A Guy Younger Than I [End]


Chapter 4: Love Bites….Love Rights…

I feel bad, and my stomach is hurt. I ask permission to go home earlier today.

Since I worry about him getting drunk after he told me he stops drinking, I visit the dojo. He was there washing the uniform out side. I’m a bit relief that he wasn’t drunk again. With a lousy hi, I walk close to him, he’s a bit surprise when he see me, but he doesn’t say a word to reply. He just busy stepping the uniform on a big bucket. And I know that I’ll make a fool out of myself if I just stayed like this.

“Sorry…I came because I’m sorry.” He pretends he didn’t hear me, and busy with what he’s doing. So I leave him be.

Tonight I can’t sleep; I’m just back and fort, rolling on my bed thinking what Su Ho said earlier today that he likes me. But suddenly, there’s a knock on my window. I jump from my bed, open it up and I saw him DRUNK again.

“I’ve got something to tell you, Jo….”

“Geez, you drunk again right?” I look out, and then I jump out side with bare foot. I look at him carefully.

“You said you quit, and this is how you ended?”

We both sit out side, by the time we sat down, his voice become smaller.

“I’m pathetic aren’t I?”

“Who told you that?”

“I guess Min Ki punishment isn’t over.”

He drops his head and held it with both hands. “I cheated on him, behind his back I fall in love with Eun Joo, his girlfriend. He doesn’t want me to be happy. I can’t be happy right, Jo?”

“What happen to you?”

“Years ago, I went to meet her. She was crying and telling me to come back and stay in Korea. But I didn’t feel anything, if I still love her, I’ll run and hug her. But I can’t…I can’t Jo.”

“Yeah, you choose friendship after love. But this isn’t Min Ki’s punishment to you, think it wisely.”

“For a month after he dies, I’m like a dead man for a month. Asking how could I betrays him?”

Who ever Min Ki is, I hope he visit Su Ho in his dream. I bet he miss him a lot…friends, I guess in every part of the world friendship just like this. I put his head on my shoulder, and my shoulder becomes wet from his tears.

“So, you only think of me as this much?”

“Huh?” He caught me un guard.

“The reason why you don’t like me is because my age right? What different is it make, you still in your twenty and me too. 2 years later if you’re 40 and I’ll be 40 too.”

“It isn’t like that.”

“Do you still like that bastard?”

“I don’t know.”

“Say yes and I’ll back down— disappear from your sight, I mean it.”

He standing up and part with me with his gentle smile on his face. I don’t know why my heart hurt when he said goodbye. Maybe I like him too.

Su Ho back to his dojo, like a mad man he’s screaming then attacking the puppet for rehearse his kick and punches. It continues for hours until lying down exhausted. First he really likes Jo because he thinks if she studying enough, she can manage entering a tournament with that rough skill of her. And when he finally sees her true ability, her ability is to turn him as men who fall in love with her ‘bad’ persona.

I don’t know that loves bite, it hurt badly even it’s not bleeding. I still doesn’t know whether I should stop my foot step and act it never happen or slowly continue to be with you in my own way— it’s one sided love after all and I can’t win over her if she still think about that guy.

I’m worry about him, so I call Alex to check him out at the dojo. I make him to buy some food and if Su Ho start to crave of having a sip tastes of beer, I tell Alex to handcuff him—if he had too. In a while, Alex comes with full pack of food and soda’s. He saw him still lying on the floor.

“I never see you practicing that hard, sir.” Alex words make him glance to find where the voices come from.

“What are you doing here?”

“Some guy I know giving me freebies” He pause a bit, “see, I bought chicken, some fries, soda, and also M&M’s. And now— are we talking?”

“What do you want to know?”

‘Well— here’s the start, how are you feeling today?”

“It felt like I’d been in unexpected car accident or even been shot!”

“Wow…” Alex overwhelmed. “I guess you’re human too.”

“Pardon?” He wakes up and sits next to him.

“Well, first it’s normal if younger guys like us liking older women. Second, I never guess that far that actually you like her?”

“Wow that’s great. Did everyone know about it?”

“Don’t worry your reputations as a Taekwondo teacher still lift up your cold-hearted image.” Alex laughs a bit to make him not to think about his problem with Jo.

It’s already been 4 days since the last time I see Su Ho, and now I’m stuck with my agenda, making a draft and miniature design for the beach house. A silly note appear, well it’s a long time since I pulling my craft box out from the dungeon. The sticky note it’s from Eddie. He writes it on my 24 birthday. It says ‘Happy birthday, I know I can’t make it to celebrate it with you. Man, I wish that we still a high schooler, with no premium job on the list so I can stay there with you and you know how much I love you right?’

October 15 it means I’m 28 today. In this past lonely live, was there someone who gave me a love call and said ‘Happy birthday’? A birthday near 30 is rather been awkward to me. And once more my family deserted me, my mom and dad gone for 3 days to my uncle and my beloved little sister stays for slumber party at Rebecca, her best friends.

Su Ho is still at his office, staring at the windows that see through the practicing room so he can watch over his Taekwondo student from where he sits. He flipping around his student data sheet, just to makes sure they pay the tuition exact same day.

He cross over Jovina sheets, he saw her picture, and bitterly smile at it. He saw the birth date of her, its written ’15 October 1981’. His eyes turn to see the calendars on his desk, spotting the date, October 15 is today.

His heart demands him to go and congratulate her, but his mind still shorting out the reason why he should go? It a cruel fight on his conciseness, but the heart win, in a rush he put the sheet on his table, grab his jacket and go out without telling a thing to his student.

‘What’s wrong with him?” Ask one of the students to Alex. “Oh..My..God. I think he’ll do it tonight.”

“Do what?”

Alex glances with a wild smile on his face and ask ridiculous word, “Do you smell something?”

‘What smell?”

“Its spring…”

“But we don’t have spring on our country.”

He poke his mate head, “Well imagine that our country have springs too, butt head!”

Su Ho runs like hell just to arrive quickly at her door. Almost ran out of breath, he knocks on her door.

I’m gluing some part of the miniature when someone knocking at my door. It’s 3 in the after noon, my parents is gone and my sister too, and I don’t expect someone too, not even Panji or Dimas to get my work? So I rushed my ass to get the door. I’m a bit surprised when I saw Su Ho standing there.

“Su Ho?”


‘What are you doing here?”

“I came to wish you a happy birthday.”

“Thank you, but who told you about my birth day?”

“I saw it when I check student sheet, and I saw you— I mean, your picture, I smile, and I’m kind of miss you. My hearts say ‘why don’t you just do something or you’ll regret it later?’— and after I get that six sense out from my head, I drag my self up here, standing in front you, and….and…”

I’m waiting for him to continue his words. But he suddenly grabs my shoulders and kissed me. I’m totally off guarded from this kind of situation, when he stops and look at me with his beautiful eyes.

“And even you can’t look at me as an adult, I don’t mind if you call me with those prank call, brat, kid, kiddo, or else. But I know if I don’t kiss you right now or declare my love to you, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

“Su Ho…”


“It’s nice to see a younger male, but it’s not good for my heart. But, I think I can handle heart attack over heart break.” And I kiss him back, passionately. Love bite, but it will heal in no time if you find the right medicine. I think rather to avoid cowardly, I better walk it down wisely with my new found love.

After I finish my work and they begin constructing the house, Panji give me the job at his company. Me and Su Ho travel back to Korea to meet someone. He and I went to Busan, we end up at someplace. And I learn that this place is a temple to put ashes of the dead. He say hi to his friend picture on the big shelves contain the ashes of the decease people a long side of Min Ki.

“I want to keep my promise to him.” Su Ho holds my hand tightly, I look at him curiously. “That bastard says if I’m able to get a girlfriend, I should show her to him. That’s why I bring you here, to meet him.”

“I hope he likes me.” I said it sincerely.

“He must, or I steal his ashes and pour it to the sea!”

“He’ll surely haunt you for that!” I remind him for his stupidity.

After that, he shows me how great and beautiful Haeundae beach is for lover. We sit on the sand till sun down. He kisses me on the check and started to serenade me with a beautiful song that he sings just for me.

‘Even if the heart explodes, the lips stay closed
I’ve been sparing the words, I love you
I want to give you everything, but my hands are shabby
Fear continues to grow in my heart

I don’t have very much and lack even more
But I’ve been trying hard to gain
You must’ve been lonely, but without any complaints
You smiled and waited for me
I love you
I promise you eternity
There are no words that could describe you

My tears speak to me
as they sink into my heart
the name that will not be erased until my life ends

There isn’t a reason to always share what I feel
My love is bound to show
Even without a purchased gift, one compliment
Would overjoyed that person and bring them into my arms

I love you
I promise you eternity
There are no words that could describe you

My tears speak to me
as they sink into my heart
the name that will not be erased until my life ends

In a place in my heart, sadness lies
I’m sorry for having memories without you in them
I didn’t want to have any part of me
Not to be filled with you

I was a person born today
I have started to fill my heart again, the first word I said was your name

As if the world is ending tomorrow
with every part of me I love you,
the name that will not be erased until my life ends

You’re my last love …

Letter by Kim Jong Kook ‘

The End.


A Guy Younger Than I [chapter 3]

Chapter 3: Clean and Sober

Su Ho wakes up in the morning with his head hurt like hell. His body ache too because he sleep on the floor mat of his dojo. He goes to the kitchen, open his fridge to drink mineral water. First he didn’t see the sticky note when he open the fridge, but when he half closed it he found the sticky note. He read it and smile.

“She’s here last night?” He checks the fridge and finds the tupperware she mentions on the letter. And then he warms it up, his heart full of the affection from the witches.

Panji give me table on the company, and I begin working at my assignment. I draw, I measure, and I answer the phone. This is the life I’ve been wanted.

Near lunch time, Su Ho visit Marco’s place. He order expensive lunch box, while he waits, Tiffany walks to him.

“Hey lover boy, you look dashing today.”


“Can I ask you something, I know this is out of my territory but I’m hungry of confirmations?”

“About what?”

“It’s about Jo. Is there any slight of chance that you like her?”


Its break hour, I, Panji, and Dimas sit on the sofa drinking tea. Three of us talking about good old days, and then Panji want to know how my relationship with Eddie.

“That relationship just ended couple days ago. He and I just history now, it just that he left me for 2 years and never look back.” I explain to them. They try to console me by saying what I do is the right thing.

Back at Marco’s, Su Ho not continuing his words to Tiffany, but Tiffany show him amusing picture that she already make it to gif on her phone. Su Ho laughs at his own picture.

“She is a pervert!”

“What?” Tiffany act surprised.

“Do you know what she’s done to me? First, when she’s angry with her ex, that witch grabs my collar and asks me to do sparing with her. When she loose— well, she never win against me. When that time happens and she’s burn up with her hidden revenge, she pulls my uniform pants down. She’s a pervert right?”

“She is a pull-pants-maniac. I told you, when we’re on psychical class during high school, she is a pants puller, especially guy pants. I don’t know why she does that, but back then she was a very, very tomboy. I hate her you know…Jo is a person who’s capable of doing everything, with her smile and pep talk, she can tame furious math teacher who’s mad because we didn’t do the paper.”

“She is?”

“Yeah…when she fights, you can tell she’s the winner. Behind her back all of us always make a bet without her notice we buy her favorites cup noodle— the money is from the bet, of course.” Tiffany pauses a bit and then continues. “It is hard for her, she loves him, but he loves her best friend. Her sister said to me that since that happen, she just loose her self, loose her job, she’s totally crush and bench jail. She loves them both, but despise she hold grunge for them, she actually can’t give up loving them in silence. So, she prefers to live pig-like lives. You know what I mean right?”

Su Ho imagination had been cut off by the sound of Marco calling table 8, lunch box. He thanks Tiffany by telling him her story and took the lunch box out from Marco’s. But before he’s really going, he asks Tiffany to share the gif picture to his phone too— as memories. Memories when he’s feel clean and sober.

Fortunately, the lunch box it is on his hand actually for her— the witch. He gives her that to congratulate her for finding a new job, and a new life. He stands in front of her office, for arousing her anger, he send the gif picture to her phone as he smile wickedly.

Because a sudden meeting with the beach house client the three of us late for eating our lunch, but the good thing is, the client like my design and want our company to build it. Life is good anyway, huh?

I don’t know that I had received a MMS from Su Ho because I left my phone on my desk, I never bring phone cell to the meeting room. The message is a simple word but raising my temper ‘PERVERT’ he send the text with the picture that I can guess it’s from that wench. Tiffany. Gif picture that show me caressing his hair, gliding my face upper to meet his mouth, and I kiss him. I’m mad at his actions, so I call him.

“Stupid bastard! I’m drunk okay? If you drunk you never know what you’re doing at that time. You know what, where are you right now?”

This is what Su Ho wants; he wants her to be angry. He tells her that he’s out side waiting for her to get revenge.

I’m so flared up and walk my ass down to meet him out side. When I saw him, I jump at him and start to strangle his neck.

“Who told you to share that picture from that wench? Listen here kiddo; I guess today you seek your own death on my freaking hands. Do you have a death wish or something?” I glare at him.

“L-let…me…go…I’m…ch…ooo…king….” He begs me to let his neck go.

I loosened up my grip when people start to looking us as a weird couple and he quickly hoop down the floor. I’m not satisfied.

“Your master comes to congratulate you, but you try to kill me. What kind of student are you?”

“Stop using the word ‘master’, now everyone will think that I’m your slaves!” I poke his head hard.

“You almost break my neck, witch.”

“If your neck breaks that easily, it isn’t neck you moron!”

“So you like the picture huh?”

“Oh my god, let’s ended here fair and square okay. I’m drunk, when I saw you crying, I thought that you’re lonely as I am. And I’m lonely too, that’s why…maybe…” I’m losing my voice, I can’t yell because this is my fault.

“Maybe that’s why I kiss you.” I continued. He just smiles there looking at my face that turns red.

“I bet that you’re not having your lunch yet, am I right?”


“Here, I brought you lunch. Eat so you have power to fights against me.”

I took the food and eat it out side at a convenient store bench near my work place. He bought two can of soda instead of beers.

“The sun probably sets up from the south this morning, you drink soda?”

“I quit drinking.”

“Hahaha. Should I believe you?”

“If I’m drunk, I will loose to you.”


“You attack my innocent lips. The lips that never kiss a girl before.” He mumbles in dissatisfaction like an old lady. “From now on, I swear to my self that I don’t drink anymore. If I’m sober, the chance that you will attack me is below zero.” He winks at me. “By the way, you look pretty with that dress.”

I’m mad at him, but my mind reacted fast when he say I’m pretty. Don’t know what to do to brush it on my mind I just shove the food to my mouth.

“Jo…” He hesitates to ask me something.

“What is it?”

“Is that true that you are a pants-puller when you still in high school? So that where that bad habit come from.”

My jaw drop, I loose my dignity. I bet Tiffany told him that too.

“Shut up!”

“Next times don’t pull another man pants will ‘ya?”


“Well, because I will be mad at you if you do that again.”

“Why you’ll be mad at me?”

He scratches his head. “Maybe because I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Suddenly I don’t feel like eating. He’s too young to be my boyfriend.

“Is this a joke too? Because if is, I’m not in the mood to laughing at your jokes.”

“I’m not, okay. It’s painful to me to look at you when your down like before. I can’t hold you or giving you ease, that’s why I choose to be your sand bags. I feel your hurt when you beat me; I understand what you’ve been through silently in your anger.”

His sight makes my heart hurt, I feel his pain and fear too. But this is not going to happen. If I like him too, our age gap is something I must mind if stepping in to this relationship.

“So…it’s a no then?” His voice isn’t lively anymore. I can’t say a word to accept him. He’s gets up from his seat.

“Eat well, don’t get sick…this is how Korean guy said good bye too his rejected-future-love.” Then he walks away with out turning his back. This is the second time a guy just turn his back on me. First are Eddie and now Su Ho. And maybe I make him drunk again…I’m a bad person.

A Guy Younger Than I [chapter 2]

Chapter 2: Love and Punishment…

My sister just comeback from the school and then she look at me like I’m a leper.

“What on earth you do that, sis? You ruin my image.”

“What, what, what. What do I do?”

She’s talking to me at the kitchen, while I’m getting my drink.

“You made your self like an idiot at Marco’s.”

“I bet you hear that from your teacher.”

“No, Tiffany told me.”

“Damned that cross-dresser, he always wants me to get into trouble since high school days.” I sip my cold water. “And I was drunk, okay. I slipped…like you never slipped when you talk how you miss your ex-boyfriend.”

“But you took it so far to the core, sis. I have experience of broken hearted too you know, but I never done the extreme way like you do.”

“Oh yeah, everybody ganged up to tell me that I’m wrong? Okay love-life teacher, can I go now, because I must go to my detention room to dig up my own graves. You can call me 100 years later, K’ kiddo?” I walk in to my room and buried myself with the blanket in my bed.

“Who, me? Get a clue lady, the one who messed up it’s you. Get a mirror and watch yourself. You have issues, from head to toes its all issues. No wonder that they call you a car wreck, you let your self be a car wreck.”

That crazy brat, so what if I’m letting myself as a car wreck? So what if I punish myself to be a clown in front of him? The one that messed up is me? What did he knows about me? That stupid brat. Damned, I don’t have any clue why he’s voice over-ing on my freakin’ head getting me all annoyed. Seriously, I hate those types. Because I’m so annoyed, I don’t want to make graves on my bed so I change my clothes to go out. And then I get a call from my colleague, Panji who runs a small architect company. He needs my help to design a beach house, because I have a lot of time and he willing to pay me big number on my account, I take his request. It’s been so long since I wear pretty dress. I open my wardrobe, and then I pick my halter jumper pants with my blue t-shirt. Because tomorrow is the BIG day, I want to go to the hair salon. Well, yesterday my pride and dignity falling into pieces. Now I’m going to pick what’s left from it. Car wreck, huh?

At the hair salon that I knew, the staffs are trying to pull the best of my hair; you know my hair is like a broom. If I know that I’m going to hate my self I never, never again perm my hair like this. So the staff tells me that I would look great if my hair colored brown and make it soft-straight. And I said to them to do what ever they like. After 2 hour, my hair is done. When I see the mirror, I REALLY see the mirror. I saw me, the one that before I knew and date Eddie. Hahaha…the witch is back!!! I’m proud to be me.

I feel better, today I walk with my head up and never know that when I walk there’s actually people looking at me curiously, not because I’m ugly, but somewhat bemused. I’m 27 years old, but I finally realize that in this past 2 years I’ve been a fool, So Ho is right about letting me be the car wreck itself.

So after this simple transformation I go to Marco’s, to apologize and have me not to be banned by him from entering the café.

Tiffany saw me in an awe sight and whistle herself. She comes near me to ask what I want to drink.

“Just beer. Hey, where’s Marco’s?”

“Why d’you ask? Got a crush for him?”

“Hell no, I just want to say thank you and apologize about what happen yesterday. I totally lost control of myself.”

“Don’t worry girl, Marco is a nice guy. After all both of that cutie don’t spread any blood here, but speak of the devil one of your cutie is here. Drown on his drunkenness.”

“Is my ex boyfriend or the underage?”

“Look at yourself. You look pretty by the way; did you change your hair color?”

“Yeah, do you like it?”

“You know what Jo, you know well why I hate you since high school right?”

“Not exactly, tell me about it?”

“You’re pretty and smart, you drawn people by your coolest attitude. I want to be like you, so straight forward. Girl, don’t dresses like a hobo okay? I’m sick of your training suit.”

I don’t know that Tiffany is sweat after all. I found Su Ho; the one that I want to hit hard on the face is looking at me with his chin on top of his hand. I turn my face in disgust when I sit in front of him.

“Are you embarrassed?”

“Shut up, kiddo! And what are you doing drinking alone?”

“For your record old lady, I’m not a kid. And the reason why I drink alone is because I want to drink alone.”

He squint his eyes. “I never know that you’re pretty.”

“I’m still pissed you know.” I gulp my beer in one shot. He’s surprised.

“What, I hate become pretty if I can’t do whatever I like.” I raise my hand to ask the second glass. Tiffany brings it to me. When I grab the second glass, he snatches it from me.

“What I can’t drink now?”

“If you drink like that your stomach will hurt.”

“But I’m pissed. You know since the day I born, I never fail at anything. But since 2 years ago, everybody start to stab my back. My boyfriend who cheated on me with my best friend, the company accused me sharing secret information to another design company. I’m ruin— totally fall down. Shit…it doesn’t taste like I’m living!” I snatch my beer from his hand and gulp it down more.

“You poor thing…”


“Hey, how can you call your master ‘bastard’?”

“Never mind, it useless talking with you kid!”

“Hey, don’t call me kid, kiddo, bastard, or brat anymore, it won’t hurt you to call me Su Ho right—I mean out side the dojo.”

I grin at him. He gulps another glass cleansing it.

“You look pathetic yesterday when you drunk and beg him like that.” He laughs at me.

“Oh shut up!”

I think I’m getting drunk after the third glass; I put my head down on the table. And between those times more beer place on the table. He empties it all in silence. I think it’s raining out side; my heart fills with emptiness again. He joined put his head down, two of us looking at the window, looking at the rain that flow. I saw something from him that makes my heart drop into my feet, he silently shedding tears, without saying his hurt or he’s sad.

“I kill someone…” His voices are tremble. I glance at him, not in a pitiful way, but somewhat I need to hear his story.

“You don’t afraid of me?”

“Why should I afraid of you?”

“Just— “He paused. “It just today, it happens to be his birthday.”

“That’s why you move here from Korea?”


“The person you’ve kill, who?”

“My best friend…”

He recalls his past, that day it was raining too. Since a kid, Su Ho is a trouble maker— living on and off gangsters’ life. He’s changing the way he sees life from his new found friend. That friend name is Min Ki. He thought that his past will not haunt him anymore, but it his foul play from the beginning. His gangster’s friend looks for him to punish him because he wants to cut ties with them.

In 11 October 2003, 6 years ago, Min Ki dies when he’s trying to help him in a nasty brawl at an abandon warehouse. He should go to jail even he’s not the one who killed him. In the past 6 years, his memories still haunt him. He kills man life and dream. At Min Ki’s funeral he can’t bring himself up out to meet his family, he only stood out side even when his body was cremated. He saw Eun Joo, Min Ki’s girlfriend who can’t stop crying, his mother faint, and his father expressionless face sitting there.

From that day, he swears that he can’t have a simple happiness or even love. That’s the only way to punish him self.

“Well sometimes, bad shits do happen.”

He turn his face, we look at each other with our head still lying on the table. This kid who I though so idiotic and all pride were crying remembering his dead friend, like the end of the world his tears keep running down trough his good looking face.

“The reason why you drink alone is this?”

“I don’t like to drink and if I’m drunk his face, smile, and the way he call out my name will appear out of nowhere. That makes me scared you know?”

“I’m sleepy…”

“Then go to sleep?”

“Let sleep here together…”


Yeah…I’m definitely drunk that day. Because Tiffany wakes me up at 7.00 in the morning, its looks like I sleep over at Marco’s place— on the table. But why only me who’s here?

“Morning Tiff, hey. Where’s Su Ho?”

“He left after you said ‘let sleep together’…hahahaha. Where’s Jovina who acts cool in front of guys, huh? Let sleep together, wow girl you screwed up.” Tiffany laughing at me, but do I really said that to him or it just Tiff who want me burn up with my own thought?

“Did I say that?”

“Sure, I know you’re drunk but let sleep together thing is too over. But you do a great thing though…the silent kiss is my favorite.”

“Kiss, what kiss?”

“You don’t know you’re kissing him?”

“I-I kiss him?”

“Yeah, you want prove?” Tiffany took her phone and shows me my picture that she captures when I kiss him. “With several photo like this I can makes a good gif from it.” That witch laughing at me again.

“Tiff, delete it or I kill you for it?”

“Bite me!” Before I managed to snatch her phone, she surely still has that running talent from high school day I guess. She disappears into the kitchen. When I look at the clock on the wall, I’ll get late if I don’t hurry up cleaning my self just for the meeting at 9.00 at Panji place. I went home and rush myself to the shower and put my ruffle dress that been buried at my closets long time ago, miraculously it still fit on me. I match it up with my skinny jeans, and of course I borrow April hair roller and tada…I have a big curly hair, put my makeup on— finished.

Panji is waiting for me in the meeting room, really…I miss this kind situation, along with him there’s my classmate too, Dimas. He’s taking the interior and exterior design of that beach house. Panji says that if I can pull it out this one and makes a great design, he will consider hiring me to work at his place. I’m happy, it’s like I’m alive again— I’m the Lazarus man. Our client wants a simple design, so I give him several choices from the sample that I brought. After the meeting and lunch with Panji and Dimas, I decide to go home telling my parent who might be drop dead in happiness— it’s metaphor, because I’m able to get a job again. My family decides to make a fest dinner tonight to celebrate the time that I finally born again as a person, not a car wreck. My mom fed me up till I’m going to burst, but suddenly I think of Su Ho. How is he anyway? Well since last night he was crying, should I visit the dojo? If I go, what the reason I’ll gave him? But really, I’m worried about him.

So I put the fried chicken, the soup, my mom sweat-sour sauce puyonghai on tupperware. When I arrive there at the dojo, I saw the light still on. I knock but there’s no one answer my voice. So I open the door, that when I see him sleeping on the mats, there’s multiple beer can too. Is he drinking again?

It’s not good sample if the master of Taekwondo turn alcoholic’s junkies. I walk to him, pat him a bit on his back to waking him up. But that kid still sleeping like a baby. But when I want to move the can beer and I’m not aware that he grab my right hand, his power makes me fall and sit on the mat. Without opening his eyes, he’s sleep-talking.

“You’ve came, Min Ki….You SOB’s, I thought you’ve never come.”

What the…I was thinking what should I do when I was call SOB by this pathetic overdose-beer brats, should I kill him or beat him to death? Without giving me a chance to avoid him, he suddenly pulls me over his chest and hugs me tight.

“It’s been awhile…it’s really been awhile. It-it’s was hard for me, man. Are you happy there?”

My heart beat faster; my face turn red, on the inside I have this warm feeling because it’s been a while too for me to be hugs by a man— that kind of feeling bugs me. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I think I kiss him again. Good job, Jo. Now maybe in his dream right now he angry at Min Ki who is a man and he kiss him. Awww…this was awful. He’s a kid, I’m 27 and he’s 20 years old. This is a mistake…I should go home now. I release myself from his hugs, clean the can, and put the food on the fridge and put a sticky not ‘Don’t drink beer too much. Hey, I got a job now ^ ^ hehehe, are you happy? Because I have a job now, I can’t be your sparing partner anymore and maybe not come often to practice. But Alex he’s good too, you just practice with him alright. In the fridge, there’s human food, if you’re human at least eat it. Wish me luck kiddo ^ ^’— and I walks out with something on my mind, this is love or punishment?

to be continue…

A Guy Younger Than I [chapter 1]


A Guy Younger than Me

Story written by. Maeve

copyright©2008. Do not copy.

Chapter 1: All Hell Break Loose

I’m depress, I’m mad, and I’m really, really love to throw punches. My sister told me I’m weird, what kind of girl who can’t act normal in front of her ex-boyfriend who runaway with her best friend like nothing ever happen, but at home I kick and punch the sand bag like a crazy bitch. And not to long a go, I join Taekwondo just to insure myself that it’s all got to be for my angry management therapy. Well, I feel bad for my sparing partner who got bruises and nose bleed because of me and not to mention giving my master enough headache. Actually, I don’t want to call him master, well he’s younger than me. He’s still on his early 20 and mine is going up to the sky. But he’s the one who can actually beat me. No matter what how hard we fight on that mat, I always loose to him fair and square, like now he just throw me to the floor like a pizza dough— and ouch! I think I just hurt my back. That crazy Korean is a good fighter anyway. And for I, the retard, try to get back at him by pulling his Taekwondo pants down. The entire student watching that embarrassing scene, I know its stone age gag, but hey…call me pervert but I earn that. He’s a cutie though, his wearing a Japanese action comic character Naruto short. Slowly his eyes become wider and wider as I’m the crazy bitch tries to smile like it was an accident.

“YA! NI BYEONGTAEIYA!!” I don’t know a word he was screaming about. But my anger calms a little. He put his pants back and walks away.

“Big sis, how can you do that to him?” ask one of the student at the dojo.

“He must put his competition spirits down on the bucket. You saw it right; he beat me up like a sand bag. What kind of guy who actually beat women.”

“You beat us like crap too, remember?”

“Well that’s why we call it sparing.”

“Sis, you must work on your anger…really.”

“Yeah right, uh, let me think about it!” I said it cynically.

Because every Saturday all of us always had a small gathering to eat out in some restaurant, first I don’t want to join. But when Alex told us that he just make arrangement at Marco’s Place a cozy restaurant not to far from here, I let my self in—joining the group. That youngster seems still angry at me. He put a straight face and pouts his mouth often. I swear, what the heck his parent eat or do to have that good face, tall body, and that dimple is so sexy when he smile. Oh no, what the heck I’m saying right now? Oh my god, did I turn myself a pedophilia?

At Marco’s place, we sit at a large table for 8 people. I only know Marco from my little sister because Marco is her teacher boyfriend. But I know Tiffany; we’re in the same class in high school. But I don’t get it, why a handsome guy like him turns himself as a woman.

“What can I get for you guys?” Tiffany asks, and the boys start howling like a wild coyote with dripping saliva.

“Tiff, can you wear something that not shown your cleavage? They still— boys! Underage.”

“Yeah right, honey. The one that you should give your crap about is over there at 3.00, see ya.”

And then I look at 3.00 point, there he was sitting with a bunch of his friend, just like me. With the same expression 2 years ago, the cold expression that I can’t even look at barely for 10 minutes—he look at my face, that’s it. My wall has crumbled.

I drink the beer; with the thought I wish I was drunk. If I’m drunk I can do what ever I want, the one I want is gets him back. I drink the whole cold beer in that hot Saturday evening. I think now I already drunk. I walk toward where he sits on, I think Alex try to make me not to walk, but I sweep his hands.

“Retard.” Say my master with a cold tone—watching me doing embarrassing scene from his seat with his disciples.

“Hey, you bloody SOB’s. It’s been a while huh?”

Eddie glare at me, he think I’m going crazy.

“Don’t you dare glare at me— listen to meeee. I really, really like you. But why, why, why!! Why it has to be my best friend. I think I can get over it, but I can’t. You SOB’s I CAN’T!! The images about you both together are like an arrow stabbing my heart deep, so deep that it bleeds.” I think I just cry.

“I’m going.” He said with cold tone to his friend. In this stuffed place. Everybody maybe think I’m funny. I dress like hobo and my hair is in a mess-rag. I bet their eyes look at me curiously.

“Master, do something. Even she’s a witch—she’s our older sister.” Alex begs him to interfere.

“You must be like her a lot?”

“Sure I like her, but not in that kind of ways. She’s a trouble maker, cynics, and don’t have a sincere-bones, but if you get to know her. She’s just a child— a lost child.”

But his master doesn’t want to get involved with the situation. He just looks at them.

“Listen to me, Jovina.”

“I will…”

“You are getting in my nerves right now.” He pissed out. Even he’s angry at me, his look still a charmer to me.

“I really don’t like this…the way you throw your self…no dignity.”

I already swallow my dignity 20 minutes ago—just for your notice.

“I told you I already had girlfriend.”

“I know MY best friend.”

“But still I don’t like you.”

“But I do still like you.”

“I don’t know what else I must say to you. Jo, we’re finished long ago.”

I feel like there’s a heavy rock being push through my throat. And even my head is dizzy; I could hear what his friends say about me. They say that I looked like a car wreck, ugly and fuzzy.

“It’s that training suit? Man, you are right to dump this girl. Look at her, even my dog dress well.”

That cruel guy who dump me and his gang just passed by me without even have a second look, I just stand there. God, I bet my face now all cover with 10 layers of steel. Definitely, definitely cannot go back to this place— I’ve been banned.

“Hey, retard! Apologize to her.” A young and lively voice comes out of no where, it kind of bugs me but when I look to the voice from. That Naruto panty-boy stands off his seat— man, and I know I smell trouble.

“What the—“He and his gang look at him with anger. Su Ho shouts again to them to apologize for bad-mouthing me. He walks and put a smirk on his face toward my ex-boyfriend.

“What’s wrong with you, did your mother teach you to respect a girl? If you said that she’s better than your dog, I would love to see your mom in your dog dress. Are you annoyed? Don’t be.” Okay, that stupid fellow is really, really going to make Eddie’s mad. I don’t want him to be mad, if he mad, he’s crazy. And this Su Ho, is he trying to make a scene here? He’s freaking out the audience with his tone while talking to Eddie.

“Fuck, who the hell are you?”

“This fucker asking my freakin name huh, I’m Su Ho. Lee Su Ho, do you want to know what Su Ho mean you fucker, let me tell you…it mean to protect the river bank. And this old crazy lady is my Taekwondo student, because she’s my student I should stand up to protect her from fucker like you.”

“Well shit-head, just take her away and protect her then. Okay?”

“This SOB is pushing my temper…hey Jo, wake up will’ya! This shit ain’t good for you.”

I’m stuck in the middle, but gladly Marco interferes so there are no brawls at his place. Man, I feel like shit. Su Ho told the other to go home first, and makes them not to worry about me because I’m with him.

Afterward we leave Marco’s place, I bet he’s going to tell his teacher girlfriend and makes my little sister know about today accident. And that silly brat still following me around like a street cat.

“Just go home, I’m okay.”

“Shut up witch, can’t you see that I was trying to help you?”

“I think that’s the end huh, today is the shittiest reunion that I’ve wait for two years. And stupid bastard like you ruin all.”

“Who, me? Get a clue lady, the one who messed up it’s you. Get a mirror and watch yourself. You have issues, from head to toes its all issues. No wonder that they call you a car wreck, you let your self be a car wreck.”

“You don’t know with whom you are talking brat.”

“Yeah who? A 27 years old lady who act like kindergarten kid who want her doll back? Well, define mature.”

Su Ho must be planning to rip my soul out of my body today— is it for revenge that I pull his pant down? Easy boy, if you fight with me you’ll be suffocate to death.

I don’t want him to see that I’m already sheds my tears, so I wipe all the tears from my face—include runny nose too, and pretend to be brave. But he knows already.

“Don’t cry I hate when girls cry. They makes me dumb, I don’t know what to do if they cry.” He walks faster tries to catches up with me, and then he blocks my way. His hands are on my face now— he makes me look like and idiot.

“Let your hands off me or you die!”

“You can’t make me die now or then, the one who should die it’s him. That cold bastard, how could you end up with him anyway?” He spat his angry once more while removing his hands from holding my face. Today, I feel that all hell break loose. The burden on my chest is still there but not longer to heavy after I burst out in front of Eddie, I know everyone will think bad to me, but my heart lighten a bit from this pop-up accident.

to be continue….