The Longest Day [End]

Chapter 3: Stolen Kisses….

I end up standing at his house. He can kill the phone but my guts telling me he’s here— hiding. While waiting for him, I sit down on the front bench to think what Tiffany told me before, that I’m to dull to care a person. I trace back, it sounds that I am the problem here. When Topan decide to go on that ship, I never think that maybe he doesn’t want to go if I say ‘stay’ or talk it over about his decision before he actually decide to go. But what do I do? I just threaten him ‘pick me or the boat?’, I’m amazed that I really don’t know about myself, if I don’t know about myself how could I possibly care about other? It think letting him go is me who’s trying to be understanding and act it’s-okay-for-you-to-leave, but it’s all wrong.

Marco just comeback from the convenient store, riding his bicycle, he ran out of eggs and milk. When he parks his bike out side the front door, he saw that his front gate was open. Only Tiffany and Eva know where he put the spare keys to his house. He peeps from the hole on the brick out side just to know whose the guess was.

“Eva?” He whispers asking to himself.

He walks in, and acts calm when he meets her. He doesn’t want to engage to the situation as far as he knows if she worked up on her anger they cannot talk and end up bashing each other.

“Get in; I think it will rain today.”

I look up, meet his face up close. He opens the door with his key, and I follow him in. It’s been a while I don’t barge in to his house like usual. Four years ago, if my swinging moods are back to haunt me, the first person I want to share my happiness or my sadness it would be him. That’s why he let me know where he put his spare key just in case I want to meet him or just need a place to stay.

I sit on the sofa, while he put the eggs and milk into the fridge. He stole glance, while I’m not aware.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is that true that I’m a dull person?”

“Who’s the one that saying you’re a dull person?”

“Tiffany. She says that I’m a dull one that can’t give affections to other.”

“And what do you think about it?”

I wake my self up and walk near him. “I think I am.”

“So, you just knew it now?” He smiles, but not that kind of smile that makes I’ve been laugh at my own foolishness. His smile gave me the courage just to let me know about my enemy within myself— something that secure me.

I realize that his look can makes me in trouble, so I evades by questioning about his house, or rummaging his appliance on the kitchen shelves. Marco had a big sigh, and asks himself a question. Can I really date her, for real? In honesty, I feel that you might let me down. You are a human, but I can’t understand you at all. At this point, I want to have a new love— a serious love like you said to me yesterday. Even you might let me down, or I let you down. I want start things over with you. No matter what, I want to have a long conversation with you even its tedious or worse.

He’s tracking his memories from the day he meet her again. The first time, he’s being a jerk who always makes fun of her. He just antagonizing his pain because she choose Topan over him but it’s not her fault anyway, he remember when they arguing over at anything. He recalls her angst.

“You just say something that made me look like an idiot!”

“I was distracted by a half-naked cow….rolling around your wide-open trap.”

“You completely antagonistic to me from the moment I walk in!”

He laugh at his own thought, I stop from ruining his kitchen when I heard him laugh. And I act deliberant just want to know why he’s laughing? But he refuses to tell me. The moment that he’s been waiting for is coming; it’s raining cats and dogs out side. So he takes the cups from the cabinet and pours the hot coffee to ease the chills from the cold rain.

I don’t know why today I feel I’ve been drawn to him too much, did I fall for him? For the truth, a couple of month since he came to my neighborhood after the break up, I had crush for him. He always be there for me, even the way we talk is severe both side feelings. But we actually understand each other in the fight we used to fight everyday.

Afterward, both of us are lazing on the tatami carpet he bought when he’s in Japan while watching the rain falls from the big window pane.

“Marco, can I date you?”

He’s turn his face to me. I bet he needs some more explanations because his face is stiff looking at me.

“If you agree to date me, I’ll promise not to hurt one each other feeling, and don’t fight like we first meet again, and I won’t be a dull person. If I become dull, just smack me on the head until I realize it. Don’t get ever bored to teach me how to care; I might be forgetting that because my memories are up to 3 mega byte. But don’t afraid to up-grade me…”


“I’m rambling again aren’t I?”

He’s smiling again and telling me— yes, yes you’re rambling and you need to stop.

“I don’t mind if we’re fighting like before, you’re dull but it’s your wit. Like my wit is my coward ness, you teach me how to be a straight forward of course I can teach you how to care. We fight more so we can understand. I know we fight over something little and embarrassing, but if we don’t talk about it— it will grow bigger and someday it will be our Armageddon.”

I turn my tone and teasing him about what he’s saying is yes— he wants to date me. But before that, he stole a kiss from me…a very, very deep kiss.

“So, do you think I should cancel your date with Henry— well since, you’re not gay?”

“Then let me make a request, cancel your feeling towards Topan— well, since he’s getting married.”

“Deal!” we both shake hand to close the deal. Like we close our past with our old love and getting the new chapter from our new love and there’s no tiny feeling about the old love feels bad about our future, because without us, they can still pursue their own happiness. And for I, now maybe I’ve matured to take a new love into my new life from the longest day of my life.

The End.


The Longest Day [chapter 2]

Chapter 2: All Good Things….

For doing my reflection, I take a leave of absent for a week. The principle asks me what the reason behind this erupt actions of mine, so I just tell him ‘Do I need explain anything just to take my leave?’ with heated conversation between me and the principle, no argument none whatsoever. He told me to burry my self in a mountain paper work when I see him again in a week— which is after I’m back to school.

So I burry myself with a pint of ice cream at Marco’s Café, my ex before Topan is working there too. It hurt to see him even more because he changes his sexuality and chooses to become women. Now he, I mean she had boobs like me. She’s prettier than me.

“Are you sure you want a whole, girl?”

“Yeah, Tiff. All the good things….”

“Okay, but don’t take it hard on you.” Tiffany, which it his name right now going inside to bring me a bucket full of ice cream.

Tiffany open up the fridge, but she look at how awful his boss are. He’s feeling guilty that he throw married thing over her face.

“Cut that out, you’re scaring the vegetables!”

“Uh?” He’s pondering a lot lately.

“I said cut it out, you’re spacing out boss.”

“Did I?”

“Listen, if you like her, just tell her. Don’t play hide and seek no more, y’all grown up.”

“You know?” he acts surprise.

“It’s written all over your face, boss. Now, console her and bring this out to her. Go!”

He does what Tiffany said to him, bring the ice cream out and console her.

“Hey, you okay?” He put the ice cream on the table.

“I swear if I hear once again ‘are you okay’ I will start throwing punches!” I’m pissed, okay it’s normal.

“Agree. No more saying the forbidden words.”

And then there’s a packet delivers to Marco from the postman. He leaves me fro a while to receive it, after that he brings it to the table. It says from Amiens, France. I give him a gaze tell-me-something thingy just for him to explains.

“Probably from Claire, you know the one that I don’t love.”

“You two are breaking up too?”

“Yeah, last week I end it up for good. It’s tiring and boring to be with someone that you don’t like.”

“So why are you still with her all this time, even you know that you don’t like her. You hurt her you know?”

“For my pride.”



“Gosh, you were pissing me up Marco! When you meet someone new and fall in love, try being serious about it.” And I’m digging the ice cream more outrageously and suck it up to my mouth. How can guys always do such a thing, they can love and they can dump the girl on the douche bags whenever they want!

“Excuse me; you’re getting on my nerves too!”

“Oh, you are barking up on the wrong tree there fella’s!”

“Right like you don’t, the one that cause problem it’s you! The one who’s still lingered and won’t let anybody in it’s you. What do you know about me? Calling me an asshole while you don’t know anything and getting me all fed up with your story; don’t you feel sorry for me? When you drunk, you call me in the middle of the night, even I had important guess or stuff that I must finish it quickly, I rush my ass to be with you. You keep telling me that I’m your number one friend, but do you know me?” He paused. “Right back at you didn’t I?” And then he leaves, slamming the door without noticing that everybody at the café looking at him.

I don’t know why he’s getting angry all of sudden. And why must I is the subject of this matters?

He doesn’t comeback to the café that day, Tiffany called him but the phone at his house had her call answer by the machine. His cell phone is off too. There’s must be something that drives him crazy like this and I wonder what that is?

The next day, I only find Tiffany at the café. She shrugs her shoulder when I ask about where the heck Marco goes? Tiffany gives me a cup of coffee.

“In this past week, this is the first time I saw him raise his temper and blow up like that. I never know where his calmness goes yesterday?”

“What is it with me?”


“When I think about it, I feel something wrong with me when I’m having relationship with guys. Even you’re now sexually in the same sex with me you’re my ex boyfriend whatsoever. Tell me what went wrong and I’ll try to fix it.”

Tiffany throws a deep smile, “You’re too careless. I’m not saying that your ego is bigger than Texas, but you need how to console. People do care for you, but you seem so dull to even realize that they need you to care too. Remember when the day I found out my real sexual orientations about two month after we break up? I call you; I need you by my side. But you just flew.”

“You did?”

“See. You’re to dull!”

“So, what you mean is that Marco needs me to console him? You know I’m not good at it since Topan and I break up.”

“Don’t bring that subject, the subject is close. He’s getting married and you don’t, you must try to accept that you lost to some bimbo that he probably meet at the ship who can deal with hunger and poverty while you can’t. Girl, the one who always next to you are Marco and I start feel pity on him. He’s a good looking young lads but he don’t even blink his eyes to another women if it’s not you.”

Tiffany words start kicking on my head, after I’m sobering from all her words she gave me. I sip the coffee and run out side. I think I know where he is.

to be continue…

The Longest Day [chapter 1]


The Longest Day

Story by. Maeve

copyright©2008.Do not copy.

Chapter 1: When All Hell Break Loose

When you start a new love, probably you still have that tiny thing that makes you feel guilty for the old ones. Is he still longing for me to return? What kind of state he is in now? But when you think it over and over again, that kind of thought makes you feel hurt more and it’s better to leave thing unsaid.

But when your old love returns, honestly, my heart flutters a bit. Whether is wrong or good, he is the one that once fill my heart and this heart beating fast than usual again. And I cut off my insight because my belly is demanding some big-fat lunches, and of course my best friend Marco will send me the lunch pack like always, a very, very nice lunch pack. You know when you don’t have somebody to love and turns too, it’s quite good to turn your self and annoy your good friend. And the entire girl student at my school likes him; of course they’ll like him. Who doesn’t like a chef with 185 centimeters tall, curly hair but not bird-nest like, cool and eccentrics, handsome bachelor at the age 26 years old guy? His a nice guy who keep the laws of pay, pursue and protect kind of type of man, a little devil may cry on the edges, but all of him is sweetness. It’s all ready 11:30, why isn’t he come yet? But speak of the devil, I saw him walks at the stairs. I know my colleague all envy about me having this cute guy pampered me since the break-up. Well, what do I say; even he pampered me and does a lot to makes me happy. The line between us is already made clear. I don’t have affection of love toward him and so does he; we simply put our self as friend, in good time or bad time.

He knocks at the door, smile and enter the teacher office. He then saying hello to the entire teacher and tell me to go out and eat the lunch that he made. I always eat my lunch under the big banyan tree, some of the student picking at us, saying something like ‘it’s unfair, teacher bring her cute boyfriend to school’, or just whistling to make us notice that they annoyed. But I guess after being chewed by the principle yesterday about it, this is the last proper meal I’ll get from him.

“Tomorrow you’ll eat the cafeteria food again, huh? At last, I’m born free again.”

“You don’t like bring food and feed me?”

“Of course I like that, you are my rat lab.”

“Rat lab, uh, okay…enough for your honesty, dude. Seriously, I’ll die if I don’t eat your food.” I’m digging the lunch he brought me, but he look like he want to say something but hesitate to speak. So I’m pulling the bait.

“Just got your PMS, huh?”


“Nothing it just that you seem want to say something to me? Am I right?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know should I tell you or not about this?”

“Tell me what, come on…Marky.”

“Because you call me by that name I guess I jus zip it!”

“What a wimp!”

“That is a verbal abuse.”

“Abuse, come on! I’ll give you strawberry if you tell me.” I’m pointing the strawberry under his nose, and he bites it down.

“Topan is back in town again.”

“Really, wow…that a shock.” I couldn’t believe my self either. My ex-boyfriend is in town, this news is kind of happy news for me. You know, I can’t stand the break-up between me and him. I know back then when we still going out, his desire is not me but his work. He tries to live on his humanity dream and decide to join the ‘Messenger of Love’ boat that travel the world, feed the hunger and cure the sick. For the sake of him, I try to be considerate. I say, pick me or the boat? But he accused me being difficult, and he picks the boat. He doesn’t even know how hard my life is without him, I even almost labeled as a drunker if I don’t meet Marco. See, even his best friend worry about me. And then, and then he just come back. I’m happy that maybe in a slightest chance I will meet him again, but I hate my self if that time comes, probably I’ll beg him to stay here forever, with me.

“That’s it?”


“I said your ex is in town and you just…’wow I am shock’ kind of state. I need amusement from you, like start to call him bitch.”

“Bitch…that is to sissy, you know I don’t like to swear.”

“But you argue.”

“I don’t argue, when do I argue? Well, maybe a heated conversation with somebody, but I never argue. Argue isn’t my healthy spot, correct me if I’m wrong, but dude…there’s a girl right there, watching you by the library window. She’s nice and cute, want to meet her?” I’m trying to flip back the coin and started a new topic.

“And this is not arguing?” He turn his back to see if there are a girl who watching him.

“She’s Anna, the librarian. She’s begging me to tell you about her and you’re tall, handsome, got the brain and talent too, man…you’re a hot package. But why you still living in a monk’s life. Or you prefer Henry…our school mathematic teacher. He’s kind of hot too he’s ‘it’ by the way.” Refers that Henry is gay.

“Oh great, my own nemesis accuse me being gay?”

“What’s wrong to be gay?”

“I’m not gay!”

“Alright, I know.” I paused a bit. “You know what, Marc. I’ve been lying to my self and much more to you, I think today all hell just break loose.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m all smiling on the out side, but I can’t stop the pain. I still miss him, and if you ask me if he want me to return? Probably within a second I’ll say yes.”

“But what if he find a new love and want continue cherish it?”

That is a completely a blow to me. “Well, maybe I’ll shout to him, did he enjoy playing with my feeling? He should know better that if I love a person, the feeling it self, I can’t really erase it that soon. Not when we break up and not even now. He decides on his own to leave me, but I never decide to leave him.”

“You must really like him a lot.”

“I don’t know. Just— I still want to date him.”

Marco face isn’t too happy to hear that. But he caresses my head, a simple gesture to make me feel better.

“So, no Anna or Henry?” I tease him again.

“Yup, no Anna OR Henry.” He answers it tight.

“So, if there’s no Anna or Henry…there’s probably another name?”

“What name?”

“Come on. Tell me, who’s the lucky girl that you pursue right now?”

He takes some drink and sips it up with his mouth. And then he takes a deep sigh, “There is this girl, the girl that I really like. I fallen for her, but she fall for another guy. So, for 6 years I exile myself learning something to gain my pride back in France. And I meet the new girl, we date each other and that’s it. End of story.”

“Do you love each other?”

“Nope. I don’t love her, because there’s still another girl, the girl whom still I love.”

I learn something from him today, he’s as the same as me, longing for the ONE that we both love. But the truth destiny isn’t fair to us. In my case, I longing for Topan to return to my side and in his case, he’ll find the girl he love and try to win her heart.

“I’ll have to go.”

“Yeah…the class almost starts too, thanks for the meals.” He pack the lunch box by him self while I’m running away to the school building attacking the envy friend at the teacher room, boasting that Marco is a great cook.

While packing it back to his bag, he got a phone call from Topan. The reason Marco tell Eva about him return and reside here again, it’s because he want her to know that Eva relationship with Topan isn’t going to work out like it used too be. He picks up the phone and talk.


“Marco, hey, man. Did you talk to her about I’m getting married?”

“Not yet, you know she still not over you.”

“I know. Well, do you think it’s the best if I don’t tell her?”

“And have she to hear it from some other people beside me that you are getting married? Well, that’s nice…and you know, maybe you can parade your wedding car in front of her house and break her heart twice! It sounds fair to me, dude.” Marco is trying to restrain his anger but it didn’t cover up well.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, it just…if you do that, she’ll have a very deep hole on her heart that no one else can’t close it. And I want to close it for her from you.”

“My god, you, you like her?”

“Hell yeah I like her, you took her for 6 years and I left for granted. If I know from the start that you will dump her like this, I’ll give up our friendship and tell her that I like her—“

Damned, I forgot my glasses case, maybe it still under the banyan trees. Even I know that my History class is getting started, I can’t read without my glasses. If I can’t read then I can’t start my class. So I run my ass to the banyan trees to checking it out. But what I see is, Marco still standing there talking.

“Let me tell you something before you judge me. My first love that used to makes my heart flutters like crazy, because of you it end up with painful situation. I went to France, and so now I think I have mature enough to think that sparks just a simple thing. But foolishly my heart beats faster again every day. Can you give me a chance?”

He keeps talking without noticing me not far from his back. I think he’s in a serious conversation.

“No. I tell her…just—“He stopped when he sees me. “I call you back.” Dumbfounded he put his phone back to his jeans.

“Well, what that’s all about? You’re freakin’ scary when you mad? And did you just stop breathing? If you just caught doing something by me, you always forget how to breathe.” I walk to him just to make sure he’s not dead.

“Breath you fool!”

“W-why’d you here?’

“I forget something. Hey, whose making you stop breathing like that? Tell me and I’ll send him to hell.”

He starts breathing even heavily he start breathing, I’m happy and relief.

“Eva, there’s one thing that I want to tell you. Topan he’s getting married this weekend.”

“What? M-married?”

“Yeah, married.”

I don’t know why my chest hurt like I’m swallowing a big rock and it stuck on my chest. I try to calm down, but my eyes won’t compromise and start crying. My emotions are push over the edge, and breaking down to sobs. Marco slowly walks and hugs me.

“You know something, there’s a relations that can’t go deeper with time but it will goes awful without you realize it. A fool like you probably doesn’t know it yet, right?”

In his hug I still sob like a two years old kid. I’m not being coward, it just I shouldn’t make hope from the day he left me. From now on I think I should reflect myself that our love is over, after the reflection is over, I will remain by myself for a while.

to be continue…