Supernatural Pilot




On The black screen.

{Showing us Dean stabbed Ruby’s with Sam help. Ruby dies but it’s too late. The last seal were broken]

Sam :[to Dean who’s looking at him sadly] I’m sorry, Dean…I’m really sorry.

Dean : [start grabbing Sam’s jacket] talk it later, now we got to run..

Sam : Dean, he’s coming…

Both of them start looking at the crackling floor; it shines makes them covering their sight to take a look what the Angel predicted. Lucifer has rising. What makes Dean more frightened isn’t the apocalypse or Lucifer it self, but what will happen to his brother, Sam.

Dean : We got to go, NOW! [Grabbing his hand and force Sam’s to run]

The lights are following them to the hallway. Sam run half way and tries to confront the lights by himself using his ‘freaky’ way to kill it.

Dean : Sammy, don’t do that please…Sammy!![Half begging with tears]

Sam pointing his hand to make gesture as him chokes the light. But suddenly that lights turns into human shape, with dark blonde hairs and good looking figure of a man. It’s Lucifer. He locks his gaze to Sam.

Lucifer : Well, well, well…look’s who’s here? Isn’t this ‘my boy’, Azazel doing the work fine giving you to me, Sammy. Come to daddy, we had a lot of time playing God with human and wreck havoc the Heaven.

Dean stands up near Sam. Feeling both scared and pissed to that Evil son of a *****.

Dean : Don’t you ever lay finger on my brother or I’ll promise to drag you down to deepest pit by myself!!

Lucifer : And who’s this oxymoron? Oh, let me guess…its must be Dean, the one that makes my cavalries in hell envy because someone drag him up in one piece. Uhmm…tempting.

Dean : Spending 2009 years on the pit makes you ‘Bill Milligan’, huh?!

Lucifer : Funny, Dean…Should I thanks you brothers because breaking the first and the last seal’s for me? My gratitude, but I won’t bow to human. I like to have a chit chat with you two, but I’ve got a plan for the crowning.

And as blinks of the eyes, Lucifer’s gone. Leaving them both confused about what happen? Dean thinks that Lucifer would kill them or at least kidnapped Sam. But this….it leads nowhere. And Dean feels frustrated.

Dean : It’s that it ?! No, chow mien on us?!

Sammy : I don’t know how to say we’re lucky or getting into a deep **** about this?!

Dean : [looking at Sam] Are you okay?

Sammy : Y-yeah…I guess.

Dean : Let’s hits to Bobby. Oh, wait…Cas, I left him with Chuck’s. Let’s get there first; I hope the Archangel won’t wipe his ass because he’s helping me out to get you out of here?!

Sam : Dean…I’m…

Dean : If you wanna say sorry, just keep it to yourself and try to do something about your issues Sam, to do… the right thing. And I’m not dad and so were you…I can’t push you away, Sam. And you know that!

They come out from the abandon covenant; Dean and Sam take a hike on the Impala to meet Castiel. Dean turns on the music to lighting up the Mood. I Shoot the Sheriff heard to…


They stop at Chuck’s house, it’s so quite here, so Dean exchange glance to Sammy who’s now picking his gun just in case.
Dean too, picking his gun and click on it, Dean makes a moves, now while Sam ready with his rock salt gun pointing at the door and Dean slowly pulled the knob. The door open, Sam rushes in but only found the empty room without Cas or the prophet in it. The room just like had been hit by huge tornados that torn all in one piece, except the building still stand.

Dean : What the heck?[ Dean still confused with what he’s seen only an empty room]


Bobby’s Place / night

Bobby gives hands them the beers.

Bobby : Now Lucifer walk on earth? Holly **** on the graves, but boys…How do you get out alive from him?

Sam : I don’t know…he just…

Dean tries to gives Bobby a notice not to ask with his eyes gesture.

Bobby : And where’s the angel when you need them?! [Bobby a little bit pissed]

Dean : I guess they leave the party to early, don’t you think so, Bobby?

When they were chit chatting, the front door suddenly opens by itself. This makes then on alert mode grabbing their guns and weaponry.
A girl with black hair, tall, looks like an Asian girl come in from the door, and the door shut itself again without her touching the knob.
Three of them pointing their guns to her while she looks around the surrounding of Bobby’s house with her round eyes.

Maeve : How’d you doing boys? [She greeted them with sly smiles.]

Dean : Ruby is that you?! [Dean full alert]

Maeve : Ruby? Not her, the ***** is dead…Dean. I’m Maeve. Well since Cas turn to me to help his beloved human, while his on his way on a big stakes out, we can be friends right?

Dean : You know Cas? I’m sorry dear to bother, but…[Sam spray her with holy water, but she don’t react by the effect and that makes them stunt]

Sam : Who the hell are you? Tell me the truth?! [Now Sam makes a move and put the knife under her throat, she didn’t makes any resistant move toward him]

Maeve : Try cola, hot shot…Listen…I’m not demon, okay?! I already put barrier around this house, I think it safe for now…Dean, listen! I, you, Sam, and maybe your yellow pages guy must work it with our own ways right now to throw Lucifer back into his cage.

Sam : Wait, wait, wait? ‘We’, ‘on our own’? Do I miss a little something here? Are you an Angel like Castiel?

Maeve : No. I’m Not…the Garrison thinks I’m a freak, and I’m no Angels…Halflings I guess, just like you Sammy…the difference thin lines between us…you’ve been injected by the demon blood while I’m with the grace of one of the freaks.

Dean : So where is Cas now?

Maeve : Before we talk about that? Can you put all the guns away and the knife, thank you…It gives away my mood.

Bobby : How can we trust you that your not one of them?

Maeve : Well, I’ve got wings and several headache when I’ve try to brags out of them to human?
Now…can we talk?

Maeve sit on the sofa, while Sam, Dean and Bobby still on guard even they are now put the guns away.
The three of them still look at her in silence, maybe with heavy thought about who she is? And is she being honest with them about Castiel?

Maeve : Can you guys stop staring? [Maeve smile brightly]

Dean gives her a nod, and tries being friendly.

Dean : Where’s Cas now?

Maeve : I don’t know where he was, but he send me sound waves that says I must help the Winchester boys without letting me know what happen in here?

Sam : Did the archangel taking him with force?! Is he will be one of the falling angels because of us?

Maeve : Angels do have rules, Sam…They obey, just obey…When Zachariah knows he was helping you to runaway to get Sam out of the trouble…he know he’s really in the big ****! Doubt is the only sins that make angels fall. But don’t worry; they can’t demolish Castiel just like that like they did to Anna.

Sam : Lucifer are walking on earth, but where the angels? Why he sent you, not the other angels to help? Wait…Anna?!

Dean : What did they do to Anna?!

Maeve : [She exhales heavily] Who do you think I am, a walking bible? [She put sad expression]
Talking to me is just like chasing tails guys. Here [ She hands out a charm for the brothers on a pouch]…

Dean and Sam Looking at her, both of them still can take the situation well about Lucifer now’s walk on earth, Cas being caught by the higher power, and now this? A girl who called her self so-called-angels-in-half?!

Bobby : You Halfling used mojo too, huh? That’s interesting. What’s in it?
Maeve : Some devil shoe’s string, goofer dust, add some of this and that. Halfling’s like me; they don’t have powerful grace, and so just to make the higher power pissed…I’d join the anarchist. So here I am…[ Maeve smile slyly. Dean has this different thought about the girl who sat infron of him while he’s still scanning her from up to toes. When he looking at her, she just like a blank book, can’t read anything from it].

[The phone rings and that make Bobby rush out to get it in the kitchen. Bobby just nods, and sigh, he close the phone with his palm while he told the guys to turn on the TV to see the weather forecast]

Bobby : Sleine called, bad omen, turn on the TV!

Dean who near the TV set took the remote and turn on in. It said that in Alabama and North Dakota the weather seems un-friendly to human. There’s a lot of flashing lights and thunder out of no where, black clouds seen everywhere, but strangely with no rain as far as we know.

Maeve : The Garrison are fighting…that’s why thunder and lights seen on the sky coverage area. God…this fight is for real I guess?

Two of them, and also Bobby whose now put back the phone hears the news from his kitchen door.

Bobby : And what now?!

Maeve : We’ll, fight! Lucifer can’t win as long as he can’t be crown. The seats in heaven were belong to our Father, the Guy sometimes suck…but He’ll do somethin’ for sure.

Dean : You know about the crowning?

Maeve : Yeah…that’s why we have to stop the crowning.

Sam : What is this crowning all about?

Maeve : I guess you guys miss the Monday school…huh?

Dean : No…we know who he is…but only the crowning stuff we don’t know….

Maeve : Do you know why from century to century the king of earthly race
of men are bound to have a war? Lucifer consummating of his plans through earthly kings and rulers who take to themselves divine honors and who, whether they actually know this or not, rule in the spirit and under the aims of Satan. More races of men use his arch-demons.

Lucifer’s going stronger. If he’s strong enough like what happen today by…sorry I’ve to admits that you two are the one who’s breaking the first and the last seals…

[Maeve looking at two brother’s faces, and Dean gives her a slyly smile, while Sam just small smile, like saying ‘yeah, welcome to the family sister!’ kind of things]…do you know what will happen?

Bobby : Hell, no…You said, Lucifer’s trying GET the crown and be crowned. Damn it!

Sam : What’s wrong?

Bobby : He’s trying to get his mate’s out from the pit all over the world. Holly crap…Big man is right, this is apocalypse?!…When he’s out, the 72 demon will roaming the earth too. He’s going after for the Key, the real Solomon key. If he got the key, he goes to heaven and…Baam! I will take over heaven, I will be God.[Bobby just spitting what he had in mind, and he’s freaking out]

Dean : But Solomon lock all the crazy ass together on his urine pot right? What about the gates when we killed Azazel? How about the gate? The gate which we killed that son of a bitch?!

Maeve : Gate?! It was an East gate, Dean. The true gate’s its beyond any reckon…the one that Azazel open it was like…a bait…to get Sam, to get you furious to know what’s the deal ahead of you. There’s no turning point at this time…But we’re a little bit lucky. When both side fight, we’re can reassured only weak demon like your BFF Sam, that kind of type will wire-tap us. Just like…that one on the freakin’ door!

[Maeve raise her hand, we’re now seeing a bald guy with black eyes trying to loose her strangles on his neck. She can do what Sam does from afar, not eyes to eyes meeting. The baldy struggle badly…and the black smokes come out from the baldies mouth, when the black smokes up hanging on the air, it burns out by itself, causing fire out of nowhere]…now he’s gone. Sorry, I guess the binding spell isn’t working properly.

Dean :[Dean check it out side]Holy…How did you do that?!

End of pilots.


Supernatural Fanfic chapter 5 end “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




[Cut to: Dean and Sam]

Dean: Hey, look at that, there’s looks like a house that been torn down. [Paused before walking to the site, looking at Sam’s with a lot of concern regarding Maeve] That kid can handle it right? Because I swear Sammy, She’s really a pain on my ass.

Sam looking trough the house from a far, he felt the same way with him.

Sam: I hope she’s fine, Dean…

[Cut To: the beast brings Maeve to a hidden door from the storage room. She’s been drag, her hands both tied with rope, she saw a young girl, dressed like a Victorian style sitting on the chair. She doesn’t know whether the girl still alive or not. The beast put her on the floor; she’s still struggled to open the knot. The beast took out a wooden chair, looking exhausted, and looking to Maeve’s eyes.

Sleine: You’re pretty brave for a woman. I hate brave and strong woman like you or Rosé. They’re just playing with dangerous. [His voice still sharp and content]

Maeve: Why are you doing this? Killing people just for young age?

Sleine: When you fall in love, you do everything to get what you want. And so was I. As a man… [Sigh] I do what I have too. But Rosé, she- she can’t see who I was, she just dating him… [Looking at Maeve’s with his tender eyes, like he needs someone to talk too, he’s exhausted]

I-I don’t want to live like this, but she makes me bind-contract with the demon so she can gives me the potion to keep me young, to keep Rosé falling for me. But that biatch [revering to Samantha] sold my soul so I can’t die.

Maeve’s glance to Samantha, with a bit confuses on her head, and then looking back to Sleine.

Maeve: She—she’s a witch?

Sleine: She kept me quite in this house, torture me with images that make me going crazy [Trail back, crying] I killed them…I killed them with my own hands. That biatch makes me!!

Suddenly Samantha wakes up; she heard what Sleine said to Maeve’s. With sharp looks, she just smiles from her seat.

Samantha: Complain and complain, huh, my dear young Sleine? [Within a second, she manages to break the rope that tied her in her chair]

Maeve: Oh, sh1t! [She struggles with the rope, Sleine rise from his seat, taking his gun and pointing at her. Bang! [Cut To: Dean And Sam heard the gun shot. They move to the house now, running]

The gun was shot at her body, but she’s still survives, walking. Maeve’s trying to lean against the wall so she can stand up to help him. But Samantha’s lock her body with powerful charm that binds her not to move.

Sleine: Why are you doing this to me? What sins that I’ve done to you?!

Samantha: Your sins because you like her, and chooses her instead of me. I’m a witch, so I can do anything to makes you believed in me…you lived to serve me, and only me…

Maeve: [Now already breaks the binding spells, behind her] Leave the poor man alone, you SOAB!

Maeve grabs her hair, drags her and throws her body to the ground so she can break the door. But Samantha pulled Maeve’s body now hanging on the air and throws her to the window, the window break; Sam who catches along running with Dean saw Maeve’s being tossing out side the house. Maeve still conscious, but her body hurt from the collision to the ground.

Sam: Dean! Its Maeve’s…

Samantha, who saw the boys, tries to pull a trick crying for help.

Samantha: Help me! Please….

Dean: You get Em’s, while I get the girl!

Dean running rushed to the mansion window. Windows that one break from Maeve’s body being thrown and tries to climb in.

Dean: Move away! [He shouted to the girl]

Sam: You okay?!

Maeve: DEAN, SHE’S THE WITCHES!! [Screaming]

Dean: [Dean inside] What?!

Samantha: Trick or threat? [Smiling devilishly. She’s doing the same thing with Maeve awhile ago, binding Dead and cornered him against the wall. Dean tries to resist and struggle]

Dean: Sammy!!!

Sam leaves Maeve and tries to save his brother. He climbs the window and after he got there, he starts fighting the witches. He got hit several times, but manages to hit her back with his riffle handle.

Maeve’s climbs too, she saw Dean, and break the spells. And now the three of them are stuck with a beast and the witch. Sam still fighting with Samantha while Dean tries to find a way to beat the witch up!

Maeve saw the crossed-knife that mother and daughter use to kill him, it hanging on Sleine’s neck as a necklace.

Maeve: The knife! [She pointing at Sleine’s neck to Dean]

Dean: Is that him? The beast we’re looking for?!

Maeve: Its okay Dean, he does not gonna hurt you!

Dean: Girl, it’s like you’re feeding me up to a giant hippo!


Dean: Alright, I gouge her eyes out! [Dean running and grab the necklace from Sleine. Now he joins helping Sam on the rampage]

Sleine watch sadly when Dean suddenly had a chance to stick her chest on the heart with the iron knife.

Sleine now makes a move and hold Samantha’s body as tight as he can to hold her up.

Sleine: Burn us please, that’s the only way…The knife only can be used to kill me, not her. I died she’ll live, she died I’ll lived. I don’t have choices. BURN US!!! [Sliene begs them with tears; Samantha’s tries to break free from his arms. Maeve’s knows what to do. Without saying anything, she chanting Latin words again, calling the element of fire, and they saw fire come from the ground that Sleine and Samantha’s stands, up to their body, burning them, and then after the fire getting big, in a second like lighting, the fire was gone with the bodies that now are disappearing.

Dean and Sam now looking at Maeve’s mixed up with confusedness and fear.

[Cut to: Bed and breakfast parking lot, night. Couple hours after burning the beast and the witch, Maeve buying food inside the bed and breakfast, while Dean and Sam out side, sitting next to each other on the Impala’s]

Sam: Is she‘ll alright Dean?

Dean: I don’t know. This is the first time I saw that kind of things. The truth Sammy, I’m scared. I’m scared of you; I’m scared with too many things that will happen to you if you used those skills like Maeve does to hunts demon. I can’t loose you, again.

Maeve coming to the parking lot with the bags of foods, toss it to Dean who’s now try to act there’s nothing happen.

Dean: Thanks, what a hard day huh?

Maeve: Yeah. Now I know that love can kills. [Getting into the car]

Sam: So, who’s Samantha anyway?

Maeve: Square love, Sleine love Rosé, she loves her husband, and Samantha loves Sleine.  He killed all Rosé family because he was possessed with the demon who—I think Samantha sold his soul for, like he told me before.

Dean: [Munching his burger] so, the witch making the potions and she gives it to Sleine? Now I can draw the lines…

Sam: You two talks?

Maeve: He want to end it too Sam.

Sam: Yeah, I guess living for hundred years alone makes people twisted. But, have the Angel’s contact you?

Dean: Well, congratulations Em’s…you are now joining the charade. [Dean starts the engine and drives the car]

After 4-5 miles, something strange with Maeve, so she told Dean to stop the car.

Dean: what happen?

Maeve: My head…

Sam: [get out the car and join on the back seat with her] Maeve, you okay?

Maeve: I heard them… [Holding her head in agony, her face become pale]

Dean: [Worried over her] Hear what, Maeve?

Maeve: Lucifer, he was searching all over the place to search the key.

[The time suddenly stop, Dean saw Castiel on his side]

Castiel: Dean…

Dean: why you always make me die from a heart attack?! Can you give me a sign before you showed up, a knock example? And what happen to her?!

Cas: Is she saying about the key?

Dean: Is that a trivia quiz?

Cas: [Looking at him with a deep, cold, non-expressive faces] No, is she saying about the key?

Dean: Y-yeah.  What kind of keys?

Cas: The key bearer, was Sam, Dean. With his infected blood, all 72 demons will walk free join forces with Lucifer, and that thing—cannot happen. That’s why, Michael chooses her to stay with you two. She’s the one who can help Sam.

Dean: what? She’s the one who can help Sam from WHAT?! Look Cas. You know what? I’ve had it. I’ve been bending over backwards trying to be nice to you, and I don’t care anymore.[Dean’s gets out from the car with Castiel follow him]

It’s a goose chase. Damn it! I know you’ve been busting my ass, trying to keep me alive. But this is bull-sh1t! Why is it always Sam?! Why heaven can’t do anything to help him?! B-because he’s infected, is that what you mean?! He had done nothing wrong with you guys.

Cas: No, it’s not like that.

Dean: [Pissed and almost cry] Then what’s it like, Cas?

Cas: Dean.

Dean: Please. Tell me.

Cas: It’s hellfire. [Which means he can’t do nothing either]

The end.

Supernatural Fanfic chapter 4 “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




[They now arrive in Patricia house]

Dean and Sam disguise as a cop trying to find other information’s from her while Maeve searching something in the car with Sam’s Laptop.

[Inside the house, Patricia accompanied by her father talking to the guys]

Pat’s dad: I thought the cops already know the story from my daughter?

Dean: Right. Some new information has come up. So we need your daughter to verify some question….

Patricia doesn’t mind, but the dad looks he’s worried talking to the cop again after Samantha went missing.

Dean: Just before Samantha wasn’t in the group, did you notice anything unusual?

Patricia: Like What?

Dean: Strange lights, weird noises, maybe….voices?

Patricia: No, nothing…She just said that she was curious about something in that mansion.

Sam: Like What?

Patricia: Stuff, like people in town said…gun shot heard, a girl screaming for help. Samantha is a brave girl, daredevil I guess. But she didn’t take a long break and join us after she had a quick look at the mansion.

Sam: Do you know where the exact place when Samantha’s missing?!

Patricia: No, we feel that she was with us but she’s not…Just like that.

[Cut. To: Impala]

Sam: You ever heard of somethin’ like this before?

Dean: Never. [Dean gives Sam’s notice with his head, that Maeve using Sam’s Laptop]

See something Amish there, Maeve?

Maeve: Yeah, from…

Dean: [Smiling proudly, exchange glance with the perpetrator Sam] No, I mean [trail off]…the net, what do you find on the net about it?

Maeve: Oh, that. There’s text missing about the history of the house when Sam’s checking that while ago. I stumble upon this pdf files about the Breewick mansion. From 1929, it was Alexander Van Breewick mansion. But before that, it was Sinclair’s. Tracing back to 1909, Sinclair’s famous because the cursed that attached to the family because Rosé Sinclair’s, the second daughter who’s married with a British army soldier and changes name follow her husband Greenwald.

Dean: There’s someone who fall in love with dear Rosé. Did you check who that guy was?

Maeve: There’s a name, but random. He just called with the name only Sleine, but other called him Robert Sleine Jr. And Guess what?

Sam: What?

Maeve: After Rosé married for two years, the citizen never saw Sleine anymore, he completely MIA (missing in action) after trying to kidnap Rosé, and he got caught by Greenwald. But people assumes, they saw Sleine perfectly as he was in his early days, looking handsome and young, while people same with his age are aging. Since the young Sleine come back to the town Greenwald had been murder, Rosé acting she looks like she’s almost gone crazy, calling out ‘the beast’ and died at young age.

Dean: Bottom line is he’s doing some facelift to make his age look younger with what ever the potions that he made?!

Sam: Elixir of Life…But what about his face we just saw last night? If you said he was still perfectly fine, why his face now looks like Frankenstein?

Dean: Well, remember the mother said. ‘Kill yourself, and he will trap with guilt.’

I bet now the essences are decreasing, that’s why he looks like old grandma’s butt; you know what I’m saying?

Sam: Because the guilt not having Rosé and killed her family, his own guilt consumes him?

Dean: Oh, sh1t! We’re dealing with human – which is immortal human.

Now where we can find him? Maeve can you do that stuff again, sensing?

Maeve: I can track demon, but not human. Even though he’s immortal, he still human, Dean.

Sam: We should find Samantha before something bad happen to her.

Without saying anything Sam gets into the car, and Dean drive the Impala.

[Cut to: Breewick mansion]

Dean opens his trunk and takes bigger gun, iron knife both for him and Sam.

Dean: This is the third times we’re dealing with mortal huh, Sam? Human is just plain psycho, at least demon still breaking the record as plain cuckoo.

He closed the trunk while saying that.

Maeve feels something, like there’s someone spaying on them from the woods near the mansion.

Maeve: Guys…did you hear that?

[Dean and Sam looking around with their eyes to the surrounding]

I guess it comes from the wood. Someone just step on branches…

Dean: Stay close with us, okay? Can you handle a gun?

Maeve: Thank you, but I can handle it with this… [Showing her hand, insist how capable of her hands can makes deadly twist or turn]

Sam: Hey, hey, hey…I think I heard something from the House. Dean, we have to split. Maeve, you come with me and Dean checks the wood into the ruin.

Maeve: No. I’ll check the girl on the house, you find that Slimy Sleine guy! I’ve notice one room in the mansion that really peak my interest.

Dean: You’ll be okay, right?

Maeve: [turn her side form the boys while chanting the same prayers] ‘Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio, contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae coelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.’

Dean: She believes her ‘father’ too much wasn’t she?

Sam: Like we didn’t?

Dean: Yeah, even when dad writing like a freakin’ Yoda…Let’s move!

Maeve running into the door, entering the mansion, and she’s trying to communicate with the entity on the mansion.

She was chanting in Latin again, but not the first prayer. It seems different.

Maeve: I call you Madison…Don’t be afraid.

But Maeve knew that these mansions are clean from the intelligent spirit not even once she sense poltergeist activity roaming around. She rushed to the second floor, to the room that she sense linking to something strange in this house.

[Cut to: Dean and Sam’s entering the woods]

Sam: So, we must kill Sleine with this pure iron knife? Why not silver?!

Dean: A Hunch Sammy, a hunch…

[They move closer to an old ruing made from rock brick]

Sam: Look at this Dean; it seems we jump into era of the witchcraft…

[Sam found empty bottles for placing liquid in it]

Did someone know at that times there are someone practicing witchcraft? Look, I found something again. Human…human bone?

Dean: Eeww… [Disgusted]

[Cut to: Maeve in the storage room]

Maeve slowly walk inside, turn on the light, and then from behind her, a tall monster-like perhaps human try to hit her with the gun on her back of her head. She heads down from her attacker, try finding different spot to make a move.

Maeve: What the heck?! Damn it!!

She avoids his attack by fighting back. She hit him on the face, kicking him. But he can manage grabbing her arms and lock it.

Maeve: Bad breathe Shrek!! [She’s been captured, struggling to escape but she can’t]

Supernatural FanFic chapter 3 “ Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




Dean: [Pause a beat] Uh, that’s really reassuring, thank you. [He pulled the trigger, and so did Sam]

The mother who now stand in front of the door that been kicked by the beast, now open. The mother saw the face, Dean, Sam, and Maeve too.

His face to eerie for a living man, even he’s still having those handsome appearances. Still he looks like Mary shelly Frankenstein with a heavy gun on his hand.

The mother aims the pure iron at him, trying to defend herself and her daughter who’s hiding beside the bed near the window.  She keep fighting, but the beast tackle her down, grabbing the back of her dress and pulled her away to knock her down in instant. She didn’t die yet; just prepare some times to stick the knife from behind when he’s not aware of it.

The beast: Rosé…where my Rosé are? Don’t be mad, come with me… [The beast now free from the mother attacking him, now he’s searching the girl, he found her. She’s rise aiming the knife with teary eyes, feared mixed become one.

Madison: My mother, what did you do to my mother?! [She saw her mother bleeding on the floor].

The beast: I…I didn’t kill her, she just a sleep. Come with me Rosé…

Madison: I’m not her…leave me and my mother alone!! Or I swear I’ll kill myself…

The beast: I love you, Rosé… don’t do that, I’m living alone since you’ve gone with that soldier, now after I killed him, you are mine.

Madison: You kill who? oh, my god…

Her mother gets up from the floor, even she still got some headache, and she prepares the last blow to kill that monster. From behind she takes a chair and swings it to him, half bowing because the collision, the mother kicks his head down.

Mother: Don’t you ever, ever makes my family suffers.

The beast: You just sound like your grand daddy, Ella. Strong and brave, but look…his braveness can give him nothing but death. With these hands I killed him, like I killed your husband, your uncle, and all the bodies that scattered down stairs…Now where’s Rosé?

Dean: Wow, that so fucked up! [He glances to Sam]

Sam: Who is he anyway? Maeve can you hold? [Sam’s look worried about her being, when she nods, suggesting that she’s fine, Sam continue watching]

Madison: [Open the window, screaming] Help me!! Somebody help me….[ the beast now walks to Madison, when he try to get her, the mother stab him on his back, he’s growling in pain. He doesn’t give her a chance to fight back, and then shot her with the gun on her chest, she flung back near the camera and her body hit the bubble button, and then bang, the light from the camera flash light illuminate the room with bright light. Madison stab herself without him knowing. When he knows there’s no survivor, he screams loud and clear, depressed. Howling like night animal, breaking things and crying. [Beat] then back to normal.

Maeve can breath easily now, Sam and Dean still in confused state.

Dean: I know that was freakin awesome, but man, that freakin weird also!! But I need to pee…

[Still in the Breewick Mansion, in the yard that Dean parks his Impala, the three of them discussing the case.]

Maeve used Sam hankies to stop the bleeding from her nose with the help of Dean, while Sam calling the local police to get the information’s about the missing girl, disguise as a Homeland Security out side the car.

Dean: He’s getting good with those skills…

Maeve: With what? Killing demon?

Dean: No…I mean, disguising.

Maeve: Yeah, really?

Sam: [Talking on the phone] well, thank you officer Santon. We’ll take your information’s regarding Samantha Wallace missing report. [Closes his phone]

Samantha Wallace, 20 years old, blonde, just like Thea said. Went missing when she was giving out flayers of some advertisement for rental car not far from here, I guess two blocks.

She at that time with her friends, six of them apparently but the five return safely without her in the afternoon.

Dean: Nobody saw where she was going?

Sam: There’s Patricia…

Dean: So let‘s check her out then…

[In the morning, both brothers in front of the car while Maeve sitting on the back of the Impala; they race it to meet Patricia]

Dean: What happen to you back then?

Maeve: Not sure, but the air is really makes me feels like I’m chocking into something.

It makes my head feel heavy; maybe that’s why the pressure makes my nose running in blood.

Dean: But I don’t feel a thing, did you Sammy?

Sam: A bit, yeah, why?

Dean: Nothing…It just feels weird you know. The EMF didn’t sense something wrong, but you two did. Well, if like the entity said about that twilight guy who’s seems immortal being. So, what do you guys think? Wizard. Yeah, that’s will makes Potters proud! [Laugh slyly]

Sam: Maybe…but what kind of potions can make a person being immortal?

Maeve: Have you ever heard of potions called The Elixir of Life?

Sam: Elixir of Life?!

Dean: Probably he uses some voodoo trick. You know the Haitian way producing zombie state kind of ways.

Maeve: The Bokor or the sorcerers used the same thing like what it been said in Lovecraft book. See…a lot of native African came to the US, some of them, they know Voodoo and hoodoo. Maybe the beast meets one of the sorcerers and made one of the Elixir of Life himself. Who knows?

Dean: [Paused] Sam, I like her… [Pleased] we found our self a walking wikipedia. Haha!

Sam laugh when Dean saying that.

Supernatural FanFic Chapter 2 “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”




[Fade in. At night Breewick neighboring site, a gun shot heard every where. Someone inside the house calling for help and seen at furnish colonial front window in the third floor, waving. Apparently it’s a young well build woman in her twenties, with her long braided blonde hair, weeping beside the bed. Afraid the unwelcome guest come to her room. But he is coming after her, she better die than being caught by him, she called him the beast]

[Three of them still in the motel. The phone was ringing; Sam who tried to gather his thought walks to accept the call]

Almathea: [At Okinawa] Sam?

Sam: Yeah, Hi, Thea…it’s been a while huh?

Almathea: You still investigate the Breewick mansion right?

Sam: Yeah, why? Is there something wrong?

Almathea: People from surrounding neighborhood keep calling in…they said probably there’s a murder on that site years ago, and know they had girl missing too, Samantha Wallace 20, blond hair. They heard gun shot, not only one, many. Keep it check at 8.00 o’clock, night. Okay? Sorry to giving you these assignment, kids. But definitely I must go to Japan to collect some spirit.

Sam: Japanese spirit?

Almathea: Yeah, I’m dealing with Konakijii. Spirits of baby being born but deserted to the wood till they died, their spirits now hunt the villager. But I guess, its different Sam…this thing far greater than I was expected. Probably when all hunters are all busy killing things or waiting to be killed. It’s that true Sam, what Bobby told me? Lucifer has walk on earth? His arch-demon a while ago just kills dozens of hunters. That’s why you should be careful and Dean’s too.

Sam: I know. You gotta be careful too, okay?

Almathea: I will, sugar! A kiss for Dean.

Sam: Yeah, see you!

[Dean and Maeve waiting him to speak]

Thea said that probably there’s massacre in that mansion years ago. People in the surrounding area heard guns shot all over the place. Insisting it only happen at 8.00 o’clock, night. And now, that thing kidnap a young girl named Samantha Wallace. This is the first time since, there’s nothing happen on that place.

Maeve: Sounds like residual hunting for me?

Dean: Yeah [Looking at the clock] hey, guest what?! It’s 7.00. Party time!

[Fade in. Breewick mansion, three of them now surveying the building]

Dean: I’ve check the fuses, they’re fine. What do you get, Sam?

Sam: Everything is good. What’s the problem with this house?

Dean: I’ll stick with Maeve with residual hunting. See, that kind of stuff happen when the entity whom takes place getting stronger. Just like seeing old movies from 35mm projector, the different is you can’t move forward. And it sucks; sometimes it can still be a scary and emotional situation to the viewer.

Sam: So, the spirit captures on the site what ever incident they might have?

Dean: Not spirit, but their energy Sam. I remember do this kind of gigs while with dad, before you join the circle. An old lady from Illinois, keep seeing his son apparition like his never gone to wars in Vietnam. Everyday at noon, she saw his son bring back newspaper, make coffees, and sit on his late father swinging chair in the front yard reading the newspaper. We saw what she saw, Sam. It’s bittersweet memories for that old lady, but we can’t do anything, it just residual haunting that cannot go easily. For her son, who died in war in 1964? His energy was saving his best moment in life. A peaceful time, when no worries in his home with his mother.

Sam: That why the energy only appears if they were strong enough to burst out, is that it?!

Dean: Yup, Haley Joel! Hey…Where’s Maeve?

Sam: [Looking at the room, but didn’t find her] Maeve?!

Dean: Good, now I’m baby-sitting the angel! Maeve?!

Dean and Sam looking for Maeve, the building is four story high, she can be anywhere.

Maeve was following the scent that filling up her nose. The scent like flower that bloom in spring, fresh and somewhat petrified her in some ways. She follow that scent to a door, she click open the panel. She saw the entire room, covered in baby pink colors. Probably a girl’s room.

Maeve, look at her g-shock, it’s almost the time. She feels it that the biggest energy focusing on this room, then to another, which she notice flickering light on the staircase when she came to the third floor. And then, the magic begins. Sam and Dean stand there, while one by one the images appear.

Their looks like they still live on colonial era. Men and woman walking and chatting, kids running around, dogs barking, and food serving by the African slave, it so Rosemary Diary novel by Stephen Kings.

Sam: Are they having a party?

Dean: Care to join, Sammy? [Dean smirking] they don’t know we exist. They just ignoring and do their things. Now we must find Maeve, I don’t know why Cas send hippies girl like her?

Two of them walking side by side with the entity, Sam look at them with amused feeling. There’s a chill bone factors. But Dean was right, they all not harming the human. They just go on doing their ordinary stuff before the incident happen.

The first Bang, happen…Screams heard from the first gate, second bang, the dogs shut their mouth or probably dead.

Dean: Damn it! What happen?!

Sam: Well, it starting…the actual scene it’s starting….

Dean: Grab a chair and some popcorn, son. Let’s find Maeve first!

Both of them still saw the scene when they reach the forth floor, they saw Maeve now standing in the corridors.

Sam: Maeve! What are you doing here? [Sam and Dean reaching her]

Maeve: Here, in here! Guys, the energy will full blast right in here. [Maeve grabs the brothers into the room with her]

Three of them watch the girl who’s waving her hand to somebody in yesterday haunting. She and her mom are sitting in the bed, while a boy taking their picture. The sound of the gun shot same times when the bulb producing sound likes a gun shot. When suddenly their house sound so quiet, they heard a foot step, the camera boy looking to whose steps is it, but got first shot at the head and fall to the ground first. The boy is dead.

The young girl and the mother feel shocked. After a beat, they scream, and the mother tries to shut the door and lock it from inside.

She hugs her, both of the women hiding beside the bed, terrified.

Sam and Dean raised their gun, pointing now at the door; Maeve also protects them with spells in Latin language.

‘Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio, contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae coelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.’

The girl: Mother, I’m scared…He’ll kill us all!!

Mother: [Still hugging her daughter] that beast won’t get you! If he kills me, don’t surrender. Kill yourself, so he will entrap with guilt forever… [She said to her daughter almost teary, pale face, she’s terrified]

The foot steps now near the door. Sam, Dean and Maeve waiting anxiously on guard when the beast starts to grab and pushing the knob hardly.

Mother: Madison, hear me…today, our family will extinct. No one lives any more so the curse will break. He used potions to love our dear grand mother Rosé, and turn himself into immortal being. This is a knife, a cross-knife pure iron. Bring it with you, remember what I’m saying Madison…this is the price we take…I love you my daughter, until we meet again…in another life. [She kisses her daughter in her check, both cheeks]

She took-out her pure iron knife herself, she intends to kill the beast. She’s waiting not far from the door.

Maeve almost panting her breath, it’s too hard too breathe. When she almost falls down, Dean grabs her arm.

Dean: Are you alright?

Maeve: That son of a biatch almost sucks my breath out of me… [Holding Dean trying to get her step back to stand] It’s too strong Dean.

Sam: What?! Dean, we’ve got to go! [Sam saw blood running down from Maeve’s nose] She’s bleeding. DEAN!

Dean: This is the last scene…to know what happen and killed that SOAB, we must stick it trough the end, Sammy…

Maeve: He’s right, I can handle it…Guys, and I think we just made a mistake…

Dean: What?!

Sam: Are you feelin’ what I’m feelin’? Dean, there’s two haunting in here…First it’s residual, but the other…I guess, the beast isn’t.

to be continue …

Supernatural FanFic “Life Swinging Through The Back Door”



Dedicated to: Almathea, Sleine, Santon, Madison_Rose. FF in English, soalnya gak rame klo pake bhs Indonesia. *jgn di gebukin ya gw*.

Karena gw gak pandai matematika, jangan tanya soal kekurangan tahun sama kelebihan tahun ato keakurasian tahun dalam FF ini. Wkwkwk…enjoy guys!


It’s been 48 hour since Lucifer had a vacation on earth. But there’s nothing wrong beside the

Strange weather, like Maeve said before, the Garrison was fighting the wars with the arch-demons. But for killing the times, the boys now heading to Arizona, where’s a paranormal activity in charges 81 years old building.

Maeve : Wooahh, easy down there cowboy?! [A dog barking at Maeve as she and the guys were investigating. She knows that the dog smell something fishy from her]

Dean : The dog loves you, Marry.[Teasing and co-relating her with Marry from the movie Something about Marry]

Maeve : Shut up Dean! And what the heck we’re doing here? We supposed to be thinking a way out to deal with the forsaken one, grasshopper.

Sam : We are…and this kind of gigs, it’s the way we found out about that. It seems that you never done this before? I thought you just like one of us, you give us the charms that you made yourself?!

Maeve : Before I’ve become angelic, I’m a grade teacher not a hunter….So, d’you expected me to kill hellhounds and stuck stick to vamp’s heart and bring their teeth to the dentist? A,a…[twitching her head] I don’t do that, hot shot! I knew some theory about this and that, but never actually banging the job.

[Sam and Dean look at each other]

Dean : Hah, teacher?! [Pacing] Tempting job you got there… [Perky smile]

Maeve : Don’t delusional me with triple X movie core, Dean…I know what your thinking?!

Sam smiles at both of them. And continue walking.

Sam : Now it’s officially makes the three of us THE FREAK isn’t it?

Both of them not getting anywhere with Sam smirking like that. Dean focusing on his foot steps, while Sam activated his ‘Dean-home-made’ EMF detectors. Maeve glances with glee into that unnatural ‘device’ in Sam’s hand detecting frequency from the building when he enters it.

Sam : I know its weird…don’t argue?! [Almost laugh, but he restrain]

Dean: Hey, that thing is master piece…you can buy condo like THIS if I can get the patent right.

Maeve: Yeah, what ever…[Maeve splits her way now walking in front of Sam]

What kind of place is this?

Dean: Every town got their own ghost story…Well; the bottom line is…this place is haunted, short off… [He unsure]

Sam: That’s weird… [Sam looking at his EMF detector]  This thing not even budges an inch.

Maeve: That thing sucks!

Dean: So, hit me with something will ya?! You are Halfling, right?[Half smiling]

Sam: Dean…

Dean: What?! I’m still pissed you know…One moment I’m just ordinary guy who hunts, Sam…

And then my life turns over at 180. Caught between angel and demon fight, surely ain’t what I wanna do for a living. [Dean half angry without reason]

Maeve: If you need help just ask…don’t bitching around like stupid airhead. Fine…! [Maeve closes her eyes, sensing the air with her five senses. Even with her eyes closed, she can read ways with her mind. That makes her fill the room by warm air, even when Sam feeling it, he got run-down shiver from back of his head. And so do with Dean]

Sam: What is it? See anything?

Maeve: Nope…I can’t see anything…yet…But I do felt something strange with this mansion.

Too many fear caught not only in one place, but many of them…I just can’t see what the heck is happening in here… [Open her eyes, glance to Dean, Dean was smiling like a child] happy now?

[Fade in. Intro: Motel. Sam looking information in his laptop with Maeve beside him while Dean squeezing the pillow in attempt to have a light sleep]

Sam: So, you can sense things like that? Beside, uh…freaky thing you do just another day? Surely the same stuff like mine— ex, mine.

Maeve: Yeah…sensing, sensing, sensing. But really, we should check that place Sam…I know I acted like a biatch a while ago, but it’s different. The air surrounding the mansion just keeps me on track of being…freaky.

Sam: Sure…well, the local news told us that this Breewick Mansion is 81 years old building, Once they use it for temporary hospital in 1929, a year after it was build. But there’s nothing wrong with it, you know? The patient was moved out to nearest Hospital after two month; no sign of ghost not even an urban legend.

Dean: [Waking up, looking at the two with jealousy] No heart feeling there Maeve, but I think I’m Sam’s partner we’re the Winchester boys. [Dean goes to the bathroom, washing his face, and then calling the room service for food]

Sam and Maeve giggles seeing Dean who just back from pajama party with a lot of beers in it.

Maeve: Dean, are you drunk? What the matter with you being so…Bitchy?

Dean: I’m not, just give me sometimes to get use to it,okay? I mean it’s not like I don’t like you, particularly, still bedazzled by the fact…Are you really Cas-per the friendly angel or same biatch just like Ruby?!

Maeve: I know…hey, no heart feeling too okay. I feel the same way either to help you boys kick Lucifer ass down to the pit or just be a plain ignorance and waiting the D-days comes without doing anything.

Dean: So, what do you suggest? Crusading our butt in the middle of the fight without any artillery?!…Oh, yeah, I forgot…You’re Halfling. Halfling can do magic tricks that US-human can’t. Just, beat it sister, you’re barking the wrong trees.

Maeve: Who’s barking?! You’re the one who got the monthly issues here…oh, wait…is this because Anna? [Maeve just hit the button, smile half heartily, why he flared up it’s because Anna, She can read his mind] Give me a break will, ya, Dean?!…Do you think I’m responsible about her life and death? If I can be responsible…probably 22 years ago, I can save my mother than being drag elsewhere! Now whose finger poking who?! [Maeve’s angry at Dean]

Sam looks her strangely. Maeve still looks at Dean, annoyed. Dean took some papers and they don’t know whether he reads it or not. But somewhat his face seems has resentment look and ask forgiving.

Sam: Wait? You were born 22 years ago? Same as I do?

Maeve: Coincident huh? [Put a mocking smile] That’s why Cas drag me back to some what human called it ‘Eden’, place where He resting, and the Arch-angels marched to protect that place every chances they got, intruders unaccepted. Many times demon try to infiltrate, they crash and burn…

Dean listen what she said carefully. He’s acting like that because he never feel nervous before, this assignment, heaven and hell stuff makes him wondering is this the good way to start a fight? Questions starts linger on his head, he soon realize that kicking an empty can, can’t resolves anything.

Maeve: Let me tell you something…When I’m still in Eden, my ‘father’ told me about how magnificent, sometimes being a foolish creature human on earth was. ‘He’ watches them from the beginning, how Adam and Eve from innocent become sinner; how Cain kills Abel and travels to spread seed and makes human exist. Years, hundred, thousand, millions…Human are ‘his’ favorite spectacles for amusement, that’s why, when my mother finds ‘him’ barely breathe, he said, her air that push trough her mouth to his soul giving him the identity of ‘caring, love, sincerity’. But why because of His plan, ‘He’ killed my mother with his own hands and kept it secret until [Sigh]…

Sam: Barely breathe? Your father…who is he? Is he an angel like Cas?

Dean: Or Cas itself? [Dean interrupted]

Maeve: Who are the eldest Arc-angels, boys?

Dean and Sam exchanges glance with a lot of confusions. Sam just put his trademark unbelievable laugh; Dean just goes WOW from his look.

Sam: Your father…was Michael? The Arch-angel Michael, who defeated Lucifer?

Maeve: BINGO! [Both of them are speechless]

to be continue…