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Ada 2 cerbung gw yang mau gw revisi…rada sedih juga sih karena sedikit yang baca. Yang pertama yang masih mau gw selesaiin dan revisi itu ‘One Sweet Punch!’ sama yang udah tamat chapternya ‘My Miracle It’s You’.

Kenapa gw butuh bantuan? Karena gw diambang keputusasaan.

Pekerjaan gw tinggal menghitung hari, ini juga lagi nyari kerjaan lainnya buat mengcover semuanya. Temen gw ngasih ide kalo ternyata sehabis gw diberhentikan masih belom dapet kerjaan juga, mau gak mau gw harus nyari penerbit yang mau ngebeli cerita gw. Yang jadi dilema kalo ngeliat blog gw ini, yang dapet stats tinggi cuman FF Supernatural. Mungkin itulah salah satu alesan kenapa di traffic feed banyak juga yang berkunjung asalnya dari manca negara.

Permintaan tolong gw, gw kasih nama ‘My Future Project’. Gak minta donasi apa-apa, cuman minta sedikit waktu pembaca blog ini buat baca 2 (dua)karya gw tersebut, dan minta reviewnya supaya gw tau mana yang bakalan gw revisi untuk nantinya gw kirim ke penerbit. Gw tau karya gw pas-pasan dan mungkin bikin eneg yang baca. Tapi gw si amatir ini lagi berusaha keras demi cita2nya jd penulis.

{I’m gonna be sacked from my job. So I need help from the reader who read my lousy blog, I don’t need any donation like money. But I need your time to read the stories that I wrote from my heart and soul. The purpose is, because the D-day were closing in. I need something to secure my life, my friends told me to sell one of my online stories that I put on this blog. But currently when I saw my stats, the ‘popular’ one is my FanFiction from American series Supernatural. I don’t know I must be sad or happy?

So, if you guys–readers had a little bit of a free time. Please read my stories, and write a comment which one that I should revising to proposed it to the publisher between 2 stories. First is ‘One Sweet Punch’ and the second is ‘My Miracle It’s You’. I know my stories gonna make you barf or even puke, but hey–I’m an amateur who wants to do her best. Thanks!}


My Miracle It’s You


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Chapter 15 [Epilogue]

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My Miracle It’s You [End]

My Miracle It's You


Shin Bi and James now are in the engagement party. James wants to marry her, but my father gives him instructions to take care our factory in Vietnam for a year from 3 years that he told him to do. Haha, thanks to me, that robber baron give in to my speech about how can he make two person who in love suffering from his command!

Ki Uk were happy because now Shin Bi will stayed with him, he’s happy because now he can eat real food than treats instant noodles like crackers.

Today, even I’m wearing pretty dress; I’m pissed with someone I love. I think I start regret dating Park Tae Min.

“He’s late again!!”

“Don’t worry nunna…he’ll come!”

“He’s always late! I better think again about having this relationship with that kid.”

“Seriously, you two were hilarious.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Tae Min hyung tell my hyung about the same idea. You guys we’re ill-matched. Huahahaha…”

“What the?? He told James that we’re ill-fated?!”


Oh! My neck hurt. Tsk…tsk…what the heck he’s trying to do? What? Ill-fated?! Me and you?? OK, Park Tae Min…you just start a dangerous game… And I’m in!!

I take my phone, and dial his number. But what I get only a voice mail, so I call Hak Jun. Asking is there any practice left? But he said that he doesn’t see Tae Min for a whole day. That’s great. This is James engagement party but, you didn’t show up?!

“Hmm…e-every one in this room, h-hello?” Tae Min is nervous talking.

James and Shin bi look at him, Ki Uk too, and everybody in this party looking at him.

I heard his voice too. So I ran to see him.

He’s standing in front of the band, wearing tuxedo that I’ve choose for him to wear tonight.

I stand near Ki Uk. ‘What the hell is he doing?”

“I don’t know?”

“To James and Shin bi I wish both of you happy engagement day. And I’m sorry to hi-jacked your party. I-I want to make proposal…” he’s still nervous. “Well, the woman I love…when she say she love me, she do embarrass thing to herself couple’s a month ago. And now, I’ll do the same thing…I’m doing this because I like her and love her too.”

Clearing his throats, he look at the band behind him.

“Oh my god?! He’ll sing?” Ask Shin bi to James.

“That bastard can do stupid things too?! I guess Mel’s stupidities are contagious.” James fires back to Shinbi.

‘Come fly with me, lets fly lets fly away
If you can use, some exotic booze
There’s a bar in far Bombay
Come fly with me, well fly well fly away…’

The entire guest now cheering at him sings Frank Sinatra’s ‘Come Fly with Me’. When he start singing the part ‘Once I get you up there, Ill be holding you so near
You may here, angels cheer – because were together..’ He walks down towards me, and then kneels down, showing me the ring he bought. I saw him running in sweat probably nervous from singing and proposing.

“Would you marry me?”

“Even I was annoying, being cry baby, stubborn, and on, and on…”

“I Love You, please marry me?!”

“I DO!”

When I answer that, the rest was history.

-The End –

My Miracle It’s You [last chapter 14]

Chapter 14 [last]

The rain pours little than couple hours before. I’m waiting for Tae Min out side, when the reporter told Ki Uk Tae Min is out now with the team.

Now the garrison wearing raining suit are now gathering outside the building. We are being spectacles to other by doing this. But they think this is just a fans doing to their favorite gamer.

Park Tae Min and Gobletz are out, they’re try to go a head to their car, but seeing the gathering crowd in front their path makes them dully confused about what happen.

One by one raising and then opening their umbrella. I’m hiding in one of the guys on the crowd. Ki Uk fans doing a recital, no, it’s more like reading a letter.

“To Park Tae Min!”

Park Tae Min look dumbfounded. But he listens to the girl.

“Today, congratulations for winning the game. But the reason we’re gatherings here, not for that. There’s a girl who fall in love with you. But you made a mistake for throwing her out from your life frame.” The Girl put her umbrella down. Now Tae Min saw the letter ‘I’ painted on the navy blue umbrella.

Girl number two. “She said she likes to put her head down when walking on crowded street because she wants to hear you scream her name and scolded her. But likely, your scolded her too far.” The girl put the umbrella down. He sees the letter ‘L’.

Girl number three. “She thinks about her days being with you? What was wrong? What was right? But in the end she cannot read your heart. The only thing she reads from you was misunderstandings. So, she asked herself. Can her really fall in love with you?” the girl put the umbrella down again, and he sees the letter ‘O’.

Girl number four. “You must be a special person, because she said she never fear love. Even she’ll yearning, anxious, or feels that you are a type of a person who won’t stay long. She can’t give up!” Now Tae Min saw the letter ‘V’.

Hak Jun and the gang’s were amaze with the scene. While Tae Min still thinking about what is that supposed to mean? Who are they? Why they’re saying that to him? Who’s the girl that falling in love with him? Too many question and he need an answer.

The other girls make a path now. They make a way to me. The fifth girl who holds umbrella with the letter ‘E’, when he sees me walks to meet him. He just froze.

“Is that- is that, Mel?” Ask Henry.

“It’s Mel.” Said the Gobletz team minus Tae Min in unison, they were happy to see her again.

“So, I can’t give up Park Tae Min. I’ve waited you so earnestly; I know I think we are ill-matched. But I want to have you on my side. Just like when we were kid. Or when we play fire works after the sudden rain. Can I hold on into you?”

I open my umbrella while walking to him. Now both of us standing and saw each other, I hold the umbrella, shelter him from the rain. He swallows his saliva – shock seeing Melinda’s in front of him.

I try to smile. He just blinks his eyes, trying to tracking his own mind.


“You have to do something than being a blink vendor machines. Just…just- do something will ’ya? I’m embarrassed!”

“Why are you doing this?”


“Is that your habits? Come and go just like that?”

“Park Tae Min?”

“You don’t feel ashamed don’t you? Give me sometime too think. I still…”

“I understand.” I turn my back to the cheering squad. “It’s useless. Thank you, you may go now!!” I’m saying that like there’s nothing happen before. Ki Uk, called it quit. The squad now returning with sad eyes, they were hoping that this mission succeeds, but they realize that loves are like religion, you cannot push nor ignore. And then they leave as Ki Uk told them too.

Gobletz leaving too, the entire crowds leaves them behind. Both of them need air to breathe.

“I’m sorry, Tae Min a…Because of me I’ve ruin your days, again and again! It’s a joke. I’m here because I’ve heard from Ki Uk that you’re win your match. Hahaha…”

“If that your reason, you can just say Congratulation.”

“Should I?”


“I should huh? Hahaha…” I laugh like an idiot. “Congratulation.”

“Thank you.” He now walks away from me. What the heck?

“Ya, Park Tae Min?!” I run and hold his left arms.

“I’m sorry, alright! Please forgive me, Tae Min a…”

Why on earth I’m the one who’s pleading to get his forgiveness. He’s the one that put me at this stake. I’m humiliating myself while he even not recognize what I’ve been trough. All this time it’s only ME. I guess it’s all over between us, I don’t want too say this, but what lay in front of us just memories. I let go of him and walk away before he doest first.

Tae Min sigh, He can hold anymore when he see Melinda’s start to walking away for a million times.

It’s his entire fault. He gives her headache, comfort her but when she thinks he really changes, he kicks her again. Knowing Mel heart hurt, his heart hurts too, but he’s the fool here. He actually can’t say a word to prevent her to go. He doesn’t want her to go, but his feet still frozen, his lips were sealed.

He saw Melinda’s back now, walking more distance from his stand. His tear now running down his cheeks, the almighty Park Tae Min is crying.

“Again, again, again you’re leaving without knowing why I’m doing this!!” he shouts.

I hold my step, not wanted to move any further. He’s talking to my back.

“I’m the one whose supposed to say sorry…I hate when you say sorry for a dozen times! I hate to see you smile when you supposed to cry because of me…I hate myself for making you cry…What do I do?? Throwing you from my life isn’t what I want to do. I don’t want to makes you suffer – both of us to suffer.”

I heard his voice trembling because holding his tears. He suck at making confession, but I can’t move my head to see him like that, even he’s hurting, I know he doesn’t want me too see his weak point. So I just stand there, waiting his speech.

“It’s been 14 years. And those 14 years been like hell for me…I ask you, why when you leave me behind, your gift was a kiss?! Did you know that your kiss gives me trouble until now?! I can’t date; I can’t look at another girl’s faces. One thing that stops my mind from going crazy was playing computer games. I thought I forget about you and want to continue living, but you pop out of nowhere one year ago. What do you expected for me to do?!” he put his hands on his waist, sigh.

I swept my tears, but it continuously fall from my eyes.

“I’m shock. When you came, my dreams were scattered and scared. I don’t know what to do…so to protect my feeling, I decide to throw you away. That day, that day, I should greet you and tell you how grateful that you’ve came. Until now, I regret not doing that to you…You still wearing the necklace I’d give you right?”

Without noticing it, my hands touch the tube necklace that I’m wearing.

“Stupid!” Tae Min forces to laugh.” You’re acting like that because you still don’t know what contain on the tube right?! I put my heart a long time ago on that thing.”

I look at the tube, I know there was a scroll on it, but I only guess that’s only accessories.

“Stay there, and don’t look back. This time, I’m the one who’s walking to meet you. You believe in me right?”

Step by step, Tae Min walks closer to the girl he loves. If Mel’s never scared being in love with him, he should trust her too. It’s an instinct.

In a moment, he hugs me from behind. His tall features sheltered me; his warm body makes me like I’m going crazy. This is what I’ve want, this is the Park Tae Min I know since I’m a naïve little girl.

“How can we meet like this?” he said that to me.

“I don’t know…”

“Have you been well?”

I’m crying. ”Yes”

“It’s nice to meet you again.” He holds his tears too. He’s happy.

“Are you doing fine? How’s your mother? And Byeon Ae onni too? ”

“Eung…my mother’s fine. Nunna’s now working as a freelancer on a publishing company.” Tae Min hugs me more tightly, like he doesn’t want this too end.

“I’m glad they were fine.”

“How’s your mother? Still fighting with your dad?”

“She’s fine too. He’s still a pain on my neck, my father. But we get along sometimes now.”

“That’s good too hear…Am I hurting your feeling?”

“People said, when you’re hurt by something, you gain something worth from it. I guess I’m gaining something now.”

He turns my body, now I see the full sight of his face. His white skin now becomes redder because he’s just crying.

His hand touches the necklace. He tries to open the tube, “You should see this from the beginning.”

“I thought it just accessories.”

“Do you think my heart just an accessory? Mongchongi!” He scolds me again with gentle voice.

I almost crying again, but his gentle smile makes me hold the tear from coming out.

He holds the tube and put the scroll on his hand, he gives it to me.

“Read it!”


“Read it, kid!”

I open the roll, inside contain words that’s makes me want to kiss him.

“Aku Cinta Kamu.” He writes ‘I Love You’ in Indonesian language.

I hug him and then he kisses me. So, the one that stupid from the start is me. He already gives his heart to me, but I still believe that this man doesn’t know how to love me. After many misunderstanding that happen between us, I’m glad it’s all over.

We’re heading to a new place in our heart. We’re trying to learn how to love and taking care of our love.

My Miracle It’s You [chapter 13]

Chapter 13

Ki Uk start calling his fans café administrator to collect his fans to help him on a mission he named himself as ‘Knocking Achilles Down!’- He refers Achilles as Tae Min, and Melinda’s as his slingshot. But he only needs 100 people to help him out.

He told his fans to be quiet, and get the mission done in 13 hours from the email arrives to their mailbox. His fans ecstatic with the news and help him running the mission. At 3 hours later, he told the admin to stop emailing because he reaches 100 people to begin with.

First, because he knew that it will rain for a couple of days ahead. He buys a lot of umbrella for his action to full fill filial duty to his nunna.

He gathers his fans secretly at his high school Gymnasium. The scene just like one of the scene from a democratic movement, which is hilarious . Especially when the adorable Ki Uk is in charge.

“My people, this is the day when I can do something big in my entire life. I gathered you all here, not to perform something bad. In the name of LOVE, I declare and dedicate myself to win this battle to help my nunna makes the man she loves realize that she’s the one for him.” Half shouting, “So, people! Are you with ME?!”

Fans clamoring his speech like he’s the next Hitler. Who can’t escape from his cute demeanor? They shout.


And his journey begins.


It’s five o’clock in the morning when Ki Uk call me. He reminds me about his PLANS to win over Tae Min, that doesn’t shock me. He had wild ideas; even we who lives around him don’t know where it came from…

“Nunna, come to my school gym…A.S.A.P!! Roger that?!”


“Don’t ‘Huh’ me…It’s about the plan…If you want to have a romantic B.E.P, come right away or my fans will hunt you down sis…”

Strangely, I manage to wake up and prepare myself with the worst idea from a kid named Lee Ki Uk.

I drag my self to meet him at his school. When I start walking to the gym he told me too, I’m amazed by the number of people who help him out. First I thought Ki Uk just do something in a chaotic and immature ways alone. But this?!

Ki Uk spot me among his fans. When he sees me, he is shouting to give encouragement for me and his fans, to do best!

“This nunna, is the person I’ve been talking about with you. So please help her out in the name of LOVE, TO BRING TAE MIN HYUNG BACK TO HER!!!”

If you guys ask me – do I embarrass with the whole thing he’s been doing? The answer is YES!

Time passed by, luckily the fans that gather here is on their weekend holidays, so with a warm-hearted, they treat it like a good things to do on a weekend.


KOEX building transfers into an e-sport arena where professionals Starcraft are played.

At his dormitory, Park Tae Min will play his Zerg races like usual. They held a small meeting for encouragement for all the players who will play today at OSL Tournament.

Coach Kim giving instructions what to do and don’t step so they will play without burden.

Park Tae Min put on his uniform jacket, with the rest of the players he leaves with them to the tournament.

He will play against Yoon Jae Jun from BX-enterprise.

The time is running, and turns out it’s raining out there. They heading to KOEX to prepared for the battle.

Gobletz came and entering KOEX from the basement, some of their fans giving out gifts for them to take.

“Hyung, I’m shaking all over from nervous.” Henry told Hak Jun about his feeling right now.

“It’s okay. I feel the same way like you do even I’m already on this field since 5 years ago. Relax, want some herbal drink?” Toss one of his nervous remedy to Henry.

“Nervous hyung?” Ask Tae Min.

“Like always. Hey, do great jobs will you?! All of the team out there are our friends, but when we get on the stage, it’s all rivalry. Hope you play your map’s good, Tae Min a…”

“I will hyung, don’t worry about me. I’ll ‘destroy’ Jae-jun for you.” With simple laughter, he joins his other camaraderie’s into the waiting room.


Several his fans come to the tournament to watch the mood of Park Tae Min, and told Ki Uk the whole situation to make his plane working perfectly.

Even with the heavy rain pouring out side, the game was held in no time.

Showcase between the two team, Gobletz and BX-enterprise are intense. From round one and two Gobletz lead the point, next if Tae Min can tame the ‘horangi’ a.k.a Jae Jun, next step Gobletz will become the winner on OSL Tournament.

But he knows that Jae Jun always know how to beat him even with small amount of time. But Jae Jun knows him well too. The two of them gain more fans because they’re the ACE’S from both teams.

Map been decide, and now they’re playing the game with such intensity. Fans from both sides now cheers and clamoring them when they saw each player do their things right on the game that they played.

Tae Min really fascinating creature, if he said he’ll kill his enemy only in 15 minute. He’ll do it right away. His determination taking down Jae Jun and become the winner are shown in his face. Jae jun feels him too on the game, that kind of determination are making Jae Jun uncomfortable, in no time, knowing that he had lost to Tae Min. He writes GG on the screen.

He hides his happiness and act cool about his own winning the game. He collects his belongings like his mouse, keyboard and headset, put them on his sack. After that, he bring it out to comfort Jae Jun. Even Jae Jun pissed and sad, but Tae Min wins.

“You did a great job kid!’ says Tae Min to Jae Jun who’s 5 years his junior.

“Hyung…’ Jun Jae holds his tears in front his sunbae. Tae Min patting his back, now both coach arriving at the waiting room.

“Great job kids.” Coach Kim says that to the entire player from both teams.

Because of the sudden rain, they’re waiting till it stops pouring at least until not to heavy to leave the building.

Reporter’s now trying to interview him and so on. He delight accepts it, but there’s one reporter from official news site, of course this reporter was Ki Uk fans will give him some shock therapy questions.

After the intro part, this is what the nunnas reporter asks to him.

“Well, we know how unbeatable you are now park Tae Min ssi. But is there something do you afraid of? Like losing someone you love or anything like it?”

“That’s a very risqué question. But, sometimes I feel like that. You know, when I decide to do this job, I loose everything, from time, family, friends, and maybe love too.” Shyly laugh. “You see, our job is different from other, we sit in front of computer for nearly 12 until 15 hour a day. We go out sometimes just to feel the breeze, but when we come back to the dorm…I want to shout that I need to meet my friends, playing football, or having a drink or two. But that kind of stuff isn’t on my mind, now I’m getting used to it. I don’t mind.” Laugh sincerely.

“But, you’re growing up now. Your rival, Hwang Seung Ho with the same age like you now are planning walk down the aisle with his high school sweetheart. How about you? Do you have a girl in mind?”

“Why the entire question you asked it’s all about private matters?” laugh.

“It’s because, we all knew how mighty you are.” Laugh. “So, this is just for recognize you more than the stallion of Gobletz. We, probably your fans out there want to know you more.”

“I’m not a celebrity. But from your face now, I think you won’t let it slide?!”

“You bet I won’t!” laugh.

“Well, I’m really grateful for hyungsunim (refers to Seung Ho girlfriend as sister-in-law), me and Seung Ho, even we in the same age, he’s older than me a couple of month. When he said he want to get married, I splatter my drink that day and say to him ‘are you nuts?!’ But, I guess he’ll be happier if there’s someone who can support him more than us do. Hyungsunim had a talent of a coach, she make time table for him to practice, gives call when he can handle the rough day from training. Looking at him, it’s strikes me…’Ahh…if there’s someone do that to me, I’ll die in happiness’ I thought to myself” His face red because he shy.

“Listening to what you’ve said, I think you had someone in your heart?”

He smile, “Oh, do you think so?”

“Yes. I’m a reporter, I meet many people. So let say I know who lies and who’s don’t.”

He smiles. “I guess so…” He thinks about Mel. He wonders if she’ll forgive him about all the mistakes he create himself. He can’t throw his love on a bag, because there’s no end about it.

When the reporter hears that, her heart shouts, ‘manseeeh!’. That means the mission will be 98 % B.E.P.

to be continued to the last chapter…

My Miracle It’s You [chapter 12]

Chapter 12

Ki Uk now cannot walking like the other student because his status as an actors. His vans always parked out side just to pick him up instantly because the female student always acted wildly, before he become an actor, he quite famous because his pretty cute face, and had a personal web page of him self provide by the female fans that getting bigger and bigger every day. In his site we can see full of his picture, some of them is candid picture, and some of it provide by him self. He’s so lucky, having so many fans that help him through his acting carrier. Some times I always browsing to his homepage at daum, and drop some comment on the page.

Now I’m waiting in front of the school gates, before that I call him first.

“Ki Uk…nunna’s here!” I said that to him.

“Nunna, where you at?” I saw him looking for me from where he’s stand. When he spotted me standing not far from his van.

He smiled and wave at me, he looks happy when he saw me. He walks toward me, but his body guard holds his hand.

“She’s my sister!” He said that to his manager so he can give them the order to let Ki Uk go to meet her.

“Let him go!” His manager gave the order. Ki Uk walk towards me, but then he look to his manager and the body guard.

“Nunna, on the count of three, we both run. Okay?” he said that on the phone.

“Running? You know I hate running.”

“Just do like in the movie, nunna! Oh, you don’t wear your Gucci heals right?”

“Bastard! You know that I always wears snickers, just incase.”

“Incase like today, or to running away once again?”

“Probably both, that’s why I loved my snickers!” I’m joking around while he prepared to running away from his manager.

“Nunna. One…two…three!” He started to run his ass off and I ran as fast as I can too. When he catches me up, both of us look to his manager who in rage telling the bodyguard to catches us. Well, maybe only him, because he is the real asset for the company.

We run and hide, and also laughing. This is not the best time that I ever had, but Ki Uk make me take some risk being caught and humiliated my self as the owner of Miracle. Okay, maybe it will make some rumors in the morning magazines or newspaper that actor Lee Ki Uk, having an affair with older lady and they running away to live happily ever after.

Well, it’s a good story by the way. Hahaha, people are going to love those issues. We run until we stop at the park, both of us sits on the bench, catching our breath and then we saw each other pale face, laughing very hard.

“He’s going to fired you as an actor” I said that to him.

“Eissshhi…don’t worry! They need me more than I need them.”

“Aisshh…Talk to your pride!”

After both of us don’t feel tired anymore, Ki Uk put his serious face to talk with me.

“Nunna, you came because the documentary right?”

“Tsked.Tsked. You knows I don’t like publicity…Actually, when my face is out on Fashion TV, and magazines in Milan I really don’t like it at all.”

“Now your being down to earth hah, where the bitchy, uptight, non- sincere bone nunna that I know?” he folds his hand acting like an old man.

“I’m still me, just, you know, I see the world around me in different side now, try to put my self on their shoes, like that stuff kind of thing.” I look at him. I know it’s strange, but that’s the new me I guess.

“I bet you wanna see Park Tae Min either right? He’s fine though…he and hyung are friend now. Heheh…that thing shock you right? Ex-fiancée and your first love are getting friendly.”

“Really? That’s good then. But, I don’t know how to meet him again. Both of the guys?”

“Don’t you worry about my hyung, Shin bi nuna’s taking care of him good. She knows how to cook’s too. Her dumpling soup is the best.”

“She suits him right. Shin Bi…”

“Yeah. Hyung never blame you, so if you want to meet him, he’ll be fine. But for Tae Min hyung. His carrier more bright than I do, nuna…he’s beating my popularity!”

“Cut it out, will you. Hmmm…but Tae Min more handsome than you, he have that…masculinity.” I smile at that stupid boy, who still cheerful all the times.

“What? I can be masculine too.”

“Your adorable, Ki Uk. Thank’s for being my friends, family, and a good brother.”

“I’m not doing any filial duty yet towards you nuna…But I’ll help you to get that masculine hyung back! I promise.”


Ki Uk slowly move his face near my ears. He told me that Park Tae Min will play against SK Telecom tomorrow at KOEX building. His suggestions are beyond normal. He said that I should act like a fan girl and makes him notice me on the large crowd. With his popularity, he would back me up with HIS plan.

Huh, this cute little guy?

“That’s your plan?!”

“My plan are going to be good, nuna…you just sit tight alright. Let this pretty idol do the rest. But…where are you staying right now?”

“I’m staying at the hotel now.”

“WHAT?? Hotel?? Oh, no no no…Nuna stay with me! I miss you very much. I want to play Nintendo DS with you or have a pillow fight when you’re drunk” He said innocently like I’m some-what a doll.

“Do it with your girlfriend!”

“Oh…” he answers it sadly. ”Girlfriend isn’t fun.”

“But, are you sure this plan is going to work?!”

“Have faith in me!” He smiles slyly.

“Just don’t make me the bitch, okay?!”

“Mm…” Ki Uk nod. ”Oh, this would be the peak of my youth!!” He’s happy about what kind of trick that can pull the two to be together again.


I bet Ki Uk told his brother about my arrival to Korea for the documentary program. It’s because when my taxi stop at Ritz Hotel, I saw him standing out side the lobby.

When I get out from the taxi, he smiles when he saw me, and runs toward me.

“Hahaha…you’ve came!” He said it with laughter.

“What’s this? Why are you so happy with my arrival?!”

“Just because…”

“Just because?!” He didn’t changes a bit, well, maybe he did change. Because now he’s with a good person, his smile and laughter more like free spirited, not contain with melodramatic movement when he was around me before.

“By the way…You look more handsome than I thought you were?”

“Really? Maybe because I’ve grown up now…You seems different too, Mel. Are dating one of the models in your fashion house yet?”

I laugh because, now he can make a joke about my job.

“Shin Bi must be taking care of you like a gems, huh?!”

He nod.” Yes and thank you.”

“For what are you thanking for, huh?”

He put his hand on his temple, acting like he was thinking about something important. But then again he shyly smile, “Thanks for all.”

I nod, and linked my arms around him. “Let’s be friends, James. Lets’ be friend.” With a fortunate sigh, we walk in to the hotel, after talking and catch up with news from the day I ran away that day. Because what I’ve heard about him is already on the email, he told me about Park Tae Min.

He said, after I went to Milan. Tae Min just like what I thought, he didn’t care about me, he only care about his job, his tournament and practicing. That’s why he earns what he dreamt about being at the rank of number 1 starcraft player at KeSPA. Whether in Starleague or Shinhan bank League that he entered to compete. Good god! He and Ki Uk now like a fans to Park Tae Min. that’s why Ki Uk told me about James and Tae Min now were good friends.

I turn on the TV, and then when I want to change the channel. I saw him and the other guy from Gobletz, Hak Jun on a commercial.

Forgive me because I wanna die from laughing my ass-out when watching them shaking their booty for ice cream commercial break. But he is a drop-dead gorgeous! I see why Ki Uk said to me before Park Tae Min is beating his popularity.

So, that’s the reason.

My Miracle It’s You [chapter 11]

Chapter 11

That goodbye is almost a years now. People change, also the season. From summer, autumn, winter and back to spring. Ki Uk express his feeling to his parents to become an actor, even his family against him and erase his name on the family tree, now he’s in N management agency, he write me an email and told me that he will send a copy from his first debut drama. James is eager to married a very nice girl after breaking up our engagement, so he does what Ki Uk tells him to do. Get in the line of potential bachelor in a wedding arrangement on the tag not ‘married him on the sake of family catastrophe’ but ‘save me from a broken heart’ tag. Nah…It’s just exaggerating from Ki Uk point of views. But the best part is the girl he meets by the wedding arranger is none other than Shin bi. See, love is actually strange. And I heard they already dating, Shin Bi must be happy because James is her ordinary prince charming. But me, I’m stuck in this city called Milan. I don’t know what I’m doing here? Maybe the reasonable answer right now is, running away from shame.

As I’m walking around Milan’s Duomo, the worlds largest and most striking gothic cathedrals in town, its already spring.

‘Separating with someone is easier than meeting them,
that cold person took all of my heart.

I don’t understand why I miss them so much.

I think I loved you, I can’t seem to forget you
I keep thinking of you, that it’s hard to control.
I think I’m regretting, I think I’m waiting for you
I didn’t realize it at first but I feel nervous
whenever I saw someone’s back image resembles yours.

Memories fade as the seasons change, someone coldly stated.
I live each day empty without love,
so I wait for someone to take in my imperfect love.

-Yoon Do Hyun, I think I Love you’

I visit Carlo a mid-50 guy that often help me with direction, the owner of a book shop that sells map and tourist guide book near the church.

“Buon giorno, Carlo! Come sta?” I say hi in simple Italian words. I rush in the shop, but linger on the door. Carlo looks at me and smile.

“Sto bene, my dear!” he welcomes me with a bright smile. “Come my dear, where are you going today?” He’s also fluent in English.

I entered the shop, a small shop that slightly chaotic, with books every where on the bookshelves.

“Are you busy?”

“No my dear not busy at all, just calculating my income that just raising at least 4 euro this month.” He laughs at him self.

“Should I get the coffee? Well, to ease the pain?”

“I check my cholesterol is basically a solid now, but maybe for a half cup is better for ease the pain from low income.”

I go to what he calls small kitchen on the back of bookshelves that divided the shop and the kitchen. After I bring two cup of coffee, I was roaming around the room.

“Going somewhere again?” He asks.


“Ah…Love town?”

I smile and give him a nod.


Park Tae Min and the other teammates are taking a pictorial shoot for a sport and daily wear from Tyrant brand clothes. In somewhat ways, it makes him wonder about Mel. The last time he met Ki Uk, he was saying that Mel now is out from Korea, not in Indonesia, not in US, but in somewhere place that he and his brother James doesn’t know. What a jerk I am? Almost a year since she left him for the second times. His heart hurt as he pushed her to appear on his mind.

Everybody is laughing when each of them posing to the camera, their not a model so they find this kind of experience is hilarious. Acting cute and tough is not their specialty, only a few guy who can accepted as a model by the photographers and that is Hak Jun, Tae Min, Henry, and Ryu Jin who consider have a great tall and body like a male model. And their pose is good too like a pro. Tyrant is one of the supporting clothes for the Gobletz team from now on.

Marla came with the next cloths and James helps him bring the rack to the studios.

“It’s great that Ki Uk now is an actors. My design can fit him well, tell him to call me if he’s getting his first award because no one better than me to make him look fabulous!” Marla brags about him self full of confidence entering the studio; James spotted Park Tae Min finishing his shoot and walk over to sit on the chair near the computer to looking at the song playlist. After he gives the rack to Marla assistant, he walks toward Tae Min.

“Hey!” James started a conversation.

Tae Min caught off guard. “Oh. Hi!”

“Did she call?” James brings another chair to sits next to him. This is the first time that they actually talk to each other after that incident that leads both of them to lose the same girl that they loved.

“No. And-“Before Tae Min finishes his questions, James answer like he knows what he will asks about.

“Same here, man. She didn’t call or send me email even I send a lot to her, don’t be jealous, just friend stuff kind of thing. Asking how she is, where about and when she will be back.” He explains it to him with a smile on his face.

Tae Min smiled too. “She will be back. I know she will.”

“If she’s back, you will tell her what you feel right?”

Tae Min shrugs his shoulder, and playing the mouse over the song to pick some song that can lighten up the spirit of the teammates, then he pick ‘Sugar, sugar’ from the Archies.

‘Sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you’ve got me wanting you.
Honey, ah sugar sugar
you are my candy girl
and you’ve got me wanting you.
I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you
(I just can’t believe it’s true)
I just can’t believe the one to love this feeling to.
(I just can’t believe it’s true)
Ah sugar, ah honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you’ve got me wanting you.’


After a long walk I rushed back to my apartment, I check my mail that the landlord put it on the carpet in front my door. One by one I look at it carefully, there’s nothing, just some brochure’s from some boutique’s that always visited by me. I’m stuck in Milan; the second reason why I’m here is because Milan is one of the major fashion industries, a couple month’s ago I started to launch my own fashion brand Miracle here in Milan, all the designer that work for me is young designer who have the potential but don’t have money to broaden their knowledge, so I help them with financial stuff while their design for Miracle. It’s a good business and I must thanks Marla for his advice and a dozen number of a great person on fashion, photographer, fashion magazine, and for the models too. When my father hears about it and the profit of Miracle is getting good, he is still sarcastic towards me, but my mom told me that he is happy when he saw me on Fashion TV, launching my own brand names. Well, I think that I just met his expectation on me.

My telephone rings. I’m not expecting any call from someone, so it’s a bit strange. So I pick it up, it’s turn to be Felicia, my secretary that inform me about a call from Korea, she says that there’s a national television want to make a documenter film about my family because my family is considering for a very good sample of success family business on the fashion industries and also because the plan to open a branch in Korea too. Father and daughter are against each other, and who will win? Nobody I supposed.

Should I come for the second time to the country that consist memories of losing? Why suddenly I fear of Park Tae Min? I don’t commit any crime; the only mistake I created is to like him. I have a secret, about why I always put my head down when walking on the street? The answer is, if I put my head down, he will call my name from behind and then he will grab my hand, scold me, we argue with each other then we friends again. I put my head down so there’s only him to call, to hold, and to protect, because I like him so much. I just want to turn back the time when I’m still nine years old, I swear that before I’m leaving that day, I will kiss him and said that I love him and make him wait for me. But I guess I guess it’s too late now.

My Miracle It’s You [chapter 10]

Chapter 10

Park Tae Min gets to his room and sits on the bed, holding his head with both hands, sighing.

Henry enters the room. “That friend of yours, Mel-she’s the daughter of a business man who owns the Tyrant brand clothing, you now that right?”

“No-and you know?”

The look from each member that enters the room one by one looks like they obviously know about that. He think she is living a very normal life, okay, he knows about she’s very angry about her father. But the information about who he is or what he does doesn’t justify confusedness on his head right now.

“The worst thing…” Hak Jun word is cut off by Yong Jae.

“Don’t tell him, hyung.”

“She had a boyfriend. I saw her with her boyfriend.” Tae Min opened up to tell them.

“Engaged idiot, both of them are engaged.” Hak Jun tells him the truth.

Tae Min looks uneasy. So, all of them leave him alone.

‘I know you think that I shouldn’t still love you,
or tell you that.
But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it
where’s the sense in that?

I promise I’m not trying to make your life harder
Or return to where we were

I will go down with this ship
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I’m in love and always will be

I know I left too much mess and
destruction to come back again
And I caused nothing but trouble
I understand if you can’t talk to me again
And if you live by the rules of “it’s over”
then I’m sure that that makes sense

-White flag, DIDO-’


I rang the bell of the team house that Tae Min stayed. The man behind the intercom asks me who I was and I tell him that I want to meet with Park Tae Min. This night, I will confess everything.

“Hey, call Tae Min that his friend here.” Ask Coach Kim to the other.

“Who is it?” Hak Jun peeps trough the window.

“I don’t think he will meet her, coach.” Hak Jun added then walks away sit on the dining table chair.

“Why?” Coach Kim asked him again.

“I think Park Tae min falling in love with her, and now he’s trashed!” Hak Jun gives his coach a briefing about what happen.

“Just leave him be, he need concentrated for the final game” Now Henry speaks up his mind.

Coach Kim cannot stand to leave a girl at his front gate in the night like this.

“Call him!” He gives command to Hak Jun.

Hak Jun cannot say no, he’s frightened by the look of his coach eyes and face.

He enters the room and calls him out. First he refuses, but his curiosity lies in front of him.


Ki Uk saw his brother sitting on the sofa when he’s back from acting course.

“Hyung, what are you doing here? Where’s nunna?” He put his bag on the other sofa; he headed to the fridge to drink some cold juice.

“Who’s Park Tae Min?” He asks Ki Uk.

Ki Uk feel uneasy. “Tsk…Man.” He said it to him self while closed the fridge.

“Who?” He pretends he doesn’t know the name he‘s given to him. He sits on the sofa too.

“What’s wrong anyway?”

“Park Tae Min is her first love. You don’t know that or you already know?”

“What?” Ki Uk is dully shock, so Mel’s already telling his brother about that and James still fall over heels for her?

“I just know that they are friend, that’s all. If you know from the start, why you’re still with her? Man, hyung…” Ki Uk feel sorry for him.

“I don’t know…” James put his head on the pillow.

“You deserve someone better hyung…Nunna always says that to me too. She really want you to be happy but not with her. Let’s face it, you are screw hyung, from the first start this is a no-go situations.”

“And now you are defending her?”

“I’m not defending anybody, but it’s the truth! Look, end it now before you hurt too much from this ‘love mode‘situation that you can’t control. You’ve been with her and engaged for almost 5 years, and what you’ve get is nothing!”

James looked at his 17 years old brother. He’s smiling, Ki Uk is more mature than him and he never notice that. Mel is his first love, but what going through with her is not love, she used him for freedom from her father that always annoys her. From the first time she always say that but he believe someday, Mel will accept him anyway and falling for him. But she’s not. Mel first love is Park Tae Min, well, an old saying about first love is taken to the grave it is true then. She’s blindly waiting for that guy, and probably that guy is waiting for her too. He is mad at him self, and feel stupid by loving a wrong girl. Ki Uk is right, If he wants to be happy, he must let her go. But the questions are, can he let her go?


We stared at each other at the gate; he’s in side while I’m out side. It’s a difficult moment defining where we stand.

“Hi.” I’m said hi to him. There’s a lot to say to him but the word from my mouth just to say hi. I’m so pathetic. I swallow my saliva just to ease my self.

“Hello.” This is a very strange, they know each other but today both of them acted like totally strangers.

“Your gone, I’m looking for you back then.”

“Yeah, I just don’t want to disturb you.”

“Hahaha…it’s all not what you think it is, you know—all is nonsense, when—when you talk about nonsense you definitely not taking it as a-a-a something true, but—“ What the heck I’m talking about? I’m so nervous.

And Tae Min can’t really express what he feels.

“But, can I ask a favored?” I added, and I‘m waiting him to speak up.

“What kind of favored?” Tae Min pushes his heart to bear this once more, the hurt and the sadness in him.

“The truth is…” I feel I must explain. “I-I, well since the day that I met you, I really, really like you Park Tae Min. So I ask you to love me?”

There’s no expression on his face, he acted that this is a normal conversation between them.

“I see-“he paused. He put his anger to his palm and folded hard enough to calm him self. “But I’m sorry. I have a dream of my self, and that dream is my carrier.”

I hold my disappointment and try to calm my self over this stupid thing.

“So the answer is no then.” I try to smile a bit.

‘Today really feels like the clock has turned twice
And that’s almost a day.
But why is this so long and hard as if it’s
a thousand times longer and I’ve lived a year?

You’re the only one gone, the only who left,
But is that right? Has that empty seat grown like this?
In just a day you’ve made such a sad memory of even that
promise that was so happy and trusting in love.

The stars in the sky and the rising sun,
everything’s the same but
why does my heart ache as if the
heavens have disappeared and the entire world is empty?

You’re the only one gone, the only who left,
But is that right? Has that empty seat grown like this?
In just a day you’ve made such a sad memory of even that
promise that was so happy and trusting in love.

I wish the day would go quickly
so that I could forget this day I hate.

I really loved you and I really wanted to be by your side
but is it not meant to be? Have we both dreamed of something else?
In just a day you’ve made my heart that beats only for, useless, swept away by tears.

-In one day, Tim’


I leave him in the state of devastated. But before that, I walk and entered the gate, this is the second time I kissed him and leave. I heard his breath is rushing when I kiss him.

She kisses me again, and I just look at her dumbfounded like the last time she does this to me. I just want to hug her and love her like she wanted too, no I wanted too either. He says that to himself. He’s hoping that this kiss last for long, but because a very lousy excuses again, she will leave him again for how long he doesn’t want to know.