Cinderella’s Sister

Ratings don’t lie >_____< people!!

I love it. It just me or KBS is doing a great job making 3 of their drama such as IRIS, Chuno and now– Cinderella’s Sister? Because all fit-in from the good directing, scripting and of course the casting.

I know I’m a little bit out with IRIS (not one of my favorites, but I have to agree because the 3 aspect that I’ve utter above is great — only the espionage is not my things). In Chuno, they made something different on the screen not like any sageuk drama I watched before, and now this melodrama Cinderella Sister caught me off guard when I think it’s boring like many other melodrama, that’s why I tend to skip watching melodrama — but with this I’m ready too deal with all the tears, hurts, angst’s…what ever the jargon is.

Unforgettable scene above is from episode 1…

And above is from episode 2…

At least every week I wouldn’t be boring anymore with Wed-Thurst ‘Personal Taste’ + ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ = Good.


Personal Taste episode 2

This is a proven way to mend a broken heart ladies~nom nom

The 2nd episode were come out nicely, no push or whatsoever. I’m amazed by Son Yejin comic face like picture above chewing her food…she’s so cute and adorable -weird at the same time.

Kae-in look completely miserable by asking them ‘When does this happen?Why don’t you tell me the truth…etc’ But In-hee just makes her more like the bitch who just ruined her wedding ceremony.

He asked the security to take Kae-in out side the hall by forced and jailed her alongside Yong-sun and her son Jun Hyuk [Atta girl Yong-sun by slapping her face before they were drag out side!] in the sound control room. The boy was curious with the sound controller so he jump right in to play it, Kae-in and Yong-sun doesn’t know about ALL the people who came to the wedding can hear both of them spit the dirt about the bride and groom. Jun-hyuk mic incident makes the wedding ceremony screwed up ^__^…it’s karma, what goes around comes around.

The result of this incident not only a sudden impacted on the backstabber couple[you guys both got served!]. But the other bride and groom in different room on the same building turn into chaos and being embarras — the bride think the guy was cheating with one of her friends when he’s not. And it’s the brides turns for the bashing, while she’s not run into that kind of scandals in her life with her own friends [The 2nd brides and groom actually is from another drama call ‘The Dandelion Family’].

Looking how messy this wedding are, Chang-ryul’s dad was quite mad.

Jin-ho and the rest of the guess walks out from the wedding, he saw someone he knew and chase after him down to the parking lot searching his plate number. That man is Choi Do-bin, maybe he’s the developer for that Dream Art Center project that he presenting but lost due Chang-ryul nepotisme act I supposed.

Looking at Lee Min-ho on the steering wheels to drive…HOTNESS!

And then when he has found Mr. Choi car, he struck his own car into his — this kinda thing is like Jin-ho wants to frame that guy out just to notice him as he introduce himself to Mr. Choi. But that cold blooded guy isn’t fall for his trick…Jin-ho wants to taking care the insurance pay, Mr. Choi just told him to not care.

Poor Kae-in…she cried and walk aimlesly on the crosswalk, what more painful is she doesn’t look at the signal and make a sudden traffic jam as she walks by. Jin-ho saw her too, but he continue driving his car –passing her by.

By looking at Kae-in, I’m started to cry too. Somehow I can related those feeling which being betrayed by your own so-called friend. How cruel is that huh?

Not yet her suffering comes to end…another problems occurred — what kind of life is this? After the boyfriend, now she was betrayed again by her another friend…

Lee Won-ho make a big nuisance this time. He got himself troubled by the loan shark, he probably took Kae-in’s money to pay his debt and hiding at someplace. Now Kae-in is left alone to faces a monetary problems.

Yong-sun come to her house to see how she was going? She pity her while looking at Kae-in’s back not to mention encourage her to be strong and all…but actually, this girl supposed to break down and cry — Yong-sun saw her feeding herself a dinner. “Park Kae-in…YOU?!” Haha…Her effort worried over her is useless.

Oh…that cute naive girl way of eating were hilarious. Son Ye-jin comic face is awesome. It’s make me think — if you mad just eat, don’t bark on some useless tree’s ya’know? She ask Yong-sun some money using their friendship title ‘sisters’ but Yong-sun brushed her off by saying “Well, we’re not even a real sister.”

Jin-ho’s meet with Chang-ryul father at (probably) Mr. Choi office building (father in-laws against son in-laws now? hehe…now you guys rival without Jandi’s around lol). I guess Jin-ho really held grudge to Chang-ryul’s family even with the dad. They showed us a little Jin-ho and his mother comes out from their father house while Chang-ryul and his dad just come out from the car. Chang-ryul asked his father ‘Is this our new house?’, his father answered ‘Yes’ while his eyes looking at Jin-ho and his mother with devilish smile. Jin-ho board such hatred toward his rival family since then I guess.

Jin-ho and Sang-jun were back at their main office. Their arrival was greeted by Tae-hoon, who because his sense of curiousity annoyed his sunbae’s and threatened to be fired. He doesn’t want to lose his desk and backing off.

Sang-jun emerges a hanok house named ‘Sanggojae’…’s the place where Kae-in stayed. And run a plan how to get in there ( I still don’t understand because the subs still in mandarin).

Jin-ho visit the Sanggojae to meet with the owner. But He saw Kae-in running to chased Won-ho the ungrateful person who eats her money, he also run after her…Kae-in lose her balance and hurt her ankle while she falls to the ground. She asked him to keep pursue that man at all cost. Jin-ho did what she told.

Won-ho trapped at the corner of the road. She told him to give her back her money, if he already spend it maybe he still had the half of it. But he said it’s all gone.

The most amusing about the meeting is, when Kae-in suddenly stop crying because she now aware of Jin-ho’s presence and asks why he is here? — Kae-in memory seems like a goldfish.

“What are you doing here?”

“First you should say thank you because I help you…”

“Oh, yes…Thank you”

The three of them in the Chinese restaurant because she feels bad that Won-ho is starving himself…( is she too naive for a person? I mean treating a man that robed your money away?). After finished his meal, Won-ho said that he wants to go to the bathroom. Kae-in permits him to go without any doubts that he will running away from her again.

“He’s running away…can’t you see it?”

“What do you mean? Won-ho…Won-ho would not lie to me…”

But Jin-ho is right…Kae-in tried to chase him back, but her ankle injury made her unable to run again, Jin-ho scold her about the way she trust people around her before he takes her to a hospital for a check-up.

Kae-in already had a bad feeling about this — she never had a good term in friendship with this dandy guy but he take her to the hospital to treat her ankle and now offering to take her home.

There’s no such a free lunch in this world…therefore, he request to give one of her room for him to rent. She said ‘NO’!

Yong-sun greeted them when their arrive in the front door, she heard everything that Jin-ho want. So she tells him not to worried and wait there while she’ll talk about it with Kae-in.

Yong-sun gives her opinion about living under the same roof with a guy like him…Kae-in started imagining what kind a live she would live with Jin-ho. Yong-sun narations filled in to her head…with him around, he can cook, he can go shopping with you, and put beauty mask on your face…allured with her imagination…He’s GAY after all!

Meanwhile with the backstabber couple…In-hee is back from her ‘honeymoon’ (the wedding been canceled and she’s off by her own, leaving Chang-ryul alone weeping) to ‘their’ house. In-hee is tired and after changing clothes she went to bed — but weird she found herself in bed with Chang-ryul.

They fight about what’s mine and what’s yours…It’s kinda funny-pathetic scene from this pathetic couple’s. Because Chang-ryul said to her that their house is a gift from his father, the one that should leave– is her.

Kae-in agree to makes Jin-ho a new tenant in her house. He’ll took over In-hee’s room. Even the contracted was already sign and seal, both of them still quareling over some rules especially Jin-ho’ who’s a neat freak. Jin-ho tell his rule, but kae-in can’t take it…even she live like crap by her own rules– obeying his– that is sound more ridiculous.

Sang-jun helping Jin-ho’s un pack his belonging in his new room. Suddenly he hurt his knee, Sang-jun offer him to treat his wound, from out side Yong-sun is ears-dropping — its sounds like they were a happy gay couple. She, I guess are enjoying to imagine what really happen in that room…hahaha…pervey Yong-sun, by the way she already saw the incident about Jin-ho and Sang-jun in the elevator. Now, they start misunderstanding Jin-ho’s gender as GAY.

Curiosity almost kills the cat — Jin-ho entering one of  the room, as he received a phone call. But When he whisper something out to the caller, Someone is talking back at him from out of nowhere. Aparently it was Kae-in voices. It scared me too you know especially when she was opening the door, he saw her with a ragging hand-saw machine standing out side –posing Texas Chainsaw Masacre…Haha!

Suddenly In-hee with her left-over pride goes back into Kae-in house like it was nothing happen today. And when Kae-in utter the truth how can she acted cool and return to her house? Telling her how can easily playing with love? In-hee turn now lecturing her about ‘what does she knows about love?’ — a good way to rubbing salt on the opened wound backstabber! At least now, Kae-in fights back… yeah~ a cat fight between them…

The girls fight distracting Jin-ho’s from reading some book, so he comes out from his room, tell them to knocked it off!

‘Do you think you’re only live alone here?’

After scolding them, he went back into his room. In-hee look shock that Kae-in gives her room to a man?! In-hee’s want to seduce him, but Kae-in prevent her.

“Don’t do that. That man is a NO.”

“Will see about it!”

“That man…is gay!”

Jin-ho put his ‘what the heck’ face when he hears it…lol…He’s gay???

It’s getting good ^_______________^

I’m waiting for next week episode…

By the way, did you notice this? When Kae-in talk with her customer …

The netizen were smart enough to tell us something….


Haha…have a nice day ^________^

Personal Taste

I’m officially jump off from Oh! My Lady bandwagon and gonna sticked with this one…

Well with Cinderella Sister took the lead on rating with a 16.7%, while Personal Taste in second with a 12.7% — I’m definitely watched Personal Taste, but curious how Cinderella Sister story goes…so, let’s found about that later. I’m eager to post Personal Taste premier yesterday night.

My comment after watching the 1st episode is great. I laugh, cringe with ‘the gay guy-blow job’ jokes and enjoyable to watch.

Lee Min-ho and Son Ye-jin can pull it off their characters good, and of course good-fitting supporting cast that makes me eager, you named it! From Bong Tae Gyu[The husband I hate from ‘Working Mom’], Im Seolong[2 AM], Ryu Sung Ryeong[I fall for him since ‘The Chosun Police’ and Painter Of The Wind], Jo Eun Ji[Who doesn’t like this woman? I ❤ her], Park Hae Mi[flirting mom in ‘My Precious Son’ and ‘High Kick season 1’], Ahn Seok Hwan[Jandi’s ‘Boys Before Flowers’ father turns as Han Chang Ryul father], and Jang Won Yong[The crazy reporter in ‘You Are Beautiful]– it’s a full pack of amusement right?

And for Kim Ji Seok…I shouldn’t watch his movie with Lee Na Young first before he acted on this drama– his characters here is killing my fantasy about him on the movie. Well, you see…he’s a cute boy next door who drool over a girl he loved.

Episode 1 screencaps :

By the way I love her hoodies…

My room just like her, clothes is every where I turn my head…

Kae-in’s hot on those dress, but apparently being chic isn’t her expertise! That is Kae-in, our heroine.

Now, we meet with the dandy guy…thats, uhmmm we drooled for! Jin-ho.

Waking up with a girl beside him. He knows it’s just an act from her, so he ditch her right away by telling her that he actually likes–guy. Yeah, right?!

Love how he’s befuddled infront his mom making excuses…haha~cute Jun– I mean Jin Ho.

Both of them are late and suddenly an ill-fated meeting in the morning occured while fighting each other over a taxi.

And both of them defeated by un-known passenger who make a move first and drove the taxi away. Feel annoyed…now they share bus!

But guess what? When the driver makes a sudden break ….

Her butt landed a support from his both hands. Pervert– at that time, YES!!

I know he’s just want to protected his dummy on his lap, but actually he’s been checking out Kae-in’s butt for such a long time and she caught him off guard. The reason is because she was wearing an ajumah panties and the line is printed on her skirt. Duh? — what’s wrong with ajumah panties? Are you expecting a naive woman like her wearing a thongs?! She can’t even handle her own heels for god sake! Haha.

This is Han Chang Ryul, Kae-in’s ‘boyfriend’ and Jeon Jin-ho rival. They’re dating each other, but I guess he just doing it like a mandatory service to her because she seemed overly in love with him– every body know he’s a player!

Chang Ryul ask her out because he want to say something private. This silly girl jump in happiness when she think that this is it! The time has come and he’s gonna proposed her. But does she know that this guy is trying to get rid off her and marry with the lucky back stabbing Cinderella by tommorow?

Jin-ho who loose face at the presentation on the art center project from him, came and ruin everything in Kae-in perception — Chang-ryul are kneeling when he showed up, he’s definitley ruin Chang-ryul proposal to her. After Chang-ryul scoff him off and leave, Kae-in reminds the pervert guy not to mess with Chang-ryul — the guy who will marry her. I think Jin-ho’s already know that this girl wasn’t Chang-ryul brides.

Kae-in is helping out her bestfriend Lee Yong-sun, and meet up with another friend Kim In-hee. I guess the three of them want to spend the night in Ke-in houses because tommorow In-he getting married. At that night Kae-in told them how her boyfriend Chang-ryul is going to proposed her, Yong-sun is happy with that news while In-hee’s not. The reason is…the guy that will taken her in marriage is none other than Han Chang-ryul. Oh~ man! This is bad. Yong-sun is suspicious about In-hee and told Kae-in behavior is strange by not introduced her man to them. While in the bathroom, In-hee call Chang-ryul and expected him to settle things down as soon as possible before tommorows wedding.

Chang-ryul call Kae-in to have a dinner and he said he has something to say. Kae-in agree because she thinks this is the continuation of today proposal — they meet at a restaurant. When she blurt out about ‘this is like a last dinner’ it is her last dinner before he put her in a douched bag ~ poor Kae-in. He wants a clear break up but can’t say a thing about his marriage with In-hee. Those ruthless back stabbers!!

After Chang-ryul said he wants to break up with her, with a broken heart take a drink with Lee Won-woo her secret admirer. While Jin ho too, had a night guys out with his sunbae Jeon Song-ha and his hobae Kim Tae-hoon who couple’s hour before storms into his office trying to beat a crap out of him because of a girl. Jin ho smoothly convince that the girl is just like his little sister.

Tae-hoon is drunk and Jin ho took him into a love motel, he strip him up and leave Tae-hoon in bed. Before Jin-ho tries to leave , he write something on the mirror.

While Kae-in drunks too, Won-woo make his confession. But the girl know how to sucked it up — she puke at him. Ewww!

So, Won-woo take her in to the same love motel. He want to take advantage while she was drunk and try to rape her, but thank god she getting her concius back in no time and scold him ‘Are you crazy?!’. But before he run away he balks at her, ‘Yes I’m crazy. I’m crazy because of you!’ — if he never intend to rape her, he’s a cute one. Haha…

Kae-in leaves the room but she meet with Jin-ho out side, he pick at her. But he lost for words when Tae-hoon with only boxer on tries to prevent him leaving half drunk by saying ‘Hyung! Don’t leave. Do you know what love is?You’re not that kind of person’.

Kae-in look at him with full of glee. This is her first impression that Jin-ho is gay.

When out side the hotel, Jin-ho waits for a taxi. Now he call it first so Kae-in can’t sabotage his taxi anymore. But she told him to help her picking a gift to her best friend who will getting married tommorow, but he just give her an advise.

Chang-ryul came to Kae-in house to slipped the wedding invintation through the door. Because he cannot said it to her in person to not come to the wedding, he leave a message on her phone. ‘I’m marrying Kim In-hee tommorow. The gift that I want is for you to not come to our wedding’.

And from now on…all hell break loose.