Yup…it’s Uhm Tae Woong!!

Ya ampuun…udah berapa lama ya gw lupain variety show yang gw suka banget?? Ok, my mistake. Gara-gara ada variety show tentang Baseball tahun lalu, makanya jarang banget gw tongkrongin lagi. Meskipun ada ade gw Popular guy Lee Seung Gi gw malah milih Dong-ho sama Kim Bum (T__T)…but NOW!! Ada oppa Tae Woong. Woooooong~aaaaaaaaaaa (^______^) bukan Gumiho ya….dengan masuknya ‘si random’ Uhm Tae Woong di tim 1 Night 2 Days…bikin gw balik lagi nongkrongin variety show super kocak ini. Gak dari pas dia baru ikutan sih, gw mulai dari episode yang bareng sama aktris-aktris papan atas Korea itu.

Late it’s better than never…so, gw balik lagi ke akar variety show tergokil ini lagi (^__^)v


Pengen Kal Gook Sooo~~nyamnyamnyaaaaaam…

Udah lama gak bikin Kal Gook Soo…biasanya gw bikin gak pedes kayak foto diatas….cara bikinnya sih gampang…tepung di ayak terus diulenin pake aer sampe jadi adonan bulet.

terus ditipisin kyk gitu, lalu dipotong-potong pake pisau…kan, namanya juga Kal[pisau] gook soo…hehehe…semua ini gara-gara liat 1 Night 2 Days: Premium Actor Special Outing, koq bisa ya…makanan sederhana jadi terasa istimewa gara-gara mereka????Dulu juga gw pengen bikin Heotteok gara2 1 Night 2 days<3<3<3<3

karena gue suka pedes…oke juga ya klo gw grind cabe merah terus masukin di kuah ayamnya sampe merah banget~~sluuurpy!!

cred pic.dramabeans.

*shakes head* Ji-wooon aaa…Squid kalgooksoo latte???WTF???Wkwkwkwkw…..

Abis dari warnet [nunggu donlotan 1 Night 2 Days] gw langsung ke pasar beli daging ayam, beli tepung de el el~~~~~petualangan kuliner gw sejak 2 hari lalu diawali sama Mie Aceh yang top banget pedesnya[rempah2nya oke banget], lalu kemaren pas diacara keluarga peringatan 3 Tahun meninggalnya tante gw…ada ayam mercon yang mantep juga bumbu pedesnya…dan sekarang saatnya diakhiri dengan Kalgooksoo pedes.

Hahaha…me and my taste~kekeke…padahal gara-gara Mie Aceh udah sakit perut masih juga makan pedes. Well, selama hayat masih dikandung badan~makaaaaaaaaaaan aja, ya gak??hahaha…



My Ear’s Pig…Ok Taecyeon should beware of this high class Ok Dwaeji :p

cred allkpop.

Funny MC Kang Ho Dong transformed into 2PM’s beastly Taecyeon on 1 Night 2 Days. On this episode of the show, the members had a talent show. Kang Ho Dong said before that he would perform My Ear’s Pig, a parody of My Ear’s Candy, with Baek Ji Young herself.

Well, it was finally time for him to do this hilarious rap. The two performed in sexy costumes and blew everyone away. The lyrics were also altered, showing that Ho Dong really put some time into this performance. The lyrics went, “My ear’s pig, number 1 rated wild pig… put it on top of lettuce.” Needless to say, this was one heck of a performance that had viewers on the floor in laughter.

1 Night 2 Days associate said, “Kang Ho Dong called Baek Ji Young a month ago and has practiced up to now. He recorded the song and even learned the dance. This really shows how much effort he puts into his work.”

Netizens commented, “I was laughing so hard because of his transformation to Ok Taecyeon,” “I couldn’t hold my laughter from the funny lyrics,” and “2PM should be jealous of Ok Pig’s charisma.”

cred YT. oldschoolkaypop4

I laugh my ass off!! His performance with Baek Jiyoung is the best.

The lyric goes like this:

니가 원한는 그 고기 뭐야 내게 말해봐

니가 뭐슨 말을 해준대도  나는  날아가

제일 쫀득한 원한다면 나를봐

부끄럽지만 그 말을 원한 나도 알잖아

껍데기 (사랑해)

항정살 ( I Love You )

어떤 부위를 애기해 도 모두 다 먹어줄게

워아이니 (팔절이)

Te quiero (양곱창)

너무 달콤해서 말이 말같지않아

내귀 에돼지

일등급 야생 돼지

그깻입 상추쌈 워에 날얹어줘

라라~ 라라라라 ~~

my own translation, sorry if a little bit awkward or off :

Tell me what kind of meat do you want

Whatever you say, It’ll make me fly away

Let me take a look for the best one

I’m a bit embarrassed, but you know I want to hear it

Shell (I love You)

Pork neck (I Love You)

I can eat all what you offer to me

Wo ai ni ( meat from some feet part )

Te quiero ( Korean stew/Casserole )

It’s so sweet, the words doesn’t seem like words

My ear’s pig

First-class wild pig

Put it on top of lettuce

That what should I do

Travel show’s star dog is on a roll

PS:  Cuddle with Sangeunyy?

Talk about irregular workers. Here’s a TV actor gets paid only 400,000 won ($344) per show, and has been subject to a wage freeze, at that, for four straight years.

But despite this, he’s a perfectly calm and friendly guy. Maybe it’s because he’s a freelancer. Maybe it’s the naps he takes for four to five hours each afternoon, or just a small part of the 14 hours of shut-eye he gets each day. Who is he?

It’s the dog-star of the KBS reality & travel show, “1 Night 2 Days,” 5-year-old Sang Geun, who along with five other human cast members takes viewers on a video tour of locales throughout Korea.

Sang Geun

Sang Geun is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also known as a Great Pyrenees. But this breed is so large that Sang Geun almost resembles a big white bear. He weighs just over 50 kilograms (110 pounds) with shaggy, 15-centimeter long (5.9-inch long) fur. Because of his thick mane, Sang Geun receives regular ‘hair treatments’ before the show. He also suffers from a seasonal disorder, as Great Pyrenees dogs are active during the winter but are less energetic during the summer.

Usually when potential dog-owners want a Great Pyrenees, it would set them back about 100 million won. But to the relief of Sang Geun’s current owner, the Issac Pet Shop, the dog was given to the shop for free by its original master. Sang Geun’s worth soon skyrocketed as he appeared in ten TV commercials, which must be a doggone lot of money.

As 1 Night 2 Days often takes place in mountain ranges, Sang Geun must feel right at home. But for his trainer, Lee Eung-yong, it’s a little bit tougher. “When I’m climbing up a mountain with Sang Geun, I feel like I have become one of the stunt men,” he said.

By Yim Seung-hye [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

Hahaha…I really miss Sanggeunyy when he was absent from the show for a couple of month last years. I’m glad he’s back and play with his ‘hyung’s’ again puahaha!!

Btw, that’s a lot of money for a dog?

Eun Ji-won Puts His Pride as Dance Singer at Stake

I came across this article on English.KBS

note : I’m really surprised about his family background…It a shame he’s not intrested on politic, but if  he’s gone City Hall’ers  like Mirae [characters on City Hall drama]– I’m backing up my boy!!

Hail the elementary student, Eun Ji-won!!

Singer Eun Ji-won, who is a former member of the 1990s idol boy band Sechskies, debuted as a solo hip-hop artist in 2000 shortly after his group was disbanded. His first four albums focused solely on the hip-hop genre. But for his just-released fifth album entitled “Platonic,” Eun has chosen the electronic hip-hop dance song “Siren” as the title track despite opposition from his agency.

Eun said, “When I had just debuted solo, I was engrossed in the world of hip-hop because I was working with such renowned hip-hop artists as Drunken Tiger. But this time I chose a dance song because I wanted to show that my dancing skills were still good. I have become so used to hip-hop that dancing is a bit of a challenge to me, but if I don’t start dancing now, it’ll be too late. I am not as good at dancing as today’s idol singers. My choreography this time is the revived form of the ‘dog leg dance.’ I call it a ‘guileful dog leg dance.’”

◇”Love” as never-changing subject in music
But despite the title track, Eun’s fifth album is still based on hip-hop. It was produced in cooperation with the hip-hop producer Keeproots, who is Eun’s close friend. The singer also broadened his musical spectrum by combining hip-hop with his favorite music style. His new album is reminiscent of 1980s pop. It contains the euro-sound track “Out Of Control,” the old Miami-style hip-hop number “160” and the lounge-style “Just Like The First Time,” as well as the winter version of Eun’s hit song “Dangerous” and the Latin jazz version of “Adios.”

One of the most noteworthy tracks is “160,” which features Lee Soo-keun, who appears along with Eun on the KBS TV2 show “Happy Sunday.” Eun said, “Soo-keun included improvised free-style rap in this song. The ‘160’ refers to Soo-keun’s height, the beats-per-minute of this song and also my ‘IQ’ that my teammates form ‘Two Days and One Night’ have given me.”

Eun says the title of his new album, “Platonic,” refers to pure love rather than just mental love. “Siren” is about a man whose friend’s girlfriend falls in love with him. Another song, “Everything,” is about a man who promises to love one woman, and “Just Like The First Time” is a pledge to keep loving feelings always as fresh as when the two people just met.

Eun said, “I asked the songwriters to write something that I have never experienced so far. When my girlfriend hears ‘Siren,’ she didn’t like it. She said that a guy must adhere to his own principles instead of wavering. ‘Just Like The First Time’ was written specifically for my girlfriend.”

Eun says he feels happiest when he works in his recording studio but feels pressure when performing on stage. He said, “I’m not tired even after spending four days in a row in my studio. But when I sing on stage, I feel like I’m being evaluated. I hate that. I am comfortable appearing on variety shows, so I’m not scared of cameras. I want to hold concerts more often because only people who like my music come to see them.”

◇Real Eun Ji-won on “Two Days and One Night”
Though Eun is an ambitious singer, during his hiatus he kept appearing on the variety show “Two Days and One Night” where he has the nickname “Eun Choding.” Eun says he enjoys filming the show because it is a 100 percent unscripted reality show where he can display his real-life personality. He adds that what people see on stage is probably false compared to what they see on “Two Days and One Night.” He said, “I have been on this show for two and a half years. It was the hardest thing for me so far. Every week, I receive more difficult challenges. We usually shoot it on Fridays and Saturdays. When Monday arrives, I get indigestion. But thanks to this show I have made good friends.”

Eun says that to him Kang Ho-dong is the best counselor in terms of marriage and personal relationships. He also cherishes his friendship with MC Mong and is willing to do anything in the world for him. While shooting the show, he has discovered places that he would like to visit and food he wants to try with his girlfriend. He said, “I remember the traditional house village in Haenam and the scenic Geoje Island. I even had an urge to sell my house in Seoul and move to Geoje. I liked Naju gomtang and tteokgalbi in Damyang. They were very delicious.”

Eun says he trusts his girlfriend, who is two years his senior and who is also the sister-in-law of soccer star Lee Dong-kuk. He met her in Hawaii when they were both working part-time in the same store. She was his high school sweetheart. He reunited with her nine months ago after coming across her picture on the personal blog of singer J. Eun said, “I feel respect for her when she thinks ahead. Perhaps that’s because she’s older than me. She’s my best friend but she’s also like a mother to me because she always cares about me. I see in her an ideal ‘spouse.’ But rather than getting married, I am eager to have children. Even when I get married, I want things to stay as if we’re still dating.”

Eun says he has not faced any inconveniences since disclosing his girlfriend. What really causes him inconvenience is the fact that he comes from a famous family. A picture showing him at a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the death of late President Park Chung-hee, his grandfather, was posted on the Internet, drawing significant attention. Eun is the grandson of President Park’s elder sister, Park Kwi-hee, and the nephew of former Grand National Party Chairwoman Park Geun-hye.

Eun said, “I have attended this ceremony every year, but it’s become especially noteworthy this time because my popularity has risen since I began appearing on ‘Two Days and One Night.’ I don’t know anything about politics and I have no intention to use my family background. I simply followed my father to this family occasion.”

Mei singing off!!

Prince of Variety is back on 1 Night 2 Days!!

Am I the only one who’s really happy about his return to his root on 1N2D show? With many of Korean entertainment talent nowadays, I found two people who still a ‘hot item’ on the scene like him and NRG’s Lee Sung Jin. I know its bias to overlooked their comedy act from variety show back then like ‘X-man’ or ‘Love Letter’, but his cutesy and witty side makes me laughing out loud when re-watching the old programs, over all he’s a great entertainer same as Lee Sung Jin.

Like I’ve said  before I’m very happy he’ll will join his comrades on 1 Night 2 Days, with him there, there’s gonna be tons battle of the wit’s between him and the rest of the gang to entertain us. I love the tension when the other member doesn’t wanna talk about their Pandora box Kim Jong Min, in their mind they actually think…’If he’s discharged from the military, who’s gonna be replaced by him?!’…When I heard that kind of stuff, even the members say it as a jokes, I’m cringe on my seat and said, “Wait?! If one of them being replace for Kim Jong Min,,,I’m not gonna watch the show again! But if the production team bring him along as the 7th members. I’ll take back my word and support 1n2d!”

So now I’m glad when hearing the news about the PD just adding one more cast not reducing it. Manseeeeh!! Kim Jong Min just like dumb and dumber in a whole packaged.

Well, the bad news is his group member[Koyote] Baekga diagnose with brain tumor after receiving a standard MRI scan. He was involved in a small car accident and was feeling dizzy, so the doctors recommended an MRI Scan and found the tumor.

When the three now reunited as a group again, hearing this sad news just bring tears to me. I love Koyote’s songs, love the bubbly Shin Ji, dumb Kim Jong Min, and the unique Baekga.

I hope things turn around for Baekga, wish him luck too for the treatment.

Reminiscent of Kim Jong Min in 1 Night 2 Days

credit@Riddlebox YT

and Koyote Bingo’s — one of my favorite songs for Christmas.

credit@onefntalan YT

Andrew from ‘1 Night 2 Days’

The shy Englishman is back in KBS ‘Chat With Beauties’…

Andrew wife’s is pretty and have a beautiful smiles too, how lucky their are having one each other,,,He told the viewers about how he married his Korean wife and still be friends with Eun Jiwon from 1 Night 2 Days.

He meet his wife when he was an exchange student from Britain to Korea, and he think that meeting her it his destiny.

Awww…he such a cutie…hehehe. Wish all the foreigner guest from 1 Night 2 Days appear together.

source: Nate