Supernatural Pilot




On The black screen.

{Showing us Dean stabbed Ruby’s with Sam help. Ruby dies but it’s too late. The last seal were broken]

Sam :[to Dean who’s looking at him sadly] I’m sorry, Dean…I’m really sorry.

Dean : [start grabbing Sam’s jacket] talk it later, now we got to run..

Sam : Dean, he’s coming…

Both of them start looking at the crackling floor; it shines makes them covering their sight to take a look what the Angel predicted. Lucifer has rising. What makes Dean more frightened isn’t the apocalypse or Lucifer it self, but what will happen to his brother, Sam.

Dean : We got to go, NOW! [Grabbing his hand and force Sam’s to run]

The lights are following them to the hallway. Sam run half way and tries to confront the lights by himself using his ‘freaky’ way to kill it.

Dean : Sammy, don’t do that please…Sammy!![Half begging with tears]

Sam pointing his hand to make gesture as him chokes the light. But suddenly that lights turns into human shape, with dark blonde hairs and good looking figure of a man. It’s Lucifer. He locks his gaze to Sam.

Lucifer : Well, well, well…look’s who’s here? Isn’t this ‘my boy’, Azazel doing the work fine giving you to me, Sammy. Come to daddy, we had a lot of time playing God with human and wreck havoc the Heaven.

Dean stands up near Sam. Feeling both scared and pissed to that Evil son of a *****.

Dean : Don’t you ever lay finger on my brother or I’ll promise to drag you down to deepest pit by myself!!

Lucifer : And who’s this oxymoron? Oh, let me guess…its must be Dean, the one that makes my cavalries in hell envy because someone drag him up in one piece. Uhmm…tempting.

Dean : Spending 2009 years on the pit makes you ‘Bill Milligan’, huh?!

Lucifer : Funny, Dean…Should I thanks you brothers because breaking the first and the last seal’s for me? My gratitude, but I won’t bow to human. I like to have a chit chat with you two, but I’ve got a plan for the crowning.

And as blinks of the eyes, Lucifer’s gone. Leaving them both confused about what happen? Dean thinks that Lucifer would kill them or at least kidnapped Sam. But this….it leads nowhere. And Dean feels frustrated.

Dean : It’s that it ?! No, chow mien on us?!

Sammy : I don’t know how to say we’re lucky or getting into a deep **** about this?!

Dean : [looking at Sam] Are you okay?

Sammy : Y-yeah…I guess.

Dean : Let’s hits to Bobby. Oh, wait…Cas, I left him with Chuck’s. Let’s get there first; I hope the Archangel won’t wipe his ass because he’s helping me out to get you out of here?!

Sam : Dean…I’m…

Dean : If you wanna say sorry, just keep it to yourself and try to do something about your issues Sam, to do… the right thing. And I’m not dad and so were you…I can’t push you away, Sam. And you know that!

They come out from the abandon covenant; Dean and Sam take a hike on the Impala to meet Castiel. Dean turns on the music to lighting up the Mood. I Shoot the Sheriff heard to…


They stop at Chuck’s house, it’s so quite here, so Dean exchange glance to Sammy who’s now picking his gun just in case.
Dean too, picking his gun and click on it, Dean makes a moves, now while Sam ready with his rock salt gun pointing at the door and Dean slowly pulled the knob. The door open, Sam rushes in but only found the empty room without Cas or the prophet in it. The room just like had been hit by huge tornados that torn all in one piece, except the building still stand.

Dean : What the heck?[ Dean still confused with what he’s seen only an empty room]


Bobby’s Place / night

Bobby gives hands them the beers.

Bobby : Now Lucifer walk on earth? Holly **** on the graves, but boys…How do you get out alive from him?

Sam : I don’t know…he just…

Dean tries to gives Bobby a notice not to ask with his eyes gesture.

Bobby : And where’s the angel when you need them?! [Bobby a little bit pissed]

Dean : I guess they leave the party to early, don’t you think so, Bobby?

When they were chit chatting, the front door suddenly opens by itself. This makes then on alert mode grabbing their guns and weaponry.
A girl with black hair, tall, looks like an Asian girl come in from the door, and the door shut itself again without her touching the knob.
Three of them pointing their guns to her while she looks around the surrounding of Bobby’s house with her round eyes.

Maeve : How’d you doing boys? [She greeted them with sly smiles.]

Dean : Ruby is that you?! [Dean full alert]

Maeve : Ruby? Not her, the ***** is dead…Dean. I’m Maeve. Well since Cas turn to me to help his beloved human, while his on his way on a big stakes out, we can be friends right?

Dean : You know Cas? I’m sorry dear to bother, but…[Sam spray her with holy water, but she don’t react by the effect and that makes them stunt]

Sam : Who the hell are you? Tell me the truth?! [Now Sam makes a move and put the knife under her throat, she didn’t makes any resistant move toward him]

Maeve : Try cola, hot shot…Listen…I’m not demon, okay?! I already put barrier around this house, I think it safe for now…Dean, listen! I, you, Sam, and maybe your yellow pages guy must work it with our own ways right now to throw Lucifer back into his cage.

Sam : Wait, wait, wait? ‘We’, ‘on our own’? Do I miss a little something here? Are you an Angel like Castiel?

Maeve : No. I’m Not…the Garrison thinks I’m a freak, and I’m no Angels…Halflings I guess, just like you Sammy…the difference thin lines between us…you’ve been injected by the demon blood while I’m with the grace of one of the freaks.

Dean : So where is Cas now?

Maeve : Before we talk about that? Can you put all the guns away and the knife, thank you…It gives away my mood.

Bobby : How can we trust you that your not one of them?

Maeve : Well, I’ve got wings and several headache when I’ve try to brags out of them to human?
Now…can we talk?

Maeve sit on the sofa, while Sam, Dean and Bobby still on guard even they are now put the guns away.
The three of them still look at her in silence, maybe with heavy thought about who she is? And is she being honest with them about Castiel?

Maeve : Can you guys stop staring? [Maeve smile brightly]

Dean gives her a nod, and tries being friendly.

Dean : Where’s Cas now?

Maeve : I don’t know where he was, but he send me sound waves that says I must help the Winchester boys without letting me know what happen in here?

Sam : Did the archangel taking him with force?! Is he will be one of the falling angels because of us?

Maeve : Angels do have rules, Sam…They obey, just obey…When Zachariah knows he was helping you to runaway to get Sam out of the trouble…he know he’s really in the big ****! Doubt is the only sins that make angels fall. But don’t worry; they can’t demolish Castiel just like that like they did to Anna.

Sam : Lucifer are walking on earth, but where the angels? Why he sent you, not the other angels to help? Wait…Anna?!

Dean : What did they do to Anna?!

Maeve : [She exhales heavily] Who do you think I am, a walking bible? [She put sad expression]
Talking to me is just like chasing tails guys. Here [ She hands out a charm for the brothers on a pouch]…

Dean and Sam Looking at her, both of them still can take the situation well about Lucifer now’s walk on earth, Cas being caught by the higher power, and now this? A girl who called her self so-called-angels-in-half?!

Bobby : You Halfling used mojo too, huh? That’s interesting. What’s in it?
Maeve : Some devil shoe’s string, goofer dust, add some of this and that. Halfling’s like me; they don’t have powerful grace, and so just to make the higher power pissed…I’d join the anarchist. So here I am…[ Maeve smile slyly. Dean has this different thought about the girl who sat infron of him while he’s still scanning her from up to toes. When he looking at her, she just like a blank book, can’t read anything from it].

[The phone rings and that make Bobby rush out to get it in the kitchen. Bobby just nods, and sigh, he close the phone with his palm while he told the guys to turn on the TV to see the weather forecast]

Bobby : Sleine called, bad omen, turn on the TV!

Dean who near the TV set took the remote and turn on in. It said that in Alabama and North Dakota the weather seems un-friendly to human. There’s a lot of flashing lights and thunder out of no where, black clouds seen everywhere, but strangely with no rain as far as we know.

Maeve : The Garrison are fighting…that’s why thunder and lights seen on the sky coverage area. God…this fight is for real I guess?

Two of them, and also Bobby whose now put back the phone hears the news from his kitchen door.

Bobby : And what now?!

Maeve : We’ll, fight! Lucifer can’t win as long as he can’t be crown. The seats in heaven were belong to our Father, the Guy sometimes suck…but He’ll do somethin’ for sure.

Dean : You know about the crowning?

Maeve : Yeah…that’s why we have to stop the crowning.

Sam : What is this crowning all about?

Maeve : I guess you guys miss the Monday school…huh?

Dean : No…we know who he is…but only the crowning stuff we don’t know….

Maeve : Do you know why from century to century the king of earthly race
of men are bound to have a war? Lucifer consummating of his plans through earthly kings and rulers who take to themselves divine honors and who, whether they actually know this or not, rule in the spirit and under the aims of Satan. More races of men use his arch-demons.

Lucifer’s going stronger. If he’s strong enough like what happen today by…sorry I’ve to admits that you two are the one who’s breaking the first and the last seals…

[Maeve looking at two brother’s faces, and Dean gives her a slyly smile, while Sam just small smile, like saying ‘yeah, welcome to the family sister!’ kind of things]…do you know what will happen?

Bobby : Hell, no…You said, Lucifer’s trying GET the crown and be crowned. Damn it!

Sam : What’s wrong?

Bobby : He’s trying to get his mate’s out from the pit all over the world. Holly crap…Big man is right, this is apocalypse?!…When he’s out, the 72 demon will roaming the earth too. He’s going after for the Key, the real Solomon key. If he got the key, he goes to heaven and…Baam! I will take over heaven, I will be God.[Bobby just spitting what he had in mind, and he’s freaking out]

Dean : But Solomon lock all the crazy ass together on his urine pot right? What about the gates when we killed Azazel? How about the gate? The gate which we killed that son of a bitch?!

Maeve : Gate?! It was an East gate, Dean. The true gate’s its beyond any reckon…the one that Azazel open it was like…a bait…to get Sam, to get you furious to know what’s the deal ahead of you. There’s no turning point at this time…But we’re a little bit lucky. When both side fight, we’re can reassured only weak demon like your BFF Sam, that kind of type will wire-tap us. Just like…that one on the freakin’ door!

[Maeve raise her hand, we’re now seeing a bald guy with black eyes trying to loose her strangles on his neck. She can do what Sam does from afar, not eyes to eyes meeting. The baldy struggle badly…and the black smokes come out from the baldies mouth, when the black smokes up hanging on the air, it burns out by itself, causing fire out of nowhere]…now he’s gone. Sorry, I guess the binding spell isn’t working properly.

Dean :[Dean check it out side]Holy…How did you do that?!

End of pilots.