Kim Dong-hee has a 1 years old daughter?

source. Bulgogi88@soompi + Jongang ilbo


From the beginning he was seen in sageuk drama ‘Queen Seondeok’ as one of the Hwarang, adding to that he’s Kim Hye-soo little brother– I had a BIG crush on him. But apparently he’s already taken and had a beautiful baby girl that was born in December, 2009. He met with his wife in 2008, since then she’s the one that so precious to him.

While I’m still shorting out my feeling *crying*…I’m glad he reveals it, so it’s better to *fangirl* knows it that he’s already married.

Okay, oppa…congratulation. She’s sooooo cute and you had a very beautiful wife’s too.

Kim-joon honey…I’m sorry that I betrayed you for an abs guy, can you take me back?Hehehehe…


One thought on “Kim Dong-hee has a 1 years old daughter?

  1. On the 79th episode of 춘하부적 야구단, they showed his wife and baby among the fans watching their game against Ilgoo. I was surprised! I had no idea he was married. Kinda sad even though I haven’t really seen in many acting roles. The baby is adorable! I think I’ll be really, really sad if Oh Jiho gets married.

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