Hohohohoh! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

Hohohohoh! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Hello, my dear friends…it’s like been ages I’m not reaching out for you guys to say a thing on this blog. Well, as you know, I got a new job that far away from home. This Christmas and New Year Eve, I can’t make it home because my holiday is too short!! And this is my real job that I’m getting. It’s REAL than to compare with my old jobs descriptions….In this new place, I’m happy that I’m working with my bestie that always with me since we’re in high school about 11 year’s ago, and now we stucked together again. Hahaha…it’s funny you know, when I’m still in Sukabumi and she’s working out of town…we called each other to have a girls moment, sharing the up’s and the down. But, now. we’re having a great time! Beside her, now I had new friends too. These people are awesome madness!! completely a really nice group of friends…Thank you accepting me as your new friends, guys!

About my job, It’s totally cool! I mean, like I’d said before…This is my first real job. Wearing uniform, sit on a desk, staring at the pc typing my work sheets, and I get my own employee to assist me to do my daily work…man, how cool is that, hah??? And my superiors…they helped me a lot. Ci Sarilah is the best teacher and superior to me. She know how late I am to do things right, but she so patiently teach me and we’ve become a good partner. And my co-workers too, never met such a great people like them.

Mmmm…there’s another person who teaches me beside Ci Sarilah, he’s Ko Iyus…man, working with him it’s like riding a rollercoaster. Damned, fun! Doyok too, he’s my new found little brother, the crazy little thing. He’s the only reason why work so fun, and my assistant’s too. Kiki, Susanna, Aceng, Andri, Ucu, Ayi, Suhada, Witar, Ojo and all the archives girl’s who always makes me laugh with their jokes.

This 2013, refresh my mind, and try to be independent because I’m on my own in this new town. Even when I’m sick and missed my mom, I can’t do anything and handled it by my own. My resolutions is do my best and be responsible person in my work place, and get an OSTRICH!!

Hahaha…not the real ostrich–I mean…I met a guy. Just like in my own short story that I writte, uhhhmmm…he’s younger than me >__<” feels guilty by saying that. But, his eyes were amazing you know. His smile too…always makes me want to met him everyday. I want to be close to him, but he’s too passive to even start a conversation. Damned! So, I actively text him, and makes him laugh when he’s near me. I get tingled in my ears when he called my nick name, not like the other who called me with my real name or sister, or Cici….I’d missed him, really. I do. Hope, on these new year…everything I wanted, will come true. I wish you guys luck and wish me luck too, to catch Mr. OStrich!!


~bruuuummm…bruuuummm…..~Happy New Year, Mei.


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