more pretty every day and I’m happy she’s there to gives her friend Kim Joon a support, he need one since Jooni not always can make a great hit y’know. I missed the ‘Golden[Kim] Jun’ when the show first airing.

Maybe soon enough after Gu Hye Sun seen with the boys, next we can saw a lot of  close  friends from the guys came to gives cheers too. Example ‘pinky promise’ Lee Dae-hae, and Kim Dong-hee sister Kim Hye-soo onnie. Aww…I feel great seeing him play again, I hope there’s nothing wrong with his ankle again and he don’t make any bone head moves again.

I think the show with Gu is shown next week *cross finger*…it probably cool because I saw her with Han Min Gwan conduct the spectators to cheers with them. Jooni…thanks for bringing Hyesun into my computer screen, well I consider it was a pay back when you tried to call Kim Bum but he hangs up on you…kekeke…