My next project’s: cerpen/short story

thank you

Lovely isn’t it?

That was for my next short story project. It’s really hard these day to write because too many errors.

First, my computer are dead because viruses. Second, I forget to make COPY’S to my flash. And that’s it…all my stories that I wrote, of course my next Supernatural Fan Fiction were lost without getting any recovery. Stupid!!

So, I decide before writers block struck me again — apparently I’m already struck by it :(…I’ll post up something to remember that I still have a lot of work to do on this short story. I already makes summaries, build the characters and the plot. With that, I’m saving my time for develop the story from my imaginary…

I don’t want to put spoilers here…hehe. But this one’s are really different from any romantic-comedy story that I’ve write before, and I’m still using Korean influence combine with Indonesian :). The title for the short story are ‘Thank You’.

Actually, I want to write Supernatural Fanfic because this time I want Dean to act very self-righteous and being cute also. But I’m not in the mood because I can’t write twice without a draft’s.

And now I need some coffee!!