End of My Vacations…

My two weeks of vacation are getting expired soon…because I’ve been so lazy to go hiking to see the water falls after watching 1 Night 2 Days ‘Searching for waterfalls’ theme. But when I think about it again, in Indonesia, especially at my place…well, it’s been about 2 or 3 months we’re never seen the rain…it always HOT!HOT!HOT! I hate hot weathers, because it made my skin allergic~~ My wish today is RAAIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN! Just a good typical rain god, because if too much of heavy rain~there’s flood that will makes human suffers. So a nice rain will do for a moment 🙂

So, when I can’t go hiking because the fear of there’s no water on the waterfall like my bunch of friends saw couple of days before…I would die from laughing If I’m actually been with them…Waterfall with NO water~ is not a waterfall at all isn’t it?

Well, to makes my day as productive as can be…You guys know that my  future dreams is having my own business like a street food stall or pojangma’ca  in Korea. I always cooks food that I learn from the internet or my own imaginations :p

Deep fried Tofu with soy sauce, and grinded Daikon radish as topping.

I’m proud of myself :p…kekekeke…


Deep Fried Meatball covered with sesame seed…

I like it sweet and spicy so I mix a little bit of sweet soy sauce and chili sauce…

And this is my favorite snacks…deep fried noodle’s…I’m a noodle maniac~Hwang Ra-myeon…kekeke

And to my surprises…my older cousins visiting my house and one of my aunt daughter brought her cute baby with her…Actually I’m eager to meet with 4 month old baby Keyshia when she was a months old. But I’m lazy to go off to met her alone on this hot weather!

She’s a gems and a superstar because every neighborhood ajumma feels wanted to carried her on their arms…and baby Keys doesn’t irritated at all when she goes from my mom, to another ajumma, and another ajumma, aaaand another ajumma…hehehe

Cuteee :p …errr, even I had doubt…she, at that small age already learn how to swim by the way~

And of course I finally met up with my best friend….

The Good [at nothing], The Bad [ sometimes in acute narcissistic behavioral state], and The Weird [which I can’t explained it with word]…kekeke…our 10 years friendship :p ~yeeeeeiiii!!

And in Monday…I’m officially. OFFICIALLY….

cred.to workinhell.com

That’s it friends… even it’s too late, but Minal Aidin for my friend’s all over the net who celebrate it.



3 thoughts on “End of My Vacations…

    • sorry.neng…gw baru bisa bales…lagi galauuuu neeh! wkwkwk…yup ntu si mama ma ponakan dari tante. Pa kabar nih yg udah jd ibu rumah tangga??

      • haaaaaaa..Mey kangen bgt..gw tengokin blognya udah lama ga da update..inget Mei gara2 liat heboh SUJU geto hehe..ya gini deh sama aja kaya pacaran dulu ketemuan seminggu sekali..laki tugas di indramayu..kadang kepikiran mau ngikut aja :p
        gawe dimana sih Mei? koq kayanya sibuk bener..

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